Trẻ em có nên học ngoại ngữ sớm không? | Dat Ngo Podcast

Trẻ em có nên học ngoại ngữ sớm không? | Dat Ngo Podcast

hi it's dance McGill here welcome back to my English podcast we all acknowledge the benefits of learning another language when traveling abroad it allows us to overcome the language barrier when applying for a job knowing a second language makes our resume stand out if I have to make a list of its advantages it could take me quite a while to finish realise in its benefits many parents want their children exposed to a second language as early as possible they hope that their children can excel in that language one day but a myth said that bilingual children wore at a disadvantage compared to their monolingual peers today we are going to find out whether that myth is right there is a concern that alone in two languages from birth is difficult for children even for an adult it is quite demanding to remember so many words at one time when parents use different words to label one object children may get confused they cannot tell the difference between two languages overnight it costs the labor to master these languages if they receive little support from their parents they may have a language disorder or a delay in language development although early bilingualism causes some troubles for children it will improve their attention and memory in the long term Bilu ilysm requires the continued use of both languages so children need to switch back and forth all the time when communicating in the second language children have to concentrate more than usual they selectively speak one language and inhibit another that's why bilingual children know how to ignore irrelevant information and how to pick up an important one there is a decline in language learning abilities with age so children benefit from learning a second language early according to a study the best time to learn a new language with native speakers is by the age of ten children under the age of 10 can more easily absorb information in excel in the new children can learn more quickly than adults if they wait until to become grownups it's hard for them to remember when they're still young they have a vivid imagination when they become adults aging makes the imaginations weaker or even worse disappear think is so much for listening to my podcast I hope that you didn't learn something new today my goal is to help you gain more useful knowledge every day while improving your English considerably don't forget to sub to get more awesome videos every week share this video with your friends and families so that they can benefit from this information as well thank you for watching see you guys next time

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  1. Có những Podcard em nghe đi nghe lại nhiều lần để luyện nghe và em có chép ra tập để học Vocabularies mới. Cám ơn Anh rất nhiều!!! Hi vọng anh ra nhiều Podcard hơn nữa.

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