Trump blames back-to-back mass shootings on ‘a mental illness problem’

Trump blames back-to-back mass shootings on ‘a mental illness problem’

Hate has no place
in our country. We have to get it to stop. This has been going on
for years, for years and years in our country and
we have to get it to stop. We have done much more
than most administrations [inaudible] we’re really not
talking about very much, but we’ve done, actually,
a lot, but perhaps, more has to be done. But this is also a mental
illness problem, if you look at both of
these cases, this is mental illness. These are really people
that are very, very seriously mentally ill. I just want to also thank
the law enforcement in both places. The job they’ve done is
incredible. I also want to congratulate
them. I mean, nobody could have done what they’ve done. This could have been,
as bad as it was, it could have been so
much worse. I just have to thank them.
The job they’ve done is incredible. They were right on the ball.
In El Paso, they were there so quickly and in Dayton,
in less than a minute. Think of the damage he did
in such a short period of time, in less than a minute. The law enforcement
acted and killed him and it would have been
unbelievable. It was horrible, but it would
have been so much worse. It could have been
so much worse.

100 thoughts on “Trump blames back-to-back mass shootings on ‘a mental illness problem’

  1. Trump is a sorry sonofabitch. Just last week he was joking about shooting Mexican immigrants at one of his rallies.

  2. Trump said he is done with listening to the REP. party and starts with drastic measures.
    * All guns will be illegal in 12 months with exception of the 2 barrel shotgun (you have to reload every 2 shots)
    * In 6 months the NRA can no longer lobby in the USA politic system. not national. not state and not local. NO where!
    * All Gangs (incl. white nationalists org) needs to go to rehabilitation
    camps and do civic duties, like help in homeless shelters and elderly
    * weed will be legal in all states
    * All convictions for possession of a small quantity weed will change in 'time served'
    * I wish this was all true.
    * And healthcare is for all. If you cant pay, the industry will pay (of
    their profit) and the rest will be paid by the state and nat. gov.

  3. Trump is mentally ill and his family and friends need to get him some help. Very sad his family doesn’t care!!!

  4. People are dead because of your lies Trump. Here is just one lie you tell at ALL your rally’s. You say, “The Democrats want open borders.” That is a bold face lie. No democrat in government has ever advocated “open borders.” You keep repeating this lie and your racist supporters believe you and cheer. The racist and domestic terrorist has a leader and his name is Trump.

  5. As the fence continues to close around him his racism and his call to violence will become more intense. This has no reverse.

  6. It's the guns in America they are easily available for the civilians to buy. no other countries have that. Even Trump can't stop the NRA the business is too big and has strong political backing. This is why mass shootings will be America worst crime no one can stop it. And it will continue on indefinitely.

  7. Well if that's the case how about MEDICARE FOR ALL then Trump so they can be treated? Oh wait you're also against that and would rather have Americans relying on gofundme for essential support, so long as corporate hands remain in healthcare. Right wingers have no solutions.

  8. Let's see who can change our society after elections. The culture here is joke. We will see won't we. You people are Trump haters. You don't care about change. As long as you get your way.

  9. Eveyone else is losing their cool and trying to exploit the deaths for political gain, but POTUS offers common sense, wisdom and a dignified strength.

  10. We have done more than most administrations. It's really not talked about much. This guy is such a liar. Let's not forget narcissist.


  12. “Hate has no place in our country “ ohh please.. This president is full of hate towards people of color and minorities 😑😑 So just stfu with your bs Orange guy

  13. It certainly isn't "mental wellness" now is it? But combine an unstable person with easy access to weapons, and you can see the results. The tRump cultists are driven to act on their leader's orders, whether implied or spoken directly.

  14. lol, total derangement in the comments. nobody’s commenting on what he says, just criticizing HOW he said it or what he DIDNT say. get out of your own asses.

  15. The hate like saying the first Black president needed to show a birth certificate and getting racist to rally around you.

  16. Lots of hate for Trump after these recent mass shootings. Even lots of blame being directed his way. Some are even saying he is complicit! These people pointing fingers at him are likely mentally ill. Trump might be hotheaded, but he's no mental midget. Liberals need to get over themselves.

