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  1. This is a message to you CBC from a long time listener. If there is any real journalists left in CBC could they please step forward and write an unbiased piece on this? Are you under some kind of gag rule? Although always left leaning, there used to be at least some alternate views allowed (ie. Rex Murphy). Now it's like a fascist organization that needs to silence dissent and manage messaging to the extreme. If you don't speak the truth soon, the people will push for the candidates in 2019 to defund you.

  2. I'm sorry. Because of the Russia thing, what hillary really did do, and jessie smollett I will be voting republican for the rest of my entire life. I have never seen such filth in my life. Too much of a double standard. "Hello republican party, here is my fifty dollars, I'm sorry for the trouble I might have cost you guys voting democrat so many times. Never again. Seems like the past five years of my life have been wasted on a political hoax coming and going?

  3. If Trump robbed a bank, he would say "what about Hillary" you Republatard geniuses. After all he won the popular vote & Hillary cheated ahhhhahahaha yeah & Pinochio is a real boy too. Go back to school.

  4. There is no evidence of Russian election meddling. Obviously there is no evidence of collusion to meddle with the trump campaign.

  5. Unless you charge a person involved in an investigation by the end of the investigation then they have been exonerated.

  6. My name is Rick. I'm from calgary. I haven't been exonerated of obstructing justice either. Why aren't we talking about that?

  7. Yeah, let's never question our leaders' intentions again. It's a good thing Trump is so strong and brave so he survived all the accusations
    Now I'll never question anything he says ever again #Trump4life

  8. That CBC "journalists" have the unmitigated temerity to keep pushing conspiracies and interviewing only left-wing pundits is just adding to the mountains of evidence showing they should be defunded.

  9. No, Trump IS exonerated. But CBC says he just CLAIMS to be, and puts 'exonerated' in quotation marks. Propagandist spin masters.

  10. CBC has no right to call themselves a news agency. I wonder who will be held responsible for this attempted coup of a legitimately elected democratic leader?

    Where is the media on that one? No wonder people think they are the enemy…

  11. It is truly amazing. Two and a half years of drivel and a whole lot of nothing at the end. Those who pointed out that this Trump / Russia collusion narrative was devoid of any evidence were ignored by the CBC truth warriors while every Democrat political hack they could find was given unlimited airtime and attention. Not unusual of course. Whether it’s Syria using chemical weapons , Venezuela being a dictatorship or Russia hacking the DNC computers there is no investigative reporting. No divergent point of view just stenographers at the service of the war criminals and thugs running US foreign policy.

  12. So Jussie, Mueller and Russia so far what's next demorats?

    I mean keep it coming it always backfire on you guys anyway lol.

  13. lol. All that gas lighting, firing, obstructing and whining wasn't even necessary after all. Don't he look foolish. I give the chief twit of the United States of America three days to catch his breath before he thumb wrestles with the house in an epic twit fit over RICO and election reforms. The Great Trumpkin going to be like a three hundred pound toddler having a tantrum because wont let him on the pony ride.

  14. Lmao Republicans inUsa commenting here are just so proud of their draft dodging Prez…since when did the partys standards get so low damn…I vote PC here so trolls can zipit if I wanted to hurt trumpy I'll just kick your chin

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