Trump Backers Aim To Smear War Hero Amid More Damaging Testimony | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Backers Aim To Smear War Hero Amid More Damaging Testimony | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Backers Aim To Smear War Hero Amid More Damaging Testimony | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. You don’t have to tell us about the smear job on this national hero coming to testify…we know very well how trump and his bunch try to put heros down and puff themselves up! It is disgusting. Not so easy to besmirch this Lt. Col the US Army…he walks with pride and one look at his medals tells us he is the “real thing”….a man of morals and love of his country who felt it his DUTY to testify! Your lying and whining can’t take that away!

  2. The ignorance and perfidious nature of Trump supporters illustrates clearly that they are frightened by the truth.

  3. TWO YEARS OF CHAOS. the baby in the white house must be removed by any means necessary.
    playing by the rule of law against this moron who ignores all laws and the constitution, will fail.

  4. anyone stupid enough to try to smear him, should be taken out back and taught some lessons in decency and true patriotism

  5. Everything the GOP is saying about traitorous, lying, ingrate immigrants, betraying the country which took them in, is absolutely correct and 100% accurate…

    …as a description of the vile mobsters, which Trump and Giuliani hired to run their National Security for Political Dirt extortion racket, in the Ukraine.

  6. Trump's never been a hero. A piece of garbage, yes, every day of his life, but never a hero. I'm more ashamed of President Trump than any man who has been President in my lifetime.

  7. Please invite Fox News to your show!
    Shawn H ? It would be in good fun and good for the Country .
    And man that would be better than Saturday night live.

  8. Rudy Giuliani's Tweet is really hilarious when you think about it. He is talking about a Purple Heart awarded Lieutenant Colonel being confused and feeling pressure?! Yeah photos of Vindman going into testify shows that he is really quaking in his boots. I like what he Giuliani does say at the end of his tweet: "End of Impeachment, End of Schiff." Like they say Rudy: "If wishes were fishes, we would all be throwing nets, and if wishes were horses we would all ride." This Impeachment process is only getting started, and speaking of nets, just like in Watergate, many of those ensnared in that mess ended up in Prison.

  9. America at its finest!!! Definitely NOT the leader of the free world!!! 45% of Americans thinks the sun shines through the Dear Leader.'s a$$ Trump's America has turned its back on its Allies in Ukraine and the Kurds in Syria. I am worried that our Canadian military who are fighting with the USA in Afghanistan and where our equivalent to your CIA are carrying out missions many countries with you, that Americans would not stand shoulder to shoulder with us and turn their backs and leave us hanging in the field of battle. We have stood with America for decades shoulder to shoulder. Now America is willing to sacrifice its Allies citizens as they make irrational decisions. What happens when the Dear Leader Trumps says shoot the Allies in the back?

  10. Only in Trumpworld will the minions attack a combat veteran's loyalty rather than consider that their messiah could ever have done anything wrong. America has fallen.

  11. Just how close are Trump and Putin? Lt. Colonel Vindman is 100 x's the man and a true patriot, than DT could ever or will ever be. No respect.

  12. I agree. This is not a normal political fight, it's more like an attempted fascist overthrow of the American government at a time when we may need all of our resources to try to survive climate change.

  13. To the true American Patriots who put our beautiful America first over party and politics….THANK YOU FOR SERVING.

  14. I have been saying for several years, that it is obvious that Trump is serving Putin, not the USA. And the Republican party, is hiding their own criminal behavior, behind Trump's outrageous behavior. The Republican party accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal campaign money, and consolidated their support behind Trump, to hide this.

  15. The orange buffoon is wee beyond deplorable. If he’s so fecking squeaky clean innocent then why not cooperate? Because he’s as crooked as the day is long and beyond.

  16. To reprise Joseph Welch's famous question to Joe McCarthy (R-Drunk): "Have you no decency, sirs? At long last have you no decency?"

  17. White folks screaming about the flag, kneeling and the military, are All Liars. This man is still serving This Country, a Purple heart. Barr is crooked beyond repair DOJ.

  18. Now Vindman would be the for president, no more room for medals but enough love for our country always more room for that! Tell Mr.Foot Spurs to top that one.

