Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller

Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller

Well folks, last Tuesday, November 5th Donald
Trump jr his new book triggered, came out and as expected, it immediately Rose to number
one on the New York times bestseller list prompting Donnie Junior’s father, the president
of the United States to tweet out the following. He said, wow. I was just told my son’s book triggered his
number one on the New York times bestseller list. Congratulations Don, and sure enough, yeah,
you turn in the bestseller list. There it is, clear as day triggered number
one and there’s some weird little dagger looking asterisks type thing next to it. Wonder what that means. Oh, according to the New York times that that
indicates that there was actually a lot of bulk purchases of this book, which means most
of the sales apparently were artificially inflated and here’s the thing. It would have taken some kind of remarkable
super-intelligent visionary to have predicted that this would have happened. All right. There’s basically a zero chance that this
book is not unfortunately going to become a best seller. You have lots of Maga hat where’s out there,
who are going to scrounge up enough money to go buy a copy of this, even if it means
having to forego dinner that night because they just want to support the Trump family. And if all else fails, Donald Trump jr will
do what all other rich people do when they write a book. They’ll buy tons and tons and tons of copies
of it for themselves and then shipped them off to a warehouse. Never to be seen again. But Hey, it actually does show that you sold
more copies of your book. So kudos to you. Well folks, that was from July 23rd July 23rd
when it was announced that this book would be coming out and it wasn’t that hard to predict,
to be honest. This is what conservatives do and that’s what
I talked about in that clip. That’s how conservatives operate. They get these organizations, you know the,
the, the trust funds, the foundations, whatever it is, they buy bulk purchases of these books
to artificially inflate them to number one. Then they give these books out at events and
things like that for free. Now here’s the thing with Don jr, his book
was mostly purchased by his dad’s 2020 presidential campaign. They sent out an email not that long ago,
and Judd legum, uh, who founded ThinkProgress, uh, was the one who caught this. And in this campaign email, which was signed
by Donald Trump jr himself, he talked about how horrible and stupid liberals are and all
that and blah, blah, blah. And Oh, by the way, we can give you a, a signed
copy of my forthcoming book. So in order to have those books, the campaign
had to bulk purchase them so that they had them to give out. And that’s exactly what they did. And that’s why Donald Trump Jr’s book became
the number one bestseller in the United States. Now, I have no doubt that even if they hadn’t
done this, this book probably would have been a best seller. I mean, as much as we don’t like the trumps
and the majority of people in this country don’t like the trumps, it doesn’t take a lot
to get on the best seller list. In fact, it only takes about a quarter million
dollars of book sales in order to do that. And for somebody like Trump, you know, selling
these books at 25 bucks a piece, yeah, you’re going to find 10,000 Maga folks out there,
even a hundred thousand maga folks out there willing to purchase this book. And yeah, that’s gonna put you on the best
seller list. But Trump’s out there praising his son for
making it onto that list when in reality, he is the one who bought most of those books.

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  1. Racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters can use the pages of the book for toilet paper. To wipe the cum juice off there lips put there by president shit for brains

  2. A typical trump .another phoney accomplishment made possible by lying cheating or stealing .i guess being a trump any accomplishment is better than none since they havent any real self made accomplishments. They even turn failures into accomplishments. Sad

  3. This guy sounds a little biased . He's missing his calling , he should write fiction paperbacks . Like "Godzilla Returns" .

  4. Now that is one book I‘ll never touch.
    In central American rural regions, books pages are used in the outhouses as toilet paper.
    Now there is an idea 💡 what to do with Trump books!

  5. I didn't think the MAGA Hats read above the comic book level. Don Jr certainly didn't write this book. He had a ghost writer do it. Writing a book is too much like work for this entitled ASSHOLE

  6. Please do more detailed research and report who the buyers were of the bulk purchase are and list their names. Also see if the same bulk buyers were involved in the other Fox news hosts books!! thanks

  7. The trumps are serial artificial inflaters. Don the Con the Second and his sleazy sister artificially inflated rents on their apartment buildings in the 1990's in New York. Iniquitous Ivanka is implicated in a scheme that involved artificially inflating costs to the trump presidential inaugural committee to her family's financial benefit. She artificially inflated the numbers of units sold in their properties to attract more money and outside investment. Spanky and his sordid spawn owned a company that artificially inflated costs for services which provided them a flow of tax-free money. The Orange Nazi artificially inflated the attendance numbers at his inauguration. He has artificially inflated his net worth to lenders and investors his entire corrupt life. But…he artificially deflated his weight and the number of hamburders he eats everyday.

  8. Using tax payers' money to pay his useless kids (and buy their books) is ok, but a private foreign company paying 50k a month to an american is a huge problem… hahaha great logic! it's just sad to see what the world has come to…

  9. Exactly they Buy peerages, modifying Royal Coats of Arms (Royal Coats of Arms are Not Transferable), now buy up books in bulk. Faux rich people manipulated truth

  10. But there is no money to pay campaign bills, tax payers of the towns he goes to glorify himself have to eat the bill. Why don’t they sue the jackass, like he does sue sue sue. Shame the grifter family, not that it is possible.

