Troglodyte Virgin Calls the Show

Troglodyte Virgin Calls the Show

Okay. We have a voicemail number two, one nine two. David p. This is a really funny voicemail. This is meant to be a parody of some of the
really dim right wing callers that we get. And I don’t know if the implication is that
we, uh, are somehow specifically selecting in competent right-wingers to pick up on when
we take live calls. Of course, I don’t do that. I just see a phone number and I pick up on
phone numbers that I’ve not seen before. Um, but this is so funny because it’s something
about this. It’s like, yeah, that actually is, you’re
not even really exaggerating. This is what a lot of our right-wing callers
sound like. Take a listen. Hey David. Um, my question is, uh, you know, about the,
um, uh, about the, uh, Chinese, um, uh, you know, uh, I, uh, can’t, uh, you know, uh,
form a sentence, um, because I am a typical, um, David Pakman show caller. Um, I’m a troglodyte. I’m a virgin and I, you know, I wouldn’t even
know how to go about, you know, even, uh, forming a question. I don’t form a question before I call in. Okay. Right. I’ve never formed a question. I have a very bad connection. I don’t know. Louis metonymy. I don’t know. Uh, I don’t know the fake beef between you,
between David, pacman and Dempsey. I’m a total virgin, you know? Okay. Um, so my question is, uh, for someone, uh,
looking to get a better, um, uh, at the David Pakman show, right? Um, uh, you know, I mean, I don’t even know. I don’t even know your producers, uh, first
and last names by heart. I know there’s a Max. I know there’s, uh, pat, I know there’s a,
there’s a, uh, you have ad agency as you took angel investors. Dude, I don’t even know. I mean, I don’t even know where your shoot,
I mean, I, I think you’re out of your mom’s basement, is that right? That’s exactly right. Yeah. But you know, for someone who’s pretending
not to know a lot of this stuff about the show, you seem to know a whole hell of a lot
about it, my friend. But yeah. Okay. So troglodyte virgin calls into the show and
actually sounds like a lot of the right wing callers that we get. I don’t know what we’ve accomplished with
that little experiment. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. Twitter has blocked or locked rather Mitch
McConnell’s campaign account because they posted video of protesters shouting threats
and profanity. Hilarious. Barcelona has confirmed that women can swim
topless in city pools because of a gender equality, um, uh, rule law, I guess we could
call it. And, uh, we will talk about the contagion
of mass events, contagion of mass event, and being careful about how I word that, uh, for
specific reasons which will become clear on the bonus show. Two ways to access it. Become a member at www dot [inaudible] dot
com or a [email protected]m.

100 thoughts on “Troglodyte Virgin Calls the Show

  1. I feel bad, these callers always seem like they haven’t made it passed their last two years in high school.

    The trogs hate their teacher, mr pakman, but embarrass themselves consistently! Well we all have more to learn.

    I try to avoid going after polite articulate folks, who’s confidence doesn’t need to masquerade about, despite what my self help books might say. Who doesn’t love manically anti social personalities, acting like a protagonist in a world of props/flat characters ?

  2. Women in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia get thrown in jail for not wearing a hijab… Imagine what would happen to any of them who would dare to go to city pool topless… Could be that they would be found dead at the bottom of the pool.

  3. Yep. I always skip forward to the part where you answer whatever question has emerged, since the callers are often so mind-bendingly incompetent at forming sentences.

  4. David Pakman's the type of guy to argue with his husband over how much puberty blocker to give their genderless non binary infant then go on you tube and ask people to visit his patreon.

  5. Ahah what a loser. These people are really retarded. I bet he puts your photo by the mirror and then uses his mom's lipstick and calls himself a whore at the same time he puts a dildo in his ass. You know…like in movies where these obsessed sociopaths caused by repressed homosexuality do. Sorry David but I had to say it.😁


  7. Imagine what we could accomplish if we put all the energy we spend trolling and hating each other into productive changes.

  8. So again what is your view on illegal hand guns being the desired weapon of murderers, or do you not care about people who get murdered. Very progressive of you, David, haha

  9. Women can swim topless in city pools because of gender equality!?
    As a red-blooded Non-American male, that's just fine by me.

  10. I understand the humor, but isn't this just a giant ad hom… I mean I'm right of center, but even I acknowledge that when I'm engaging someone left of center or far left, to call them libtards or insult them is basically going to totally shut them down as accepting or at least considering my argument.

  11. How do you put up with people like this? A parody is just a parody but real callers sounding like this would have me pulling my hair out. Too funny.

  12. Not sure if youtube is using firefox to ddos your site or just pump up the popularity with false hits. But as soon as I opened YouTube your site loaded and went to constantly refreshing. This has been going on for months and youtube just does not want o fix it. As soon as I open youtube it just loads what ever the newest upload is, then sets there refreshing till I close it again. Some times I have to close and reopen youtube half a dozen times before it loads with out doing this and I can actually use youtube.

  13. That call was pretty hilarious on a meta level. Kudos to the caller if he actually wanted to parody a right-wing moron ineptly trying to parody Pakman fans.

  14. As far as the idea of David, or any show, selecting only idiot callers, I feel that the type of person who calls in to a political show, for the most part, is also the person who's too confident in their own beliefs to realize that they're completely stupid.

  15. Trumplodytes are too stupid to impersonate intelligent, leftist (no, that's neither pleonasm, nor tautology: there may be stupid leftists out there) callers.

  16. Well everybody vets callers. Before Shapiro takes a question from the audience, he makes sure the person is breathing with their mouth, half asleep, has Velcro shoes and drooling at a minimum of 5ml/sec.

  17. The virgin needs to get some quick and its not safe for women to be topless that’s equivalent to a man being bottomless. If it hangs cover it up.

  18. As a genuine troglodyte virgin, I am very offended by this portrayal of my people as being less intelligent than the average right winger.

  19. Ok. I have to ask. What’s your goal here? I’m subbed to here with the hope of getting some informed dialogue, which you do for the most part. But this title is off putting. Although it may be accurate, an insult title isn’t the way to sway people’s though on a particular subject. It’s the very reason I don’t watch fox or cnn. I can deal with a bit of bias, but is there a need for insults? Please don’t give me “they do it!” comments.

  20. Um, I don't know how to write a comment, I use the wrong form of they're, their, and there everywhere, and my comment is so stupid you can't even tell what my point is, or which side of the issue I'm coming from.

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