Trump Defends His Racist Tweets | The Daily Show

Trump Defends His Racist Tweets | The Daily Show

The House Democrats
might be happy to label the, uh, president’s
words officially as racist, but the commander-in-tweet
has come out, and he’s here to explain why
these people are totally wrong. WOMAN: President Trump says
he has no regrets about his racist attacks
on Democratic lawmakers, who are all women of color. Trump claims
he’s not being racist. -Do you think the tweets
were racist? -Not at all. The new tweet
from President Trump out just within the last couple
of seconds here. And the president vociferously
denying, as he says, “I do not have a racist bone
in my body.” -(laughter)
-Not a racist bone in his body. Well, to be fair,
I’ve seen his body, and I don’t think
he has any bones. (laughter, applause) Duh. He’s sort of like that… sort of like
that Stranger Things creature. He can just, like,
melt down and slide under doors. I bet Trump would be the first
person to fail an X-ray exam. -That’s what he looks like.
-(laughter) And by the way, by the way,
everyone always says, “I don’t have a racist bone
in my body.” But how do we know
racism is in the bones, huh? Maybe it’s in your spleen. We don’t know.
It could be anywhere. Yeah, the only body part
I know for a fact doesn’t contain racism
is the appendix. Yeah, because
I had my appendix removed, and I still think all
Italian people are in the mafia. -It didn’t change anything.
-(laughter) But Trump has insisted
his bones are 100% racism-free. And then, he went on to say that not only was
this whole thing not racism. It was patriotism. WOMAN: And just this morning
he wrote… As far as I’m concerned,
if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here,
you can leave. And that’s what I say
all the time. That’s what I said in a tweet, which I guess some people think
is controversial. Wow. If you’re
not happy in America, “you can leave.” You know
what’s interesting, right, is that Trump says that now, but when he was running
for president, his entire message was, (like Trump):
America’s failing. This country’s
not what it used to be. China’s beating us. Instead of complaining,
why didn’t he just leave? -Like, it doesn’t make sense.
-(cheering, whooping, applause) No, but, like, logically… That’s what he did. “Make America Great Again”
is basically saying America’s shit,
we need to fix it. But no one told him to leave. Like, just because you complain
about your country doesn’t mean you don’t love it. It’s like sports– fans want
their team to be better; that’s why they complain, right? If the Knicks
kicked out every fan who yelled at them
to play better, Madison Square Garden
would be emptier than Mike Pence’s spice cabinet. -That’s what it would be.
-(laughter) And just by the way,
just by the way, if Trump’s comments– here’s
the thing that gets me, right?– if Trump’s really had
nothing to do with race, nothing to do with race,
how come he’s never said anything like this
to Bernie Sanders? Think about it. Bernie
always talks about America, and he always lists countries that are doing much better
than America. But Trump has never,
not even once, told Bernie to go back
to where he comes from. Never. And, I mean, I guess that’s
partly because ancient Greece doesn’t exist anymore,
but that’s not the point. (laughter) Now… a surprising number
of Republican officials have actually come out and said that they think
Trump’s tweet was racist. But what’s been
really fun to watch is Republicans like Mitt Romney trying to condemn Trump
for being racist without actually saying
the word “racist.” Um, you know, a lot of people
have been using the word, and my own view is that,
uh, what was said and what was tweeted
was destructive, uh, was demeaning, uh, was dis-unifying, and, in fact, it was very wrong. Uh, uh, d…
another word with a “D,” uh, uh, uh… It’s almost like he
was playing the game Taboo. Yeah. And the forbidden word
was “racist.” “Um, it’s demeaning.
Uh, no, no. “It’s… No, specific people,
specific people. “Um, no, disparaging. Um, um…”
“Time’s up.” “Aw! It was very wrong, guys.
‘Racism.'” So, look, Romney clearly doesn’t
have the balls to say “racism.” But at least he acknowledges
that Trump made a boo-boo. Most other Republicans, they’ve
come up with a talking point to try and justify
what Trump said. The top Republican in the House,
Kevin McCarthy, is defending the president.
He says “Mr. Trump isn’t racist. “He’s just frustrated about
these four congresswomen and their political views. I think what you heard
was a frustration that was not based on…
on any religious preference, on any skin color
or anything else. It’s a frustration that we have,
a Congress that needs to act, and they haven’t acted. Come on, of course
the president’s not racist. But he’s frustrated,
like so many Americans are. Ah, yes, my friends. The president
wasn’t being racist. He was just frustrated. It happens all the time. Huh? You get frustrated,
and then just become racist. (laughter) Like, I’m not gonna lie.
I suffer from this. Like, every time
I try and solve a Rubik’s Cube, it happens to me. Like, I’ll-I’ll show you guys. Like, I can’t even control it. Like, I try and figure it out,
’cause I know you’re supposed to move, like, one side,
and then, you see, like, the thing,
and it just doesn’t… -Niggers!
-(laughter) Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. No, no, sorry. No, no. I’m not… I’m not racist.
I swear. I swear. I’m not racist.
Yeah, I’m not racist. I don’t even see color. Which is probably why
I struggle with these things. I, like, I can’t… that’s
why I can’t figure it out. (cheering, whooping, applause) Look, man… frustration
doesn’t make you racist. All right? If anything, it
just lets your racism slip out. Same thing with being angry,
drunk, hungry. None of that makes you
say racist things. Because if it did,
those candy bar commercials would be a lot different. -♪ ♪
-(phone ringing) I’ll let him know. Jose wants to see you
in his office. I don’t trust this Mexican boss. You know, the only reason
they hit piñatas is so they can practice
beating up white people? Look, no offense, but black people have to learn
how to parallel park. Asians. They don’t even know
how to tag people on Instagram. Dude. Eat a Snaks bar. -Why? -‘Cause you’re a little
racist when you’re hungry. Better? Better. (German accent):
Oof. Ven’s lunch? Am I right?

100 thoughts on “Trump Defends His Racist Tweets | The Daily Show

  1. People are confusing racism as the truth. When the mob robbing was going on…. IS IT RACIST OR THE TRUTH?

  2. Trump isnโ€™t now and has never been racist.
    Here is a clip of Jessie Jackson given him praise for a lifetime of service to people of color.

    One of the first prisoners in Texas to get the new death penalty is a white supremacist . .
    His statements against Baltimore are to give those help that the Dem Cummings has neglected while he has become very wealthy.

  3. This dude is honestly retarded and he isnโ€™t funny his audience has low brow humor and I find him to be annoying and thatโ€™s just in tv ads

  4. I hope Obama is laughing so much…his stomach hurts all the time! I know my stomach aches constantly…and all of this is free and open for public view! Thank you…these are the elite…the intelluctuals!๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„โ˜บ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  5. if he's people with an intelligence higher than a 60 IQ all they would have to do is listen to what Trump said not what the media said and they would know for themselves but being we live in the land of the zombies they are easy to control they believe what you tell them

  6. Isn't Affirmative Action Racist Against Whites.?.Note To All U
    Black Boys And Girls.Anytime U
    Play The Race Card U Paint Urself
    Into A Corner.And Bring Us White Folks Into A Tighter Circle..๐Ÿ˜Ž

  7. Conspiracy theory:
    Democrats are over using the word "racist" to purposefully desensitize the implications of the word in efforts to wash out the very real racist history of their party. No?

  8. The fact that people think these tweets are racist goes to show how the word "racist" is now deprived of meaning.

  9. TDS. If the country is doing poorly and you hate it, you fix it. If the country is doing great (like it is now) and you hate it, you can leave. I guess I'm one of those bigots… oh btw can someone please explain Colin Flaherty's videos to me?

  10. Everything is racist. You used to call people black and not "African American," they would cry "racist." Now, you say that, and screams of "racism" still come, as "African American" assumes that all black people come from Africa. Now it is "people of color," which I predict black people will find offensive sooner or later, as it lumps them in with every other race besides whites. I think the latter phrase is the most divisive, as it basically means anyone who isn't white, thus pitting everyone else against whites.

  11. Shooting of El Paso is a result of Trumps rasist and idiotic tweets.
    Everybody who voted for this arsehole is guilty.


  13. There were people who said they would leave if Trump became president. But for some reason they never did.

  14. Hello Iโ€™m italian
    Not in the mafia Noah ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚your so beautiful
    Love to your fiancรฉ and family kisssssssssss

  15. Italians are rasist .
    Tell you that now
    I love everyone …….
    Hate what some people do
    But always believe people can change if they want to

  16. Trump was without a doubt elected president due to the backlash of having a black president! Barack Obama , it's unmistakably evident that some white people have had a mental breakdown due to the stress of having had a black president for 8 years! It is apparent that most of them cannot handle Being in a country led by a black president! The pressure and the strain has been too much for them to to bare and some have lost their minds! They have lost the ability to reason sensibly! I'm not a doctor nor a psychologist, this is just my own personal observation!!! The backlash is clearly evident !!! It was just too much for some, they have had mental breakdowns !!!

