Trevor Responds to the Las Vegas Shooting & Trump Tweets the Weekend Away: The Daily Show

Trevor Responds to the Las Vegas Shooting & Trump Tweets the Weekend Away: The Daily Show

I’m sure,
just like many of you, I woke up this morning
to the devastating news coming out of Las Vegas. Another mass shooting. This time somehow even deadlier than all the other
mass shootings. And they say that this was
the worst in American history. But every shooting is the worst for someone. And you know what-what
blew my mind this morning is when I realized that I have-I have just, like… I’ve lived in the U.S.
and New York for two years now, all right? And in that time there have been
20 mass shootings. 20 mass shootings in the U.S. What’s been particularly
heartbreaking is– other than the lives lost– is how I feel like people are becoming more accustomed
to this type of news, every single time. I almost know how
it’s going to play out. We’re shocked.
We’re sad. Thoughts and prayers.
And then, almost on cue, people are gonna come out
saying, “Whatever you do, “when speaking
about the shootings, don’t talk about guns.” Talking about gun control
and whether we new… need more restrictive laws–
I just don’t think that that’s an appropriate time
for this to be happening. There’s a time and place
for a political debate, uh, but now is the time
to unite as a country. This is not the time to be talking about guns. Sometimes I wish I had
used this logic as a kid when I’ve done something wrong.
You know? My mom wanted to ground me.
I should have just said, “Is this the time,
Mom, that we… “politicize what’s happening
right now? “This is not the time to talk
about my lack of discipline. “This is a time for us
to unite as a family, “to focus on the fact that
I’m stuck in the kitchen window “trying to sneak back in.
Come on, Mom. This is not the time.” When… like, when is the time? And also, if you say after a
mass shooting is never the time, then you’ll never have
the conversation in America, because there’s a mass shooting
almost every single day. So when is the time?
Think about it. With everything else–
when a plane crashes, we talk about
plane safety immediately. When a bridge collapses, we talk about
infrastructure immediately. When a lion attacks people,
we talk about why there are so many lions
roaming around. Is that just me? Africa? All right, cool.
Skip-skip that one. Skip that one. But, like, I…
Like, I don’t know how to… We seem to do everything
to avoid talking about guns. I’ve never been to a country where people are as afraid
to speak about guns. Every time there’s a shooting. You got to look
at something else. Is it Muslims? Is it their
religion, is that what it is? Is it blacks? It’s the blacks.
It’s the black on black crime. Is it mentally ill people?
Is it white nationalists? Every time,
it’s a different question. And now… and now, after
this incident in Las Vegas, we’re asking a new question. Is it hotels? Certainly hotel security will be
revisited across the globe, uh, after this event. There’s no check of your bags. Uh, I’m not sure how one
gets that many firearms up into their room, but that’s
gonna be, now, an issue. Who would have thought
that someone would be firing from the Mandalay Bay hotel? So now we have to
rethink security. So… so, just to keep track
of the argument– mass shooting, mass shooting,
mass shooting, mass shooting, mass shooting, mass shooting…
we have to take care of this hotel check-in issue. Oh, and-and… and by the way, just to give you an idea
of how far away America is from actual gun control– this week Congress
is going to vote on deregulating gun silencers.
Yeah. Because, I guess,
Congress is thinking, “Gun violence is out of control.
How can we make it quieter? Yeah, how can we do that?” So… so, the people
of Las Vegas, I can’t give you
thoughts and prayers. I can only say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that we live in
a world where there are people who will put a gun… before your lives. And this story will develop over
time, and we’ll keep on it. But for now, let’s go
into the news of the weekend. Let’s start with Secretary
of State Rex Tillerson. A man whose name
sounds less, uh, like a man and more like
a rich old lady’s Pomeranian. Earlier this week… earlier
this week… the secretary of state revealed that he has a direct line of
communication with North Korea. Which is a big deal,
considering North Korea is threatening to launch
nuclear weapons at the U.S. Unfortunately for
the rest of us, President Trump has a direct line of
communication with Twitter. U.S. president, Donald Trump,
appears to be undermining his top diplomat on North Korea. REPORTER: “I told Rex Tillerson
he’s wasting his time trying to negotiate
with Little Rocket Man.” “Save your energy, Rex,
we’ll do what has to be done!” “Save your energy, Rex”? Poor Rex Tillerson. He’s trying
to negotiate a way out of nuclear war, and his boss
is calling him out on social media for it. Like, I wonder if Tillerson’s
ever like, “Sir, do you know “that your phone can make calls?
Do you know that? Like, why would you tweet me?” Trump is like, “Because, Rex,
