Trevor Noah: African American – Coming Home to the Motherland

Trevor Noah: African American – Coming Home to the Motherland

I’ve been doing shows around the
country. Around the world really. I’ve been blessed. And I remember
one day I’m in L.A. and I’m doing a show and
we’re sitting backstage and this comedian comes in
to the backstage area and he’s got a list of all
the guys that are performing. And so, he looks around
and he looks at the darkest guy in the corner,
just the blackest guy he could find. And he goes [comedically]
hey, yo. You the dude from Africa? [laughter] And the guy looks
up and he’s like [comedically]
nah man, I’m from Detroit. [laughter] He’s like [comedically]
a’ight, my bad. My bad. My bad. Uh, a’ight, uh, yo. OK, Detroit. Yeah, yeah. You–oh, a’ight, OK cool. L.A. OK, cool. Cool. Cool. [normal speaking voice]
And then he looks at me for a second, does a
quick calculation. And he’s like oh, a’ight,
a’ight, um, yeah. [laughter] And then he
looks and he goes [comedically]
yo, where you from man? [normal voice] I said
I’m from South Africa. He’s like [comedically]
oh, oh, oh. You the dude? [laughter] Oh damn, man. Damn. A’ight. Yo, I didn’t even
know they got–yo, you the dude from Africa? [laughter] Man, didn’t
even know they got light-skinned [bleep]
out there, man. [laughter] Damn. A’ight. Yo. Yo. That’s the
motherland, man. That’s the motherland. [normal voice] And all of
a sudden he just started giving me this speech. He’s like [comedically] man, you know,
yo man, that’s–yo man, that’s where we
gotta be, man. That’s, you know– [laughter] –that’s the motherland
out there, man. Yeah. I gots to get
out there, man. I gots to. Yo, I gots to
go home, man. [laughter] You heard? I gots to go home. Man, you tell them. A’ight? You tell ’em. You tell them I’m
coming home, a’ight? [laughter] [normal speaking voice]
And I was like [laughs] we’re not waiting. [laughter] ‘Cause I’m just–I’m
fascinate–I think
that’s come–that
whole identity has come
from the term
. This is something that’s
fascinated me. You know, it’s the
very loose term. African-American. ‘Cause half of the time
you use it for people that aren’t even African. You know? Just use it long
as you’re black. They go African-American. But it’s–what if people
aren’t from Africa? They still
African-American? Those people from the Caribbean,
from Haiti, from Jamaica. You know? They call– [comedically] yeah,
African-America. Guys like [Jamaican accent] no man,
I come from Jamaica. I no’ from Africa. [laughter] I ain’t never
been there ‘fore, man. [comedically] He’s
like you wanna stay? [Jamaican accent]
African-American, man. Hey. [laughter, applause] [normal voice] The prefix
to American has become as important as American itself. I thought it was just
American but it’s not. No, no, no. It’s very important
you have the prefix. You know, you have
African-American. African-American. You have others
like Latin- or Mexican-American. You have Asian-American. You have–the most
interesting for me was Indian-American which I learned
about during Thanksgiving. Indian-American. And then I was told I’m no
longer allowed to say this. Said I now have to
say Native American. Which is redundant,
is it not? [laughter] Because if somebody’s
a native of the land they’re still in should
you not then just call them American? [laughter] How does that work?

100 thoughts on “Trevor Noah: African American – Coming Home to the Motherland

  1. light skin Africans problems lol especially when your name is Josué, people think I'm Latino. and it's great cuz I know Spanish lol😅

  2. and yet every Asian American is still called an Asian and not an American first, despite them possibly being 4-5th generation American.

  3. people from haiti the caribbean and jamaica are also african since the majority of the black people there have been descendants of the slave trade, just like america

  4. Whoa man.. that last part! Right smack in da face!!! Especially now in 2019! Straight away, Nathan Philips came to my mind

  5. I gotta disagree just a little with Trevor…"Indian-American" would refer to someone with East Indian (country of India) heritage born in the U.S. or transplanted to the U.S. permanently. Meanwhile, Native Americans are alternately called "American Indians."


  7. african is more of racial identity.everyone whose original roots are from africa and have melanin in them to some degree are african….a white person born in africa cannot be an african. a white south african is not african.

  8. i used to get confused between indian americans(natives) and american indians(indians in america )… native american is better , but yea trevor is right,, only american… cause they are the original inhabitants of the country.

  9. There is a huge culture gap between Africans and Black Americans. The only thing they have in common is their skin color. Like a black American dude has more in common with a White American dude than with an African

  10. i c.a..n.t s.t.o.p l.a.u.g.h.i.n.g!! .Its first video of him I saw, and finally back after several…And its as fresh as it was a couple year ago!!

  11. Praise Yah, I am NOT African American.I see from listening to Trevor Noah that the South Africans hate my people here in America. I made the mistake of purchasing his book, born a crime. Now I see that south African for what he really is from his own mouth! I shall never invest a penny in him again!

  12. The Indian call native American, cuz they didn't come from another countries like all other forieanier!!! All the white people in America r all forieanier n they the one that stole the Indian lands turned into their country.

  13. Google a book written by Keith Richburg called, "Out of America." A story about a black American who went back to the motherland. What he found was tyranny, disease, poverty and a new sense of appreciation that HIS ancestors were brought to America.

  14. You contradicted your own words Trevor! you said in your show that the best part about America is it aknowledges the person's heritage along with their citizenship..

