Transgenderism is Ideology NOT Science! (Dr. Leonard Sax Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

Transgenderism is Ideology NOT Science! (Dr. Leonard Sax Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

37 thoughts on “Transgenderism is Ideology NOT Science! (Dr. Leonard Sax Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

  1. We sit down with Dr. Leonard Sax to discuss transgenderism, its relationship to science, and the ways it harms children. Did any of this surprise you?

  2. Random question: what about Transgender Men? I see allot of videos mocking trans women/men who transitioned female and regretted it. But I can't find anything about females who transitioned male and regretted it?

  3. I agree with everything you say, but I want to know what the other side actually says…it seems crazy to me that this is what they actually say…what is the opposite to Louder with Crowder? Just out of curiosity

  4. Girl: I like boy stuff so I must be a boy
    Boy: I like girl stuff so I must be a girl
    Heroin addict: I like heroin so I must be demi lovato

  5. I looked up the reviews of his book and some people said it's full of outdated, opinionated pseudoscience. But what he's saying here just seems like common sense. Sometimes it feels like if I agree with this dudes views, I'm close minded and going against science and if I agree with the other view I'm crazy and going against science. Lol.

  6. I'm trans (18 diagnosed with gender dysphoria), and I can tell you, that it was such a headache in terms of figuring myself out. I desperately hope that if I were to adopt a child, they don't come up to me with this nonsense. You aren't old enough or have a high enough mental capacity to make these connections. Why should I believe you? Just because mommy went through this process doesn't mean it's the definitive answer for all her problems. Act how you want, but I'm not encouraging it, and I'm surely not installing internet for you. (I probably won't even tell them what transgender means, but their sexual preferences, I'm always behind.)

  7. So Dr. Leonard said the percentage of intersex individuals is, at most, 0.02%. Obviously, this is closer to the truth than the 1.7% which uses very loose qualifications. But the most common percentage used is between 0.05% and 0.067%. Yet in one of his videos, Crowder used the statistic 0.08%. We need some consistency, and it starts with better medical qualifications of what intersex is.

  8. Doctor Sax is a great man i have personally talked to him via email about how stimulant based drugs such as adderall effect a child's brain as they grow older and discovered the possible root of many mental health issues I deal with today and gotten advice on the steps to take on finding the source of the problem. I even gave him permission to use parts of my story in his update for his book: Boys Adrift if it meant spreading awareness and helping other kids like myself. Finding out true causes of mental illness in our youth is important to solving the problems, and the transgender movement is one that empowers the illness, not makes an attempt to fix the problem

  9. When will Dr. Leonard Sax do the detailed long-form interview? Please make it unlimited time, take breaks but cover everything you can. This guy has a lot to say. And please put up his research papers, zoom in on the text, putting his video feed aside temporarily as he explains. My contacts will probably ask your permission this use a scientific presentation, needs to be seen clearly in a large audience but that also useful for a computer screen. Thanks for your hard work! You are helping turn the tides in saving civilization.

  10. OMG people are saying what I have been thinking. Why do the LGBT embrace society stereotypes? "A girl playing in the mud and tackling a hog was okay 20 years ago but now its a question if you transition them into a male" to sum it up of what he said. It's so true that the LGBT community is making stereotypes and following society when society is wrong on so many things.

  11. Radical Feminist agree with most everything said in this video. When lesbians and RF speak out against men in dresses occupying female spaces they get harassed, threatened, and on at least two occasions that I know of physically assaulted. I am a liberal but am so frustrated with this anti science, trans craziness. I cannot even have an opening discussion with my liberal friends about it for fear of being shut down and verbally insulted , called a TERF. This is one issue that I am on the right’s side.

  12. Puberty is already difficult to teach to kids. Teaching transgenderism in schools is going to confuse THE SH*T out of them! They'll be messed up for life.

  13. when I was five I thought I was Batman. That doesn't mean my parents drop me off and crime-infested neighborhoods at night and told me to save the neighborhood. When I was six I thought I was Superman doesn't mean they put a towel around my neck and threw me off the fucking roof.

  14. Please sign the petition and share. Brown Univ. made an investigation on transgenders and because it doesn't fill the trans agenda they got bullied and took it out. Defend academic freedom and scientific inquiry. Please sign

  15. One thing I disagree with is using gender instead of sex. