True for You but Not for Me

True for You but Not for Me

Is there such a thing as truth? Or is everything, including truth, a statement
of personal opinion or preference? In other words, is truth relative? For our purposes here, let’s put aside the
science angle. Yes, you can sit on a couch and not appear
to be moving, but since the earth, at the equator, is rotating at 1100 miles per hour,
you are, from that perspective, moving —and very fast. I’m not talking about that kind of relative. Let’s confine ourselves to the more everyday
questions of truth. Like, does it exist? Once, the answer to this question was obvious—usually
confined to late-night discussions in college dorm rooms. But no longer. Truth is going through a tough time. A white woman feels black and represents herself
to be so. She rises in the leadership ranks of the NAACP
until her fiction is exposed. She refuses to go quietly, however. She feels black, and so she is black. A 69 year-old man in the Netherlands petitions
the court to legally change his age to 49 because that’s how he feels. And, of course, seemingly on a daily basis,
men (and more and more boys), with all the chromosomes and body parts that make them
distinctly male, declare themselves to be female; and women (and more and more girls)
likewise declare themselves to be male. They feel they are one sex or the other; therefore,
they are that sex. And we must accept that, regardless of what
the truth is. In a viral video, a 5-foot, 9-inch American
Caucasian male asks students at the University of Washington to acknowledge that he’s Chinese,
or six-foot-five, or a woman. Some hesitate, but no one will tell him what
he’s saying is not true – that he’s not what he says he is. That would be “mean”—and “intolerant.” This “true for you, but not for me” relativism
is disconcerting because it requires the acceptance of obvious contradictions, denial of reality,
and common sense. Rather than adjusting our lives to the truth,
the truth has to adjust itself to us. But it’s very difficult to live this way,
not to mention it being highly impractical. We rely on mind-independent universal truths
in order to think clearly, to navigate life. Otherwise, we quickly get lost. There must be some things that just are—things
that are true. This way points North for everybody, no matter
what anyone happens to prefer or sincerely believe. So, what is truth? At its root, truth is a match-up with reality. A story, a statement, or belief is only true
if it lines up with what’s real. It’s like a socket wrench fitting perfectly
onto a bolt. Reality is the truth-maker; reality makes
something true. To say “the earth is flat” or “the moon
is made of green cheese” is false. Why? Because it doesn’t match up with reality. Until quite recently, the purpose of all education
in large part was the pursuit of truth. The motto of Harvard University, for example,
is “veritas,” Latin for “truth.” No more. Anyone who says education should be about
the pursuit of truth is immediately shot down with the comeback: “Whose truth?” Increasingly, people speak of “my truth,”
or say “it’s true for me,” or “your reality”—as though truth is merely a matter
of opinion or perspective. At the 2018 Golden Globe awards, Oprah Winfrey
famously said that “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Now, you can have your experience or your
perspective. But there is no such thing as “your truth”
or “my truth.” There is only the truth—that which is true
for everyone. As Wall Street Journal writer Byron Tau noted,
“Oprah employed a phrase that I’ve noticed a lot of other celebrities using these days:
‘your truth’ instead of ‘the truth.’” But, he added, “’your truth’ undermines
the idea of shared common facts.” And here’s another problem with “your
truth”: If “your truth” is truth, anyone who doesn’t hold that truth must be wrong. This sounds a lot like narcissism. And it’s intellectual bullying. “Believe ‘my truth’—or else.” Not exactly a positive, pro-truth message. Yeah, truth is going through a tough time. So let’s review: Truth can’t be relative. If it is relative, it’s not truth. To say “there is no truth for all people”
is to declare a truth for all people. In effect, you’re saying, “It’s true
that there is no truth!” And to declare that both your and my opinions
are true even if they contradict one another is to speak nonsense. Truth isn’t opinion or preference. It’s not subjective or relative. It is inescapable because reality is inescapable. No amount of double-talk will change that. And that’s the truth. I’m Paul Copan, author of True for You,
But Not for Me, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “True for You but Not for Me

  1. Don't give your propaganda machine the ability to posted on my channel or I will file a claim. I am not one of those who don't have access to information.

