Trump attacks media, says he doesn’t want 350 million Americans tested for coronavirus

Trump attacks media, says he doesn’t want 350 million Americans tested for coronavirus

Mr president, you tweeted earlier linking
the closing of the country to your election success in in November. Is this Easter timeline
based on your political interest? What do you mean by election success?
No. You tweeted. You said that the media
wants the country remain closed to hurt you chance of being reelected. No, the media would like to see me do
poorly in the election. I think … Sir, lawmakers and economists both
sides of the aisles have said that reopening the country by
Easter is not a good idea. What is that plan based on? Just so you understand,
are you ready? I think there are certain people that
would like it not to open so quickly. I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good
as far as defeating me at the polls and I don’t know if that’s so but
I do think it’s so that a lot of that there are people in your
profession that would like that to happen. I think it’s very clear … I think it’s very clear that there are people in
your profession that write fake news. You do, she does. There are people in your profession
that write fake news. They would love to see me
for whatever reason, because we’ve done one hell of a job, nobody’s done the job that we’ve done
and it’s lucky that you have this group here right now for this problem or you
wouldn’t even have a country left. OK. But if you take a look at the states and
many states that I’m talking about, they don’t have a problem. We have some big problems but
it’s confined to certain areas, high density areas, so why would we
test the entire nation, 350 million people? With that being said I’m going to say it
again, we tested far more than anybody else, we have the ability to test …
I mean we’ve come a long way from an obsolete broken system that I inherited. We have now tested, with the best test,
far more than anybody else. When I say anybody else,
I’m talking about other countries. No country is even close.

100 thoughts on “Trump attacks media, says he doesn’t want 350 million Americans tested for coronavirus

  1. What an indictment of the Democratic Party. For 4 years, ‘orange man bad’ ‘Russia’ and ‘we’re the party of diversity’ yet all they can muster against him is the exact same. A bumbling groper barely capable of stringing a coherent sentence together. The only difference is hair colour.

  2. Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised

    Public health and national security experts shake their heads when President Donald Trump says the coronavirus "came out of nowhere" and “blindsided the world.”

  3. What a sad state of affairs.This President is delusional.Does he really believe that people want the country to remain shut down just to serve a political agenda??If there is one moment in his life that he needs to realise that the corona virus has,not just him,but the entire world,by the short and curlies.Many lives are being lost and he now needs to take his yellow head out the sand!!!

  4. Thank you, I don't want to be tested or any of my other rights to be violated. Every day I am more glad that I voted for him. Give me freedom or give me death.

  5. Savonarola, the mad Florentine Monk, is challanged in his historical position of being the most insanely deranged leader in History by this backward buffoon and his coterie of simpletons

  6. They want everyone tested so they can vaccinate and kill most of us. Trump is trying to prevent what most people cant see. Cabal/ Shadow government is trying to take full control of America! Qanon

  7. Hello From Turkey my American Friends. TRUMP is a great Stress Test for your country. If you all get through this with this guy, and still have a country, then feel no worry. Even if you put a chimpanzee (no offence) to the Oval office, your country will survive:)

  8. I hope he's a man of religion because for sure he will end up in hell for eternity. Who can vote for a man who only cares about money and winning the election. He doesn't care about any American citizens that doesn't vote for him.

  9. Trump 2020!!!!!!! He is absolutely correct they want America to go down the tubes and will do anything to do it

  10. He's lost it. It's shameful. Trump could've walked this election. He's also stumbling into the destruction of the USA.

  11. The Media is truly the enemy  of the people . They have one goal in mind just like the DNC and that is to make Trump  fail even at the cost of hurting this country … TRUMP will win and lets change the term limits to 12 years…

  12. There's two videos of this I just watched. The Republican outlet and this leftist outlet. The comments speak for this video video. As well as the cutting in the clip.

  13. I think some people just doesnt want to die .
    What are you gonna with a lot of money when all your people are dead?

  14. I love how Mnuchin is really digging and admiring Trump. He seemed to look as if he enjoyed the boss' power style. Ha! I do also!