  19. Lindman is more of an American than President Bone Spurs, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey, and Giuliani all rolled together

  20. I called fox news asking thhat they fire Laura Ingram it is dispicable that they allow there commentators to behave like this. jeasousy will get them nowhere!

  21. These Trump followers are dispicable Trump is a draft dodger but yet they critisize real america heros that is warped thinking beyond what i can comprehend!

  22. Vindman has an ax to grind with Trump! Whatever, it does change the outcome. There was no crime committed by this President…

  23. These Republiscums are so anti-Constitution that they ignore all of our nation's laws it contains while giving their clueless opinions about who is an american… matter where a person was born, if the person is a U.S. citizen, he or she has every freedom that all U.S. citizens possess under the protection of the Constitution…..if you are unconstitutional, you are unamerican…….you ignoramus pea-brains who question whether a U.S. citizen belongs in the U.S. are the ones who should have their American status scrutinized…..and possibly nullified….you can try to buy Greenland and wait for the climate change that you science-denying stable geniuses don't believe in to melt all the ice while you ponder the idiotic paths you have all chosen….the road that the entire flock of sheep travel down until it dead-ends literally and figuratively at the door of the slaughter house…..the only difference between a backwoods hillbilly and the Faux "News" racist, ignorant, sycophant hosts is exchanging overalls and klan hoods for business casual….underneath, you are still the same unevolved Neanderthals who in-breed as a sport and drink 'shine or merlot out of a glass jar…..

  24. Lt Colonel Vindman, thank you for your dedicated service to our country. You are a hero in my eyes and a true patriot. I feel secure in having rational, brave, intelligent human still fighting for us. God bless you and keep you!!!

  25. It's obvious that Russia is focused on rebuilding the USSR. After the blunt force annexation of Crimea they are now, under the guidance of an Putin, who's an extremely crafty politician, taking a more nuanced approach. Use the Trump WH to destabilize the already bitterly partisan American political system and its resolve to defend Ukraine. Trump has been a Russian asset in the WH since his election and he seems to be willing to inflict as much damage to America as he can before he's impeached. Why is anyones guess and my guess is that it involves $$$ for, and extortion of, the President of the United States of America.

  26. Trump is a traitor to the United States he single handily threw out all morals and values the United States used to have and stand for. The Republican Party that is enabling this should all see their day in court as well and should have to answer for this.

  27. The republicans are shameful crooks,all of them should lose ther seats in the senate this man that has served his country and they are going to try to cut him down pieces of garbage all of them

  28. Trump is Soviet garbage and he thinks we're too stupid to figure it out. He's nothing but a lowlife NEVER BRAINER with a sharpie, to use one of his favorite terms.

  29. Well done, Mr. Mueller! So glad you kept your mouth shut so another soldier can be destroyed. Have fun with your skull & bones clubbers in the new US of R. It certainly seems interdepartmental memos have greater weight with you than actual laws against treason. No wonder the 911 commission was so flawed, the Saudis were unable to be sued. And the penguin mayor of Gotham is now the Joker's lawyer/foreign liaison/pr guy. Wow. ♤Lv

  30. I question mr. Bonespurs of his love of country and all is but kissers. If anyone should be condemned it should be him. He only loves himself and his money. Traitor to his country .

  31. The house now, must subpoena the SDNY behind closed doors to get to the bottom giulianis involvement with the Ukraine and any other illegal activities

    Keeping Barr from interfering with the SDNY investigations

  32. This shows Republicans not only don't support our Troops, they don't even support America. I say we #LockThemUp.

  33. And dump's contribution wasn't in combat….he got a doctor's note to say he couldn't fight because he had "bone spurs'. What a sniveling coward!

  34. DT you and your group are done. Don't' you ever again disgrace our service members again. You have crossed the line dude.

  35. So all the Republicans can do is cry foul and it's a sham. Hmmm….are they talking about themselves or the Process? They were attacking the process and now that the process is moving along at a good clip, they are putting on the brakes and basically trying to discredit anyone who goes against the Big Cheato. I know when it gets to the Senate and a Trial is started they will be even worse. I fear for our Country if Trump isn't Impeached. We will have lost all credibility in the International Community.

