42 thoughts on “Trump is Doing Well on Foreign Policy Thanks to a Modified Kissinger Strategy

  1. I'll vote for anyone with a good platform that isn't a Democrat. They may run on my idea of a perfect platform but they ALL goose step party the line once elected. They may be allowed to stray occasionally due to keeping districts happy and they have the votes to get their point across. I'm not a Republican, but they have an extremely diverse base and vote accordingly, pissing me off sometimes but they overall it's good they do.

  2. Duhh people trump was a business man why wouldnt he know about world affairs he is much smarter then people think he is, only dumb people won't understand him what real experience did obama have nothing he was a puppet a fucking puppet

  3. I'm quite enjoying Styxhexenhammer's social commentary along with his esoteric videos… Good shtuff..

  4. The Democrats are trying to run on "helping the middle class" platform. As to my reply, "What Middle Class?"

  5. my greatest issue with Obama was that he accepted the nobel price (peace?), just the fact hat he was given one is stupid, the fact that he did not reject it is even more absurd. when you have an inflated ego, don't pretend to be humble and not have one when you obviously seek admiration from others

  6. styx, if you have not listened to Scott Adams regarding Trump and persuasion you'd find it interesting.

  7. i am from central Europe but in my Trump is the best president since Reagan . Trump is better and accomplished more than Bush,Clinton,Bush W. and Obama !

  8. Career politicians and socialist cucks insist that Trump, a billionaire business shark, doesn't know how to make winning deals. Pathetic.

  9. The Soviets' worrying that senile old Reagan's ranting about orbiting nukes and the "Evil Empire" accelerated the fall of Russian Marxism. And there was much rejoicing.

  10. Funny you should mention Kissinger, you do know he visited President Trump several times, I did not know they knew each other!

  11. It's one thing that you think that everyone that loves Trump is a biased conservative (I hate W, McCain, and Romney btw) but it's kind of ridiculous when you say in your own video that he's doing amazing things and then say that he's not that good of a President. It doesn't make any sense. Why the hell would you vote for a Democrat when you yourself have talked about how awful they are right now? I appreciate your efforts to be unbiased but your constant posturing to be in the middle is getting a bit ridiculous.

  12. A lot can, and sooner or later will go wrong with this strategy, Styx666. This is NOT a strategy to pursue with nuclear weapons, and nuclear powers, in the background.

    A thermonuclear war can ruin your entire day!

  13. Just watch the liberal academia will exclude Trump from the history books just because they're butthurt.

  14. Trump is good at diplomatic dealing. He uses contrast, he makes foreign leaders feel very comfortable, even important. Just yesterday with Abe. " It's important to US, because it's important to you" Trump actually is able to get people to come around. And he uses the strength towards bad actors… And it's not a fluke, it's his experience, NOT being a politician that is his strength. I believing we will see the ploy of " the children" won't be taken again. Trump has an Achilles heel. One is children, one is military.

  15. Trump is Zionist owned!! He will patch it up with N Korea and China so he can go after Iran for Israel after a larger excursion in Syria First. For Israel!!!!

  16. Polls are so accurate.
    We saw that during the election.
    This was a sarcastic message brought to you by Innaccurate Polls Inc.

  17. I'm not so sure what's going with NorK has much to do with anything Trump did directly. It looks more like a trap to re align NorK's economic power in a similar fashion to what China did with Hong Kong.

  18. I don't think Hillary deserves the Libya debacle…it was in fact a U.N. security council resolution(1973) one nine seven three

  19. Just some idiots rambling ..but anyway…I think your off on Russia…they're looking for a reason to get out of ukraine or get in…also to get out of Syria…he's looking to not spend money since their gdp and ppp has been going down since 2013..figured they would be looking for some reason to pull back to get some sanctions lifted for the oligarchy

  20. I have an issue with you stating you will vote for someone just on their platform. We know politicians time and time again promise the moon and then completely ignore their promise. I voted for Trump not on his platform but the fact I believed a businessman would be more likely to implement it

  21. I hope you're right, but for now I remain skeptical.

    Bombing empty airfields and buildings once, ok, I can chalk it up to 6 Million D chess.
    If this becomes an anual habit though, I think it's safe to say he is just doing whatever it takes to keep the establishment hawks happy.

  22. I'm so glad he did what he did with/to NK. I've been saying this for decades…NK was being a schoolyard bully. Threats, more threats, minor shoving, some more threats, then when he gets a time-out with free food and entertainment NK is quiet. Then when that runs out, the bullying starts all over. My thought was: Tell NK to f'k off and if they keep trying this shite it's going to be the whole "I don't care who started the war…I'M going to END IT!" threat/promise that works pretty well from parents (as long as the parents back it up if the kid pushes it). I think when Lil' Kim tried the "I have a nuke button and I'm going to use it!" he was expecting the standard "Whoa there! Lets not get all riled up…here, have some [insert aid]". In stead he got a pissed off parent saying "Really? Try it. Go on…I dare you. No. I DOUBLE DOG dare you! I've got more nukes and you WILL loose". I think that shocked and terrified Kim once the ramifications of it set in (I'm sure his "upper management" were pissing themselves).

    Trump on Syria? I'm still fucking PISSED he did that. I really hope I'll be eating my words, but that just ticked me off and made me actually think about an actual war with Russia. Trump is still in the dog house with me…he's got some 'splainin to do! … But I do think he's got a plan…not sure if I'll like it, but I think he has a plan.

  23. In the late 1970s when Jimmy Carter was President I was a Sergeant in the US Army. Donald Trump was being interviewed in New York on television and he was talking about foreign policy and what a disgraceful job Carter made out of it. Trump mentioned Korea and several other countries and he knew what he was talking about then, I can only expect he's much wiser today.

  24. Speaking to some Chinese nationals last week, and asked them what they thought of Trump. Their answer was a surprise, they love him, they think he is a strong and worthy leader. I then asked them about Obama, their answer was "white left"{that's an insult in China) and a weak man. Trump knows how to deal with Asia, and this can only have positive results for global politics.

  25. There's a story going around that Iran will go bankrupt in May, the Mullah's will end up on the street and turn that country to the west.

  26. Where Antifa not effective and labeled terrorist org.

    Where's ISIS no longer funded by Obama, Hillary and the Deep State
    Trump just took out thier last strong hold in Syria.

    Obama and Clinton are going down.

  27. Syria is a powder keg ready to blow up thanks to western interventionism, which Trump is clearly continuing.

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