Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Gordan Sondland

Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Gordan Sondland

100 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Gordan Sondland

  1. His testimony actually cleared Pres Trump and even more ironic, previous witnesses used his presumptions and assumptions as basis for their testimony. The only actual fact Sonndland produced was that Trump told him he wanted nothing from Ukranians, no quid pro quo. When I see the coverage I feel like I'm living in a huge insane asylum

  2. so at 5:28 or so she says he testified once and wasn't believable so we altered his testimony!!!! wait what. is this even real what she just said

  3. I keep hearing the explosive news by sonland in hearing by MSM … I agree it is explosive like diarrhea splashing all over at extreme high velocity… F AKE N E W S !!!

  4. When you can't accuse your opponent of foreign collusion so you go straight to impeachment under the terms of "he hurt our feelings"

  5. em's were acting that 2 + 2 always = 4 was some sort of Ah-Ha moment. I'll give one example where it doesn't.
    2 imaginary buckets of evidence from Adam Schiff to give to Mueller plus 2 buckets of imaginary evidence from Adam Schiff to give to Mueller =
    Zero total real evidence

    2 + 2 = 0

  6. It's time for the President to call Martial Law and arrest all NWO puppets democrats/republicans for Treason via undermining the Presidency that is elected by We the People. FBI do your Damn job!!!

  7. Trump will serve as president for a full eight full years … The democrats will onley further remain in kayos .. And deception and decentiion

  8. Ukraine Releases their investigation:

  9. I was wondering something and I am hoping that someone out there may know the answer???????? I know a lot about American history but I don't have any answer for this one question…. Q… If Joe Biden president can Obama be his vice-president or is that not allowed because Obama was already president of the USA???? Or what about Michelle Obama can she become vice-president. Cause I feel that the white house needs the dark clouds to go away it needs someone who has real heart in it not this Trump circus enough is enough.

  10. How can so many people go along with so much absolute Bull Crap?? If the president was not working on CRACKING DOWN ON CORRUPTION, AND looking for (and requiring) cooperation from the Ukraine, then he would be derelict in his duties.

    Should Biden get a pass (like Schitt and the Dems are trying to effect) just because he is a big shot politician (and Deep State operative)? How can anyone go along with this B.S?? Why is he NOT under investigation??

    The Ukraine president should absolutely be REQUIRED to assist Pres. Trump. If they would not be completely on board with eliminating corruption (in the Ukraine and with any U.S. representatives) we should NOT be helping them.

  11. Well, I watch Sonland and thought, WOW!! President Trump is in trouble, then questions and Sonland answers were completely the opposite of his opening statement! Zero credibility!!! Was there a quid pro quo? And he said, NO!! Bribe? NO!

  12. Everytime I pay my higher taxes, I will thank demonrats for wasting it on this garbage like the russian collusion hoax!!!

  13. Up next….sex scandal!! with Sondland and Ukraine prostitutes. Charged with his own Quid pro quo. For not giving cocaine aid until after Sondland got what he wanted from these Ukraine prostitutes. And how did Schiff Obtain these photos?????

  14. This is such a joke Obama did nothing to help Ukraine for 8 years now all of a sudden its sooo important to the Democrats who did nothing…soooo concerned about Russia who was Obama and clintons besties for 8 years…..

  15. And after a very solid foundation had finished drying, an extremely well built frame starts going up.

    Soon, an entire structure will be standing.

    And we'll blow it up and start to rebuild!!

  16. See, Biden wouldn’t be running unless his kid faced investigation, just so they can call Biden an opponent so they can impeach Trump.

  17. Trump's policies are interrupting the STATUS QUO —> THATS WHY HE MUST GO !!! —> 1) stopping immigration 2) fair trade instead of free trade w/ China 3) end cold war w/ Russia 4) no to Global warming BS 5) no more policemen of the world GET OUT OF REGIME CHANGE WARS AND MIDEAST !!! — GO TRUMP !!!

    Democrat-Ukraine money laundering operation exposed

  19. Schittś summary was another of his parodies and not what truly transpired
    during Sondlandś testimony. What a piece of Schitt this guy is.

  20. Media, please stop using the word concern. A narcissist like Trump have absolutely no concern for others.
    And reading your Trump lovers comments, makes my IQ dropping, my head hurts. Remove that lying narcissist from the WH.

