Trump and Bolsonaro to Bring Nationalist Populism to the Whole Hemisphere!!!

Trump and Bolsonaro to Bring Nationalist Populism to the Whole Hemisphere!!!

36 thoughts on “Trump and Bolsonaro to Bring Nationalist Populism to the Whole Hemisphere!!!

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  2. new alliances should be forged with people that share the same values and beliefs, with a new economy, fuck anything remotely related to globalism, mass deportation is in order with tougher new laws that only benefit the citizens not foreigners

  3. In the 60s, Latin America's culture was greatly damaged by agitations of Castro through Che & other minions as well. They, as we all know, made a point of massively infiltrating the Church w/ agents. Many of those agents are now bishops, seminary leaders, & in the Jesuit order.
    Now we might see that damage all being undone & the true Christian character of Latin Civilization restored.

  4. I fully supported Bolsonaro, but I'm kind of worried with the way he is conducting his administration in the sense that he now needs to accomplish huge reforms, and he has not been that competent in dealing with the Congress. Plus, his sons political behavior has not been that skillful either. Lets hope that things fall in its correct place….

  5. I only recently found your channel but have become a HUGE fan. Your views and explanations are a breath of fresh conservative air!๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. My globalist sister just sent me a message that Bolsenaro is planning to destroy the rain forest in Brazil. I really cannot believe this. Can anyone tell me if this is fake news or not?

  7. Looking at the right wing as an the one-fits-all solution is falling into the Globalist pit. In third world countries such as Brazil and Venezuela, usually right wing (which is not a true right wing btw) means keeping the people poor and corruption high. Bolsonaro's sons are linked to Rio mafia and Bolsonaro's wife is implicated in receiving lobby bribe. Open your eyes.

  8. Here I Brazil, we still have a long, hard fight ahead of us. The left infiltrated every aspect of the mainstream media and government in the last 20 years. They are kicking, screaming, and doing their best to destroy our country and sabotage Bolsonaro. We're doing our part. Let us hope closer ties to the USA can be mutually beneficial and beneficial to north and south America in general.

  9. I love you american people. But you are very bad at choosing names for political phenomena. Why "nationalist populism"? Why not just "Conservatism"? The same with "Liberalism": why not just "Leftism"?

  10. I'm am a PROUD Nationalist. I'm proud of my culture, values, lifestyle and want to keep it that way for my future generation. There's NOTHING wrong with wanting to preserve YOUR people, heritage, culture, language and country for your future generations. The left says those things are "out of place" and "wrong". Animals are even tribal. Tribalism is a natural human instinct.

  11. Now if Canadians can get rid of Justin Trudeau and vote in Maxime Bernier, then Max can join Trump and Bolsanero to promote Nationalism.

  12. It was weird to hear Russia and Christian together. Across the world we are suffering the affects of the communist homosexual invasion of the Church.

  13. People are getting fed up with these globalist bastards who only want to plunder the wealth of their populations and enslave them .We can only pray for the people in Venevzuela ,that they get the president they deserve.

  14. Brazil looks like they made a great choice with Bolsonaro. They have the potential to be a great economic force in the world but I know that rampant corruption in government has led to a lot of problems in that country. I hope to make it there one day and see the Carnival,listen to some of that beautiful South American music,see some beautiful Brazilian women,and to look at that statue of Christ The Redeemer in person.

  15. I'd like to see the US & Brazil become mega trading partners … it's time for the USA to distance from radical Europe and help Brazil in getting South American Countries succeeding with vibrant economies … If the EU wants to become third world countries let them … Mexico, the USA and South America need to become the.World's strongest economies …

  16. Who are the 14 dopes who thumbs-downed this video? Are these a crew of NPC zombies who are tasked by MediaMatters to troll this channel and dutifully thumbs-down every video?

  17. I have no idea if this song by Risky McDanger and Chris Cantwell can help or not, but it is excellent inspiration for understanding what must be done for, and in, Canada…


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