  2. who would had thought that the world will sink so low that someoday it will become necessary to make a 5.5 minutes of video footage to explain definition of truth ;___;

  3. Woe to the men still standing
    On the not-too-distant shore,
    Of the future we are building,
    Where truth exists no more.
    How can you teach your children,
    Or correct a troubled youth,
    When you live yourself a life
    That rejects all basic truth;
    When society is idle
    In the midst of heinous deeds;
    When life is mere biology
    And science supersedes;
    When marriage has no meaning
    Beyond the bounds of state,
    And those who hold it sacred
    Are despised, accused of hate;
    When I hold an absolute
    As wholly sure and true,
    But what I say is truth
    Is not the truth for you?
    When we say, “It’s true
    Because it’s my belief,”
    We set the scene for chaos,
    Permissiveness and grief.
    We must embrace this concept
    If we will make it through:
    “I don’t make my own truth.
    I believe because it’s true.”
    – Noah Croft: Conceived In Liberty

  4. The problem is when Truth is discarded, so is the law, and not just laws of nature, but legally binding agreements on such things as national sovereignty and personal possessions. Each are open to debate as they cannot be respected any longer as defined by shared norms as there is no shared Truth. Throwing aside The Truth is leading all peoples to discover our governments alone define what is our truth, because as they are relativising our truths, they are redefining our rights as well.

  5. That's why I never agree with transgender. For those who haven't went through the transformation, if you like being a woman, that means you like men, right? I think you should just become a gay and never lie to yourselves with all those painful surgeries.

  6. "And what is Truth? Is Truth unchanging law? We both have Truths; are mine the same as yours?" — Pontius Pilate to Jesus, in "Jesus Christ, Superstar"

  7. Sorry for dropping this comment in an echo chamber like Prager U but this needs to be considered. Thank Spaghettimonster that the dislike button doesn’t do anything because I know that people will disagree with my disagreeing comment.

    In some cases, this video is correct. In others, it misses the point entirely. Whenever we deal with this matter, we have to ask ourselves why we pursue the truth. If there is benefit to following the truth or harm that comes from ignoring truth in certain situations, then yes, we follow truth based on the assessments that this is the right thing to do, such as with navigating a boat or determining the shape of the earth. However, to generalize would be fallacious. Truth is objective in some situations, but it’s not always this simple.

    Also, you brought up “common sense” as if that lines up with truth. To some, the round earth is common sense. To others, the flat earth is common sense. We don’t solve this conundrum with common sense, but with empirical data. Any common sense that agrees with this is little more than a coincidence. Truth doesn’t care about common sense.

    Also, one final point: while I disagree with people disagreeing with their ages, lumping them with transgenders, which this video not-so-subtly targets, is fallacious. Gender is not as simple as people make it out to be. To say that it is requires empirical evidence because the other side is filled with scientific evidence exploring the complexity of gender. You can claim that this science is all hokey, but just like flat earthers or anti-modern-medicine hippies who call modern science out for being fraudulent, you need to prove it, and your proof needs to be better than the proof you’re disagreeing with.

  8. Leftist-dominated institutions like Hollywood, the media, and left-wing universities all have one thing in common apart from their political orientation: they are all places where people can live and/or work in a place which is sheltered from the truths of reality. Hollywood outright acts out fantasies, the media intentionally distorts and denies the truth for money, and universities are increasingly cloistered places where radical professors teach emotionally vulnerable and impressionable young idiots all sorts of lies.

  9. Yet here we are, presenting fossil fuel as the greenest energy, advocating for trickle down economics and denying history and reality of events. Good one PragerU.

  10. "Let's put aside the science angle."

    You should do that for all of your videos. That would save everyone time having to fact-check them and find all the ways they manipulate and cherry-pick data lol

  11. So this basically a video about "framed" about Truth but really about Trans people and gender identity???? is this objectively true?