  21. He’s a lair and, is still helping Trump also saying Ambassador Taylor was not telling the truth but, he was this guy is aTraitor too. He is defending President Trump with everything he has these Republicans are awful!!!!!

  22. Sondland looked Shady to me at first. Now I think he was trying his best and did not like Bill Taylor. Bill Taylor has a history with Ukraine that he doesn't want exposed. Vindeman went to the CIA with exaggerated report on phone call, he wants to be Deep State so bad… The narrative was affirmed by Taylor's text AFTER Vindeman leaked the call. Taylor and Vindeman are hiding motives at minimum.

  23. 250 deaths, 3700 injures, 7000 arrests
    6 days without internet. Why are you staying silent?
    #Internet4Iran #IranProtests

  24. If our citizens are using their office to promulgate corruption in other countries, should they be free from ANY investigation, because it's overseas? If it's international, there has to be an exchange of information. This is supported by the legal fact that we have a treaty with Ukraine requiring mutual investigative assistance. Ambassador Yovanovich violated that treaty by blocking the transfer of documents regarding the 2016 election and verbally giving Ukraine a do not prosecute list… But The new media position is "No overseas crimes should be investigated, especially if you are a political candidate. But the President can be investigated non stop". I'm fine with investigations of the president as long as others are subjected to the same standard.

  25. Trump can barely speak English. Does anyone actually believe that he just randomly said he wanted no "Quid Pro Quo" without someone prompting him (whether that be Sondland himself or someone who had prepared Trump for the call with Sondland)?

  26. Democrats should not dare subjugate the will of the American people. This is still a government for the people, by the people and of the people. The best democratic process is still the elections not the impeachment. Let the American people be the final arbiter not shiff nor pelosi.

  27. Rep Mike Turner brought this whole circus down today as he got Sondland to admit his whole testimony was based on his presumptions. You cannot impeach a President based on people's presumptions, their feelings and hearsay. Thats all the pathetic, lying and fraudulent Democrats have. They are an embarrassment to this country.

  28. President Trump knows how to play Dem's game and the lying vultures hate it.
    They should all go to Venezuela to help Maduro build a socialist utopia.

  29. The Russian, Chinese and Arab trolls in this section are supportive of the Democrats and their MSM… because they want a weak (= Democrat) president again… who sends blankets to Ukraine to stop Russian tanks…

  30. This feed is stating DAMMING NEWS FOR THE PRESIDENT! This is untrue. Fox news will give the truth. CBS starts their prodcast telling the American people incorrect information. I'm. Going to watch and report what.i find. Please be careful what you believe

  31. Sondland made out all he said was fact but when questioned all he could say was he presumed the president did it. You cant presume thats just your opinion not fact he just totally discredited himself. Then shifty runs out and tells public it was fact when it wasent such a liar

  32. All this tax payer money for absolutely nothing. How many millions have been spent, how many lives ruined? Why? because you don't like Trump? It's fking crazy.

  33. CBS DID NOT NOT DISAPPOINT. THEY MADE SURE TO CUT OFF THE PRESIDENT RUGHT AS HE GAVE THE TRUTH HE SAID " I want nothing! Tell presudent Zelinski to do the right thing" CBS EDITED that statement out to go to their coverage slanted in the Democratics favor. What a SHAM! America please be careful what you believe

  34. Not surprisingly he is cooperating after he saw what roger stone is going through. At this point with all the controversy and the amount of trump affiliates indicted and charged I'm surprised the Republicans (who pride themself in always doing the right by the law and constitution) still dare stand with him.
    Can a non salty, non troll republican trump supporter please help me understand why they still back him?

  35. America listen up! There a better choices for news. The truth is not in the mainstream media like CNN CBS, ABC, NBC,MSNBC, CNBC AND EVEN FOX SOMETIMES. X22, THE PATRIIOT HOUR, THE BLACK CONSERVATIVE, TRUTH AND ART NEWS, THE RED PILL NEWS, DAN BONGINO And several others. If you want mainstream media. I recomend FOX NEWS.. AMERICA Pleaser be careful what you believe

  36. And at 11 hours and 8 minutes, Nunes makes his closing argument "joke", then Schiff thanks him for his remarks. Literally half the room laughs in Nunes face. BTW, Today it was reported that Nunes was involved in the exact same schemes as Trump, using Rudy's now indicted Russian friends to push for foreign investigations. I guess it it really does happen all the time… when the GOP is involved.

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