  15. Am I the only one who thinks Trump is actually making some sense? I disagree about the testing though, but he's trying and you can tell he is clearly distressed.

  16. Was Mnuchin going to PUKE there lol THE ENTIRE NATION 350 People ⁉️ Is that really what he said??????

  17. Instead of concentrating on all the american people dying, and putting all efforts into saving lives, he only cares about his re-election campaign.
    Dead American people can't re-elect anyone!

  18. China is getting back to normal, how did they overcome this plague so quickly, will they share the secret with the rest of us?

  19. Trump is trying hard to defends himself as not a guilty person. As a president you are fail to protect your peoples. its not just a FLU.

  20. And here we have it………ALL ABOUT ME ME ME ME ME ……..what about the rest of us, the ones that pay the REAL tax that YOU steal for your rich friends……………..THIS TRUMP NIGHTMARE MUST END……or we're all dead by 2024

  21. Okay I am really starting to question why people even vote for this guy. What he is saying doesn't make any sense.

  22. Crooked Trump is a disgrace, a pathological liar and an incompetent buffoon, emphasis on the buffoonery.
    He's a whiny narcissistic arrogant vindictive sorry excuse for a man and a President.
    He just can't stop lying.

  23. We have the ability to test… but we won't…. We are the greatest (but we won't test the theory.. just in case)!!!!!!!!!

  24. Praying Trump dies an excruciating death from Corona
    Praying Trump dies an excruciating death from Corona
    Praying Trump dies an excruciating death from Corona
    Praying Trump dies an excruciating death from Corona

  25. On behalf of the whole population, thanks Trump and your whole cabinet for doing such a great job! Really thankful! To another 4 years with great leadership!

  26. It makes no sense to test everyone. It is a waste of resources and a large bill to be footed. It is safer to test those with symptoms and those who are confirmed to interact with infected hosts. This means we want to trace, track and compile the data to plan a strategy effective to the result. There is no mistaking that the virus is here. We just need to take precautions and stop spreading the virus. That is the most crucial point. These are not my words. They are the words of the CDC and the WHO.

  27. This guy is a devotee of Norman Vincent Peale. Author of "the power of positive thinking".

    Trump is presenting here a very fine example of Peals method.

  28. Agenda 21 is a UN legal requirement to kill at least 500 million people. I don't think he has a choice whether to implement it or not.

  29. "… entire country, three-hundred-and-fifty people…" – delusional, diverting, possibly mentally incapacitated, certainly incompetent, self-centered

  30. I can't think of any other way that this man is believing in what he's saying than that he is completely insane,
    "350 people" blatantly shows trump has no sense of proportion, and it's not the first (neither will it be the last)
    time that he shows his stupidity. America has sunk deep having him as president.

  31. His hand movements are so ridiculous after 3 years it's so annoying I literally have to cover the bottom half of the screen to watch any press conference he does.

  32. he takes no responsibility for anything, and claims he has done more than anyone. Yet he can answer one question truthfully.

  33. Well nearly half the America still loves him for his brilliant mind, or whatever is left of it. Is this what America stands for? Looks like it is a yes, so let us make peace with it. Carry on Billy Boy!

  34. How about we all just dont vote at all everyone.. F…IT.! As everything is "Frozen.".. and they do what they want to do anyways..

  35. We don't need to test everyone in the country but we need to test a large number of people. Not just hot spots either. We need to test not only for the virus but for antibodies for the virus and this needs to be done in accord with statistical sampling theory that is the only way we can obtain reliable estimates of how many people have been infected. We need such estimates in order to determine whether there there is herd immunity or not. (A disease can't propagate in a population with herd immunity because too many people have immunity so even though there might be some virus being coughed up into the air it doesn't end up in the airways of the susceptible.)

  36. Nurses and doctors are wearing trash bags, morgues are full and we’re ordering refrigerated box trucks to store bodies in and all 45 can do is rate himself a 10

  37. His continual disparagement of the media and his blaming of past presidents for what are clearly his failings only prove yet again that he is unsuited to his office.

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