  12. The Dutch guy deliberately claimed that he feels that he's 49 to throw jabs at trans people.
    You are dumb, "Prager University".
    Still waiting for that degree you guys owe me.

  13. Academic standards truly are dropping if someone this uninformed about philosophy can be a philosophy professor. Once the answer to "does truth exist" was obvious? Radical skepticism has been a prominent field of philosophy since the time of the ancient Greeks! It isn't new and it certainly doesn't come from postmodernism. One of the most famous philosophical quotes is Descartes' "I think, therefore I am" referring to the idea that the only fact of which we can be 100% certain is our own existence!

    This conflation of Truth and facts is something which you only get from Christian theologians. There are observable, objective facts about the world, but all of those facts are susceptible to inaccuracy in measurement. Let's take a simple example: the number of people in the United States. There is an objective fact to how many people are in a country at a given moment, but this fact in unknowable because there is no way to accurately count every person in a large country considering births, deaths, and migrations into and out of the country. You can count people in a number of different ways, and those ways will most likely disagree with one another. So two people can agree that there is an objective fact to how many people are in the US while disagreeing about how many that is.

    Let's take another example: it is an objective fact that my dog weighs 30 lbs (on the surface of Earth). There is no objective truth to whether or not my dog is "heavy", because heavy is qualitative and subjective. I can lift my dog easily, so to me he's not heavy, but an 8 year old child would struggle to lift him at all. Does that mean that one of us is right about the dog being heavy and the other is wrong? No, and to imply that there is is simply absurd.

  14. And some people only want you to speak "YOUR TRUTH" when it is something they agree with. When Chris Pratt speaks "HIS TRUTH" then some people say he's a bigot.

  15. 'Truth is going through a tough time'

    Says the christian propaganda channel that uses straw man arguments in bad faith to get a pathological liar elected, while pretending to be a university.

    You guys living in this bubble must be completely immune to cognitive dissonance

  16. PragerU still cannot understand the differance between sex and gender. Trans don't think they are different "sex".
    Educate yourself before making a video.

  17. Funny that especially PragerU makes such a video. And that although pragerU doesn't give a shit about scientific facts, regarding anthropogenic climate change for example.

  18. Truth based on facts and reality instead of political opinion:

  19. Only the historically ignorant can push socialism and communism, which have proven to be disasters for humanity whenever implemented. Socialism and communism are the political means for genocide and power and privilege only for the elite. Additionally, all the plans from Democrats have been tried and failed despite years of trials and enormous wasted funding. Want to destroy a state and make the poor poorer? Jus put Democrats in charge. How about reality testing? How about checking the results of what you do? If the results are unsatisfactory, then do something to improve the procedures or experiment with new methods. Democrats are proven failures in everything they do and propose. No reason to listen to Democrats unless you want to rob the poor and become another millionaire politician.

  20. There ARE some things that can never be true, because they are matters of opinion. While there are "facts" that can be proven untrue – such as saying that the Ku Klux Klan is a left-wing organization, for example – there are also opinions, which can never be proven or disproven. In 1953, Hollywood said that THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH was better than any other film that year, and awarded it Best Picture; the majority of moviegoers nowadays disagree, but who's to say who's right? There is no scientific law for judging movies. Even notions of race and gender can be open to debate, to a point. Is someone who is the child of one White parent and one Native American parent a White person or a Native person? Both are equally true. Same with a hermaphrodite. And saying that one thing is "more true" than another thing is slightly absurd, because when you get down to the basic elements things are either intrinsically true or they are not; it's just that anything can have a bit of the false – or at least the biased – mixed in with it depending on how it is interpreted.

  21. i'm liking the facts but seriously until you make the change you are what you are pre-change, and afterwards you are still who/what you are, just changed to display your feeling about yourself

    if someone can say this better than i can, please do

  22. Dear PregerU!

    I really admire your work and I want to offer you my skills in translating to Russian so that more people could see your videos and get your ideas. I offer my work voluntarily. Please, if you need an interpreter, contact me: [email protected]


    Igor Petrov

  23. Like to see anyone try that in court – "I swear to tell my truth, my whole truth and nothing but my truth". If the judge objects, all one has to claim is that it's "my truth" that the judge is corrupt and a replacement will surely be required.