  36. -"Your honor, the witness clearly stated he was not pressured while my client merely wanted to show the witness how his gun looks like. It was a perfect and innocent show of my client's gun."

  37. Nothing better not happen to him cause people want to be honest and do their duties, that's what he signed up for. Look how everyone is dropping like flies around Trump, they all criminals Trump n Giuliani

  38. How dare the corrupt and cowardly ToxicTrumpf and his groupies defame an honourable and brave man in this manner. Their corrupt leader has been proven to be a coward with his spurs ( so called) as an excuse to NOT serve his country. A country to which his grandfather immigrated to from Germany as he was a coward as well. Grandad left because he didn't have the courage to fight for his country of birth. Wake up you detractors of this patriotic General, unless you are Native American Indian, you are ALL descendents of Immigrants.

  39. Of all the things I remember about America are the words Home of the brave and the land of the free, it a wonderful Maxim, well at least when it comes to this wonderful highly decorated soldier it's perfectly correct, he's definitely brave and is decorated for that reason, but after see how this hero has been smeared by Republican's it leaves a very sour taste in your mouth, without people like him Mr President America will not stay free for long.

  40. Oh no, who to believe? An upstanding military hero or someone who evaded the draft due to a leg complaint and yet spends most of his time playing golf, decades later, when he is well into his seventies and supposed to be serving the country?

  41. This is very damgerous for this person. If you still imagine this party, this herd of unstable-stupid people( 15,000 lies not 1 of them checked)that this is not a seditionist, treasonous party then think back to John Kerry A true War Hero, saved 3 men and the disgracefull creatures that claimed he was lying.It worked! This is a party of Traitors

  42. Trump is only their King for now, if you can see the escalation from every Angle, Nixon-I am not a thief, Reagan- Govt. is not the Solution its the Problem, Deficits Dont matter- to a Clinton surplus-WMD Bush-War criminal “giving back the money Clinton Stole to a 10 trillion deficit to T-Party Deficit Clownship- to today- What’s a Deficit? Think who is coming next?

  43. How does the part of trump's base made up of Veterans justify his behavior in this? It makes no sense. He has consistently humiliated and angered families of dead Veterans. He has "dis'd" their behavior in testifying against him, calling them "Never Trumpers" (which sounds pretty good to me), liars and traitors! Please, people, wake up–HE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!!

  44. president donald trump for 2020 , 2024 , 2028 , 2032 , america amend the construction , i personally thank you in advance ……………

  45. It's come out he first kicked his dog, then he stole a parking spot and worst of all he missed Sunday service !!! My goodness he's EVIL !!!!

  46. How do you know this soldier is telling the truth. Soldiers are like anybody else. They will lie when they need to. Ask a JAG lol. Soldiers are big 'ol liars…. " Was'nt me Sarge"

  47. Nothing damaging but keep telling yourselves that. I wonder what kind of damaging material John Durham has. Cant wait fo see the panic when the Indictments come. Go ahead, impeach Trump. We want the indictments. We want democrats in prison for corruption and probably more. We want to destroy the democrat party, the party of slavery, treason and the ku klux klan.

  48. Vindman – An Army Officer, Purple Heart, Ranger School, Airborne, Expert Infantry Badge…….. Trump – Narcissist, Pathological Lier, Fake Bone Spurs to avoid serving his country !!   Who would you believe ???

  49. My GOD, as an average American, I have more standards than some of our elected officials!!!! What happened to acting for America and NOT just your pocket!!! This is A HORRIBLE SHAME!!!! All Americans should be OUTRAGED!!!

  50. Vegas has Trump winning in 2020. Odds +120. To put in this in perspective, the closest is Warren with odds +275. Psst: Democrats are going to lose badly.

  51. Bonespurs couldn't be more jealous of the honors Vindeman holds. Trumps considering charging him for defying the conman and thief of the United States of America. Where's the military honor Donnie speaks of?

  52. Lt. Colonel Vidman should sue for Fox News for a large sum of money for defamation. They (Fox News) deserve it. This time, they went too far.

  53. We're way beyond saying "For shame!" to the D-bag but to the rest of the republicans trying to smear an American hero: "FOR SHAME!!"

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