  17. Trump is a liar. It is Trump that is spreading the hate with his chance of sending American congresswoman to other countries because they are not white and not Christian.

  18. Its not mental health. It's the idea that white people are superior. That's what's motivating these fanatical terrorists. They and their ilk are a threat to world peace.

  19. In a roundabout way, he's right. Both of the shooters were Trump suppourters inspired by his racist rhetoric. There's gotta be something wrong with you to take that guy seriously

  20. Like Charles Manson, Faker 45 refuses to take responsibility for the mayhem he encourages. His racialist rhetoric incites the far-Right to violence.

  21. Leave it to the first 'special needs' President to take advantage of a mental health epidemic he and his cabinet is benefiting from.

  22. Sorta liking the UK's version of gun control…but then again, I do believe we deserve to protect ourselves and also hunting.

  23. Yeah right!!!.!!!! When a colored person accused for a crime, guilty or not guilty, they did it because they are born criminals/rapists/murderers and needs to be hanged. When a white man commits mass murders, he's a poor little victim white boy that needs mental help. Therefore, that's not his fault, blame it on the society that allows to follow Hitler's sick ideologies.

  24. Shooter is black = we need more police.
    Shooter is Mexican = we need a wall.
    Shooter is white = mental health issue, nothing to be done!

  25. Trump and his hate speech is part of the problem and his lack of interest in doing anything about these mass shootings. Basically Trump is nothing but a racist bigoted scumbag.

  26. So we make it really easy for mentally unstable people to buy assault rifles?

    Why not give out nuclear bomb detonation buttons to anyone who wants one then call the people who push the button "mentally ill"?

  27. As a Hillary voting, guardian reading lefty I can say these shooting were 100% Donald Trumps fault. So are the 5000 gun related crimes that take place in gun free England and Wales each year. Shootings only ever occur in gun free places so lefty logic says… ban guns

  28. Nows not the time to bignote ones self & start talking about having done so much….show some humility and concider gun reform to ensure it doesn't happen again.

  29. Deflection from the suffering victims to praising Law Enforcement because that message plays to his base. This President is the ultimate Political swamp. He uses the senseless death of others to try and send a political message to his base. He does not care about our country.

  30. My auntie is Mentally ill It has been diagnosed , if she lived in the U.S she would be allowed to have an Assault Rifle 🤔
    Making the government which allows such things more ill than her 🙄

  31. Gives whole new meaning to the word "asylum" applied to the US. Might want to look into how the white house occupant aggravates the "crazies".

  32. president Trump is so not to blame for mental,evil ppl doing what they choose to do.. these ppl that wanna be killers of their own society and culture R indeed mental.

  33. "Silly people who are mentally ill?:"
    Why not get a national health service and sort out the mentally ill…tax guns and ammo as it seems gun wounds,accidents,murders,crime in general ,suicides etc are a burden on the health system,stop spending ridiculous to the point of a joke amonts on defence….us could easily have affordible health care

  34. Wrong! Most of these shooters are 'normal' "sane" individuals. While the mentally ill are less likely to commit crimes but more likely to be the victims. Bigotry and hate is the problem & scapegoating the disabled will not help.

  35. If we all join hands n sing the ‘treciba’ jingle, it would heal the country👍🏼👱🏽‍♂️👍🏼. 🤨

  36. Mentally ill person does not know what is AK 47 or AR 15.Take as many as you like to any mental institution and you will find out that none of the patients will know what that gun is mind as well how to lead or how to shoot. Word mentally ill is used for one reason only,to defend NRA and make sure nothing gets done to protect our children.

  37. Uh, Gump, you have a short memory – one of the first things you did as president was undo Obama's attempt to not allow those with mental health issues to obtain a gun. But this isn't a mental heal issue – it's about having too many guns in this country.

  38. Bit of Trivia : B4 becoming president, Trump was world famous scientific medical doctor.
    oh wait ! what’s that ? I stand corrected. He escaped from a world famous mental institution.
    well yes that makes more sense

  39. Racism, Hate, white supremacy are not diagnosable mental illnesses, trumpity also changed Obamas gun law, that now allows people with mental conditions to buy guns,

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