48 thoughts on “Tribe Society – Outlaws (Audio)

  1. Why do people keep comparing every "not so famous" band to Imagine Dragons? It happens with The Score too, and maybe others too.
    Im a huge Imagine Dragons fan, but these bands have their very own unique style, and comparing them to any other band (not only ID) is a depreciation of their work in some way.

  2. This came up on my recommendation page. This is the best song I've discovered in a long time. So thank you Tribe Society. Great song I love it

  3. Here because this song was playing during a montage of Army Rangers in action back when I was waiting to ship off to basic back at the 30th AG in Fort Benning Georgia

  4. While they are reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, they have a style that is all their own, never forget that.

  5. Guys, don't compare them to anyone else. Not trying to be rude, this is just my opinion. Every singer and every artist has a unique way to express themselves through music, so they won't ever be the same. There is no "next Linkin Park" or "next Imagine Dragons", and I'm sure they're not copying them, this is something new. Give them the possibility to grow and develop, so their name can be an original, fresh one in the book of legends.

  6. "Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law."
    -Boethius, a Roman senator and author of Consolation of Philosophy

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