  17. "I don't see color" Oooh you saw what he did there?? Brilliant lash at That stupid TOMI Lahren who said the same thing…

  18. When you want to see racism, well you can find it in anything, right? And as we know, Democrats/liberals are OBSESSED with race and identity politics, so……

  19. lmao, insulting or talking shit doesnt mean racism….u fucks need to pull up ur big boy panties and dry your tears weaklings. ive been told to go back to ireland more than a few times. and if you wanna see real racism, go to prison. quit letting these msm cucks define racism for you. was it racist when obama decided to divide immigrant families?

  20. If Trump is such a Racist, then why has he helped Blacks and Hispanics to the point of having the lowest unemployment ever. All of you Trump haters, that's right, just like that jerk Trevor, please tell me what the Hell Obama and/or the Democrats for either of the fore mentioned over the last 10 years, nothing.

    As for the so called Squad, I fully agree, if you hate the Country so much, then leave. All they have done and said, and yes some of them have made Racist remarks, at least one of them said Impeach the MF, and they are not all Black. Actually, one of them has parents that owned Slaves, so why isn't that talked about.

  21. ๐Ÿ˜‚ TREVOR, BY 0:35 ๐Ÿ™„…1st Human Jelly-Fish; like soft bones, lotta bones, cartilage & ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ stuff tall men contain, well avg or above, you seen; right? He looks Tall, like he could shop @ the Big & Tall Store. You know it's a single or both sizes; bespoke NOT. They advertise 4 every age & physique or WHATEVER a person has to dress for in life. ๐Ÿค

    ๐Ÿคญwhat "ignat" ish is this distraction due to; what foriegn or domestic facts unknown to the Avg. Citizen?โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  22. Trump supporters are in Baltimore Cleaning up trash. While you sheeple are doing nothing, but letting the media push their narratives. Since when has invasion and infestation become racist? Plus, he never called the demonic squad by name. Never said woman of color. #walkaway from the MSM. Start thinking for yourselves.

  23. Hmm….Racist tweets? when? I can read myself and don't need Fake News to read tweets and spin them into nonsense.

  24. Why dont they send melania back?? She is not american LOL… shy might be a spy or some shit like that yeah think about that TRUMP. By the way any hate messages back at my post will be laughed at seriously i dont give a shoit about you peeps.

  25. Yeah!!!….. why doesnโ€™t CHEETO leave???…… WELL, ITโ€™S EARLY YET…. irโ€™s still his first term, although we still havenโ€™t THROWN HIM OUT FOR HIS CONSTANT BULLSHIT YET!!!

  26. What kind of a racist would tell somebody to leave and then to come? ๐Ÿค” Trump's tweet did tell these congressmen to "come back". No one talks about that…

  27. Wow.. everything was taken completly out of context. Not really a trump supporter but this all wrong. Go listen to the actual speech and youโ€™ll see that heโ€™s talking about American citizens who are proud of Al Qaeda

  28. So Pewdiepie wasn't racist? He was just frustrated???

    Nah for real, why do white people become racist when they're frustrated?

  29. Just more twisted propaganda. Trump never mentioned names or color. AOC and the squat twisted this around to make it sound like Trump was talking about them. As usual the holier than thou had a field day berating the President.

  30. America is a proud country , with a strong history! However , it's a country full of false pride , a country too proud or too afraid to exame the past mistreatments of people. It's a country , that is willing to point out the problems of others, but not it's own! Quick to hide behind the laws , the church and it's government but at the same time knowing in it's heart the pain ,it is causing. When are you proud Americans , are going to stand up , for what you know is right and not for your right to stand up for being an American! The time is coming , every day you are closer to you death day , where it doesn't matter what country you come from but how did you treat me , ( ALL the people and counties , on this planet
    ! ) ? Than to be a proud American! ? ! ? What than?

  31. Trevor Noah is just as racist. If he is truly against it he should be denouncing it in all It's forms. But no, to him it's OK for for black people to hate white people, because black people can't be racist. Anybody (white, black) can be racist, and it's distasteful regardless who it is from.

  32. this is not the daily show but the trump bashing show, sponsored by left winged idiots, sjw's and snowflakes. Hell, i wish this clown would die in a plane crash or whatever!