  11. The book title couldn't sum up the childish behavior on the right any better. It seems to be their only goal, to cause anger, even if it means destroying a constructive discussion.

  12. Is that all the trumpty clan can do is lie, cheat, obstruct, falsify??? You are nothing but treasonous assholes!!! 🐔💩🤪😠☹️

  13. YouTube channel "The Damage Report" looked at the past year or so of these "bulk-purchased" NYT bestsellers and found that MOST of THEM are from conservative/Right Wing authors. A few high profile names (from Bill O"Reilly for example) are legit bestsellers, but MOST of the the other, lesser known names have their books bulk-bought by Conservative Causes. That is so sad — and hilarious.

  14. Lets hear about the book loads being returned since the base buys $ 40 hats and these $25 books and big bucks for Ivanka's panties , oops I meant Jareds .

  15. I watch channel every day. I think you all do a great job. Trump needs to go before we're completely handed over to Russia. That said, one thing I Don't care for is when you imply all Trump supporters are stupid. Talking like that lowers you to Trumps level. I love quite a few Trump supporters, Don't agree with them, still love them. That's the true meaning of freedom. Trump acts like a child, whom should be spanked and put in time out for the rest of his life. Thank you for all your good reporting!!!

  16. It's kind of funny because even when they pass junior's book out at 45's hate rallies, ain't nobody reading that sh*t. Hahaha

  17. Glad that you informed the public that this is a years' old con game. The HERITAGE FOUNDATION has been pulling this caper for decades by hoovering up books authored by Republicans holding office, thus giving them bragging rights of over- the-top book sales. It's so laughable, it defies description, as most of these people couldn't READ a book, let alone write one.

  18. Why did Trump jr. Buy all his books that he released for himself soda book can become number one then give them out for free I thought it was up to the public to buy a person's book so that it could reach number one so why would Trump jr. By all his books himself that he published to become number one so actually the book did not become number one because the publisher Trent Jr brought all his books to make his book reach the number one bestseller it just is crazy for someone to publish a book then buy all his own books just so the book could become the number one seller that is freaking crazy

  19. Didn't Fred Trump buy $3M of chips from a Trump casino and take them home (against the law) to bail out Don Sr.?
    I guess the old saying is right: "the fruits doesn't fall far from the tree."

  20. Oh please your father bought thousands and thousands of your books so I really I read the book is garbage cuz all these talking is paralyzed and by the way after you left your wife and children for the woman that you with did you put that in the book are you still not divorced yet wow yet you tripping around the place of that hore that broke up your marriage

  21. This book is perfect for book burning parties. You can actually burn books without destroying real literature.
    Hot dogs and smores!

  22. Anybody remember on Family Guy when Carter (Lois' father) tried to bribe Brian to make his book: Faster Than the Speed of Love, a best seller if he helped make weed illegal again…

    Brian took the bribe and his book was universally panned by critics and not one copy sold.

    Family Guy – Season 7: Episode 12 – "420"

  23. Yep, all you half wits who voted for trump, just as stupid , just as crooked, just as inbred. Can’t wait to see his fat, uneducated ass in prison.

  24. So the rumors of a Russian Copper Company buying 700,000 copies isn't true? And if they used campaign money that's just another criminal act from a Trump

  25. John on The Damage Report (TYT) did a video on this and the 'bestsellers' list and what really is going on specifically within the last year of the list.

  26. tRump Campaign Was Never About Draining The Swamp The tRumps, Are The Swamp Anything Monies Down The Swamp Creature's Swamp Their Going To TAKE All MONEY OUT OF OUR POCKETS

  27. When is somebody going to catch the fact that Donald Trump & Family complained that Hunter Biden, had received preferential treatment by being employed by this energy company because, after all…what does Hunter Biden know about energy production?? $50,000 a month Trumps says something must be amiss there!? Even Jr. put's his 2bits in! But, Jr. says he earns $50,000 per speech! Now, something must be amiss there! What does Jr. know about ANYTHING?? Maybe that's why he gets boo'ed off the stage! I bet he still demands payment, THOUGH! Sooo corrupt!!

  28. Typical trumpturd move get your son's book on the best seller list, not because it's true it's because all the trump's past, present and forever future and goddamn filthy liars and haven't got the capacity to even acknowledge the truth let alone have it roll off their lips. FUCK THE TRUMPS THEY SHOULD ALL BE COVICTED OF TREASON AND TAKEN TO THE SOUTJ LAWN AND SHOT BY FIRING SQUAD. That mr trump ius how We The People Handle pieces of shit like the likes of you ASSHOLES!

  29. I've seen these books by the likes of Anne Coltergeist practically being given away for $0.99 or less at 2nd hand thrift stores. And still no takers!

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