36 thoughts on “Tribe Society – Kings

  1. Thank you Mister Suicide Sheep! Subscribed to you 2 month ago and now all my recommendations are filled by your old uploads. Thank you for the opportunity to find these nice songs, even then being so late.

    This gives me some OMAM vibes and I love it! Really nice upload and work – I truly respect it.

  2. I was listen a random playlist about Imagine Dragons made by Youtube.
    This song appears in the middle of the list.

    Youtube believes that this song is from Imagine Dragons xD

  3. Lost in a world full of none believers

    Searching for smoke in a still water pond

    A nothing king they called a dreamer

    This is my life and I call it a song <3

  4. 2019? Either way I'm still loving the way this song is giving off that chill but energetic vibe.

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