I don’t follow you, so I can’t DM, okay?” (applause) And, now… I get… I get what Trump
is trying to do though. He’s thinking that,
by acting crazy, he’ll strengthen Rex’s hand
with the negotiations, you know? It’s the old good cop/bad
president routine. I understand it. The problem is, he’s actually a bad president. It’s not just a routine. “Being nice to Rocket Man
hasn’t worked in 25 years. “Why would it work now? “Clinton failed, Bush failed,
and Obama failed. I won’t fail.” You know, I would be
a lot more confident that Trump wouldn’t fail
if he knew that North Korea has had three leaders
in the last 25 years. Yeah. Clinton and Bush were
dealing with different Kims– Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and now Kim Jong-un. But I guess, to Trump,
all rocket men look the same. Uh, or, maybe, maybe
he just can’t tell Kims apart. Maybe that’s his thing.
He’s gonna be, uh, walking in the street, bumping into
Lil’ Kim and looking at her, like, “You son of a bitch.” Oh, and-and
Trump’s-Trump’s crazy wasn’t just directed at, uh,
the Korea of the north. Remember how last week
everyone was like, “Hey, Mr. President,
stop tweeting about the NFL and focus on Puerto Rico”?
Remember that? Well, uh, be careful
what you wish for. REPORTER:
The mayor of San Juan slamming President Trump’s response
to the disaster there. So I am done being polite. I am done being
politically correct. I am mad as hell. We are dying, and you are killing us
with the inefficiency. REPORTER 2:
President Trump responded, “Such poor leadership ability
by the mayor of San Juan “and others in Puerto Rico, “who are not able to get
their workers to help. “They want everything
to be done for them when it should be
a community effort.” Wow. Really? The hurricane-ravaged people
of Puerto Rico are lazy? This coming from a man who spent
71 days of his presidency at a golf course. Really? A sport where you’re so lazy,
you need an assistant. They’re the lazy ones? Because, you see, the real
victims of this hurricane are not who you think of
as the victims of the hurricane. The real victim is Donald Trump. REPORTER:
“The mayor of San Juan, “who was very complimentary
only a few days ago, “has now been told
by the Democrats that you must be nasty
to Trump.” How are you a billionaire and the president
of the United States and still the most insecure
human being on Earth? Like, how? Like, a mayor
of a hurricane-ravaged city is begging for food, and Trump reacts like
she slammed him on a diss track. And just to keep track,
Trump has now had beef with the mayor
of a destroyed city, grieving Gold Star parents, POWs, and the Pope. Right. And the Pope deserved it. He said some (bleep).
But, I mean, everyone else, everyone else, really? And, obviously, there was a big
backlash to Trump’s response. People were furious.
Lin-Manuel Miranda even tweeted that Trump
is going straight to hell on the fastest golf cart
he ever took. And I don’t know if you know… (cheering and applause) I don’t know if you know– Lin-Manuel is, like,
the nicest person you will ever meet in your life. And you can even see
that he’s nice, because even when sending Trump
to hell, he let him take his preferred
mode of transportation. Look at that. That’s a nice guy. And, clearly, Donald Trump
is a Hamilton fan, because, on Sunday,
the president finally stepped up and did the right thing. President Trump dedicates
Presidents Cup golf trophy to the people of Puerto Rico. On behalf of all of the people
of Texas and all of the people of– if you look today
and you see what’s happening, how horrible it is, but we have
it under really great control– Puerto Rico,
and the people of Florida, who have really suffered over
this last short period of time with the hurricanes,
I want to just remember them. And we’re going to dedicate
this trophy to all of those people
that went through so much. That’s right, folks. Don’t say Donald Trump hasn’t
done anything for Puerto Rico. The dude dedicated
a whole golf trophy to them. And you know in Trump’s mind,
that made sense, right? He was like, “This weekend,
both the golfers and Puerto Rico “had to deal with water hazards. -It makes sense. It makes
sense.” (laughter, groaning) Like, I could… I genuinely cannot believe that this guy dedicated
a golf trophy. Like, on the list of things
Puerto Ricans needed, a golf trophy is somewhere in
between a VHS copy of Spider-Man and another hurricane. Who are you? (applause and cheering) Because… because Puerto Rico
doesn’t need a golf trophy. All right,
they need baseball trophies. -They don’t play golf.
-(laughter) No, but seriously, though,
they need help. They need our help, as well. Don’t be like Trump. Let’s give
to Puerto Ricans something that they can actually use. Click the link and help out. Give whatever you can,
even if it’s one dollar. You know, if anything, this may
be the only silver lining of Trump’s Twitter wars, is how much people have been
getting involved. He gets people so fired up that
they donate just to spite him. (laughter) Yeah, I’m thinking now,
we just need to get polar bears to tweet Trump, and maybe
we can solve global warming.

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