  15. German here. I find the term „African American“ idiotic. Most blacks in America could not even relate to Afrika AT ALL.
    And, more importantly, nobody would refer to WHITE Americans as „European Americans“.
    As a German, I can tell you that most of today’s white Americans – no matter if their ancestors may have originated from here – have almost NOTHING in common with Germany (or other parts of Europe their ancestors may have come from) today. But, what’s even more hilarious, is the term „caucasian“. That’s a region in deep Eastern Europe. As if everyone who’s white originated from there! 😂

  16. He’s telling the truth why they call them African American and white peoples not Europe America just racist and black peoples accept this shit

  17. When you said Indian-American, me, being an Indian, thought you meant the country India.

    Which is also funny because… Indian-American is.. Not the same as Asian-American somehow

    Of course, folks just use the simpler "Desi"

  18. So only black people are african? He might be light skin cause he is mixed. I'm not. Both parents from africa and Im pale AF! North africa is stiill Africa..

  19. DYK: you all understand that he is talking about the continent, right?… all the people who live in this continent are Americans (that is, all the countries located in this continent), did you know that?… you know that for the rest of the American continent you are a country called the United States, I know that several will say the United States of America, but it is only because of the simple fact of being located north of the American continent, and not because you are the entire continent… that's why I could understand what he was referring to as we are all Americans This comment is not to cause controversy, but so that you can know the perspective of a person who is on the same continent but from another country or that of a person from another continent. @The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

  20. Many freeman and ex-slaves in the amerikkkas during slavery, called themselves Africans despite being born here and speaking English. They were only one or two generations removed from the continent, and some even made it back to the continent. There is the connection, but it is not 100% pure unfortunately it has been tainted and this guy is the perfect example.

  21. Him talking like someone else is killing me 😂😂😂. And I have my own race since I'm mixed I call myself Blaxicindian 😂😂😂. Forget what anyone else says.

  22. Wait, I always thought that "American Indian" was the term used for Native Americans, and "Indian-American" meant an American of Indian origin – as in, the country India. Is that not so?

  23. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  24. Yo where you from?
    From New York.
    No, like where you really from?
    Ahh, yes… from my mother’s womb, probably

  25. I started watching his videos recently. Funny yet well said. Very good to get rid of life’s stress. Thank you. Not everyone can do that.

  26. I'm Indian but born and raised in South Africa. Like 5th generation.
    I can guarantee I'm more African than most Americans.

  27. Native Americans (formerly known as American Indians) like to either be called just Natives or by their nation aka “tribe” affiliation know a few personally from when I was in the military is how I know.

  28. I guess the proper term should be African-Jamaican.
    And we should start calling Anglo-American for all the WASPy crowd.

  29. Is he kidding?😳 Human life began in Africa. But, most importantly in America we experienced this thing called SLAVERY!!!

  30. I know I am late, but I just want to make a comment on this topic. The term African-American was originally created for those who were descendants of American slaves. However, overtime the term has become broad due to the increase of black immigrants migrating to the US. That is why so many African-Americans have stepped away from the term and are now referring to themselves as either a Black-American or ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) or DACS (Descendants of American Chattel Slaves) in order to preserve their ancestry heritage. 🙂

  31. I call white people in the US, European American. Just like Trevor said they are just as much foreign like African Americans. Give the land back to their own people! 💪🏼

  32. Not sure i got Trevor's point on that one. As an African myself, im happy to hear African american (yes they are from Africa) claiming their roots. Whenever i m asked, im happy to chat and share information with them. They were ripped off their culture, their names and live in a country where they are second class citizen. If they want to come and learn more about their culture, why blaming them? Many Africans think like me

  33. They could say "Fang-American" or "Somali-American" or "Yoruba -American" or "Amazeigh-American" or "Ethiopian-American" or "Zulu-American"…but "African-American" doesn´t mean anything as it means they don´t know what country or ethnicity is their ancestry. They are Anglos, speak English, usually Protestant…same way as a black from the Dominican Republic is Hispanic, speak Spanish, usually Catholic….

  34. His comment is off on Native Americans, hey Trevor we know your not American but by your logic then black people should be just American because they are not really from Africa but who cares about immigrants that don't understand our culture.

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    You believe with the heart of mind. Not heart that Pumps blood though your veins. But your brain

  37. Repentance- Luke 13:3 I tell you Nay but Except ye repent you all likewise perish. Its a turning away from your sinful nature choosing Gods ways

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  39. Baptized- Acts 2:38 Then Peter said baptized eveyone of you for the remission of Sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. U go down into that watery grave of baptism and Come up a new creatures in Christ Jesus.

  40. 2 Thessalonians 1:8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that do not know God and those who do NOT Obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  41. The Churches of Christ is the bride of Christ it carries his name like when a man marries a women she goes by his last name to honor her husband

  42. “Tell them I coming home” 🤣🤣🤣 As I Black American I can say the majority of us view traveling to Africa like fat people view losing weight.

    Yea. It sounds good but I’ll get around to it Monday.

  43. Native Americans are the people from America before people started emigrating there. So there is a difference between Native American and American

  44. What gets me is Irish, and "Asian." An island off the coast of England has about as much cultural representation (Ethanol, and the color green) as the continent. (Fire-works, and Katana.)

    The, continent.

    I'm European-American.

  45. love his work but I did not like how he did not see the importance of the minority struggle and identification. Before African Americans were Negro or worse so African-American is an important identification long in the making. Native American he said he does not see why the nations of ingenious cannot just call themselves American? Because they want to be recognized as both American and the native original people of this land. They deserve that respect.


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