  33. Asking people of color to leave is like getting angry at someone for borrowing the car you stole. You have to remember when Europe sent its people here they didnโ€™t send there best. They were rapist, murders, terrorist, slave holders, and some I assume weโ€™re good cock suckers, but nobody deserves less prosperity than them. Those born guilty of trespassing and receiving stolen property are the first to tell everyone else where there place is. White people have been saying that to us for years. For whom it may concern, there is a no refund policy on stolen goods bitch.

  34. Really speaking US is not a racist country. It should not be forgotten that the people had voted for Michelle Obama for the highest post. A few exceptions are always there on both sides but on the whole the country cannot be labelled as a racist country. But keeping on discussing racist or anti racist sentiments will trigger racism in every mind. Now a few things should be clear – that racism and anti racism are both equally dangerous. A person who has anti racist beliefs will see everything in that light. If he loses somewhere it is due to racism and if he wins it is his ability. Anti racism actually makes everyone a racist. If the anti racist have to unite then the racist also have to unite to be able to confront. Unity for removing all the divisions is recommended, but if some people unite to exploit divisive ideas then the rest also have to unite to confront them. There has to be only one policy as taught by nature the survival of the intelligent and humble – not by being egoistic but by being diplomatic. When such intelligent people are leading the organization and companies there is bound to be good environment for everyone to prosper. It would be better if divisive thoughts are kept aside by politicians as well as the anti racist activists and women activists so that people can unite for the welfare of the country. Uniting only for business purposes and not necessarily for personal reasons as then we have lots of complications in every step. For relations, like minded people should unite so that differences don't crop up.

  35. The "Racist" thing has kinda worn out. It's not Racist to call an idiot and idiot just because that idiot is not white. Racists should be dealt with. Unfortunately they are not being dealt with because now idiots like Trevor call all white people Racist. Too bad. Too bad idiots like him have a voice.

  36. is there any expression of racism that Republicans will actually admit is racism? It's a question on a lot of progressive minds in the wake of Donald Trump demonizing female congresswomen of colour with the "go back" canard that white nationalists and other assorted racists have long used to abuse anyone with heritage they dislike, whether that heritage is Jewish, Irish, Italian, African, Latin American or Muslim. Telling someone to "go back" is, in the ranks of racist statements, right up there with calling a person the N-word or some other rank slur. Yet, there still appears to be resistance among Republicans to admitting that is racism, which leads many on the left to wonder: If this doesn't count, then what could possibly count?

    The answer, it's becoming quite clear, is that there is no limit. There's no line in the sand, no sentiment so ugly, where most Republicans will cave in and admit, OK, that's racist.

  37. For real, Trump could literally stab a Democrat in front of thousands of people, and people (mostly Republicans) would literally defend him.
    "No, no. That was not attempted murder. That was self defense. They attacked the president with the threat of impeach."

    "How dare they stand in front of the president's way!"

    "They deserve it for wanting to take away my right to use a gun!"

    "What he did was w-wrong… he-he shouldn't have placed that wea- no thing in that person's body."

    "There was (accordion hand motions) no stabbing! The fake news is (swatting away bees with hands) making this up. I did not (pull the curtains) stab anyone. And even if I did, they're not my type! (finger guns) "

  38. SHIT!!!! that son a bitch Mark Meadows has to be from fucking North Carolina!!! I AM SO EMBARRASSED BY THAT BITCH!

  39. Am I the only one that missed him saying "niggas" .. Or are we just letting that slide ๐Ÿค” They're getting on Trump for SUBLIMINALLY being racist and he can get away with it one TV .. idgaf of he is mixed ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™„

  40. Racism is unacceptable absolutely. But if you disagree with someone's views on how to change our country and they happen to be people of color, you're automatically declared racist. Its hindering to democracy. We have improvements that are needed for our country but disagreeing with how to do it is not always racism.

  41. You may not understand yet, but Trump is actually the best elected pres any nation has seen
    While we all make fun of his inappropriate remarks and weak compensations and just the all around not good at his job vibe he gives off, he manages to keep the strictly confidential acts of the U.S out of the spotlight

    Like building a Trump tower the shape of his dick in area 51

  42. The tools of conquest of power do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply more effective, thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, racism, to be found only in the minds of weak men. This are the tools Trump is using. For the record, prejudices, racism can kill and suspicion can destroy. Our children and the children yet unborn will pay the price.

  43. how can you make USA great again with a president like this,,, por americans,, move to iran , more educated, safer people and a much better president,,,

  44. Come on, Arabic people are white, not "coloured", so are the Hispanic. When you speak of race, you should consider one's genes, not where they come from. If you limit "white" within certain European origins, you are quite a racist yourself.

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