  24. This video where might aim to «poke fun» of the left, but this is a problem BOTH sides have.

    That the truth.

  25. From the source. Another black woman on how Democrats destroy black families:

  26. Another Educated (Ph.D.) black woman from poverty explains the socialist nonsense:

  27. From the source. Another Hispanic woman on why to put up the border wall:

  28. While, this may be a generally TRUE video, it is hilarious coming from a group that is filled with avid Trump support.

  29. There is no such thing as truth, we made it up to make sense of the world. Objective Truth is relative and thus is not real. Post what truth means and I will rip it to shreds. This guy didnt say what truth is because no matter what he says you can destroy it.

  30. Well, there is no objective truth concerning moral dilemas.. It all gets down to which values you have (neither of which is "true"), getting ppl to different conclusions of what is "good"

  31. The u.s isn't doing right now. How many Americans can read my texts and block out my way of not holding your self back and change, and to the one with their hands to their mouth eyes and hears they wouldnt be growing like trump pawns.

  32. I'm anti American and you hate it because you like death in twist thoughts you want to be like el pesa and you tell others your fine but your not

  33. How horrible this channel is and you can't see it and well you let your self be vulnerable to see if your a monster like trump or a person that not smart

  34. Snopes did a fact-check and found that PragerU is not in fact an accredited university.

    Not really, but they probably will!

  35. "It's better to be part of the minority and want the truth, than to be part of the majority and want to be right."

  36. Now I know the "true" origin for the term "Libtard" which should also be "Leftard." For you first have to be retarded to think the way Leftist think! A mind is a terrible thing to lose. Amazing insights!

  37. So if I start playing Call of Duty, a game I haven’t played in years, and a game series that has a very aggressive multiplayer base.
    If I play single player mode on easy, and it took me 3 days to beat the first level, I can declare myself as a pro league Call of Duty player, because it’s my truth?

    Even though I haven’t even touched the multiplayer side of the game yet, I can declare I’m the best player in the world?

  38. I find it funny how this is uniquely American problem. None of the European countries seem to deal with this nonsense.

  39. If "truth is a match-up with reality" then you need to ask yourself how you come to know what reality is, but because what humans perceive as reality is inherently skewed by our perceptions, feelings and senses, one can never reach a fully objective reality. This is why people say truth is relative, this has been common philosophical knowledge for over 100 years. plz make a better video next time

  40. Trans people are transGENDER, which is different from sex. Also, whose fault is the abandonment of the truth? A president who is a serial liar, holocaust denial, right wing revisionist history, etc. are all part of the dissolution of truth.

  41. I get the point, I agree to some extent, but COME ON! Not every thing people believe can be categorically considered true. Reality is not similarly appearance to everyone. Some people might ascribe something to chance, some to God, who is right?

  42. I graduated from prageru, now I scam christian conservatives for a living. Great money, let me tell you. I am selling videos confirming bias'es and you will pay!

  43. Dear Paul Copan,

    I understand your frustration about finding the truth in an era where falsehoods spread at the speed of light. However, I noticed a moment where there seem to be a misunderstanding. For, instance when you claimed that Oprah saying ”your truth” is undermining the definition of truth and enabling people to claim something there not when you said, ”As Wall Street Journal writer Byron Tau noted, “Oprah employed a phrase that I’ve noticed a lot of other celebrities using these days: ‘your truth’ instead of ‘the truth.’” But, he added, “’your truth’ undermines the idea of shared common facts.”

    If this was the case how come in the golden globes video, when Oprah Winfrey said “your truth” she was talking about the women who spoke out against abuse and the #MeToo movement and she was also talking about how much has injustice toward of women has stretches beyond the household, the neighborhood, the city, the community, religion, spirituality, our governments and borders of our home countries and adoptive countries.

    Here is what she said in the Golden globes Ceremony “I am especially proud and inspired by all of the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of use in this room are celebrated because of the stories we tell, and this year we became the story.” A few moments later she also said, “It’s one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or the workplace. So I express gratitude to all of the women who have endured years of abuse and assault.” She also said that the majority of the women who spoke out have to work hard to make ends meet.

    Here’s a question how can Oprah Winfrey be undermining the definition of truth if she was talking about all of the brave women who spoke out against abuse and attacks?

    She also said the opposite of what you were claiming when she said ”your truth”. For instance, at the golden globes, she was speaking for the truth when she said, ” I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association because we all know that the press is under siege these days. But we also know that is the insatiable dedication to uncovering *the absolute truth*.

    In fact in a video from the Oprah Winfrey that explains what she meant she she says ”your truth”, and she meant the opposite what she is saying. For example, she essentially said follow your passion and you don't have to feel like you need to follow the crowd and be someone your not. Here is what she said ”The truth is, for me I know this that if you in any way are keeping a secret or if you in any way are pretending something you are not you will never ever become all that you were meant to be. It cannot happen if you are living in some kind of pretense phony world.”

    Another example this is she talks about people trying to follow the crowd ”I think many people the facade of their own lives in various ways.” After that she talks about her being an anchorwoman and wanting to escape a dead end in her life.

    In short of this Oprah was trying to say that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else to be successful and following your passion and expressing your passion to other people will help you achieve any goal you have. And she wasn't even undermining the definition of truth.

    I also found that the majority of your sources have mixed to low factual reporting and/or right-wing and left-wing bias.


    Connor Compton

    Sources used for research.

    Bias check of research sources used.

    Sources found with Bias from the PragerU website.

    Found with Right Bias and/or Mixed to Low factual reporting.

    Found with Left Bias and/or Mixed to Low factual reporting.

  44. Problem: Not all truth claims are objective. If your child comes home stating that he is being bullied at school. Your wife says her boss is sexist and rude. You claim you were given bad service at a restaurant. 'Bullied', 'sexist', 'rude' and 'bad service' are interpersonal subjectives that no one can objectively make any claims, thus Oprah was right.

  45. I know he said to ignore the literal science of it, but I really can’t help it. Modern physics dictates that all of reality is in fact relative to the observer. This means that the basis for all of reality (physics) kinda goes against what this guy is saying. But yes, there is a “common truth” that is accepted by the majority of humanity because we all see it that way, but that can be changed and influenced by politics and religion and other various things. Because of this, in the end all that reality is, is what we make it out to be as a whole. So yeah, the whole “my truth” thing is kind of a load of crap, but it is an important affirmation technique for a lot of people, and I’d say it’s closer to what reality actually is than simply stubbornly saying without any real evidence that reality is 100% concrete.

  46. What about if I have a child or let's say I have two children and one of them feels like he's a cannibal the other one feels like he's a mass murderer or serial killer then what they should accept that too because what should have happened to my children if they were to present one of these situations to happen does that mean they would be arrested or something else because separating them from their mother would just be completely out of this world and wrong and intolerant and unrighteous not fair and an American like wouldn't it cuz they're only children

  47. Well said I'm watching this video at 3:17 a.m. it says on the phone but I feel like it's really 6 a.m. and I have to be at work at 6 a.m. you know what I think I'm going to go to work like around 9 does that make me eligible to be fired or should I just get away with it too since I feel like it wasn't time to go to work

  48. Most the examples are obviously people who are mental or just like being ridiculous and bending the truth, but he lost me when he used transgender people as an example, there is scientific evidence of humans having male and female brains. Babies in the womb can have their brain develop to be incompatible with their body and end up identifying with the opposite sex, they were born as. It's kinda similar to the birth defect of being intersex. The media has really made a mess of the image of transgender people and eccentric/confused people labeling themselves as "transgender" when they are not truly trans has further damaged the transgender reputation.

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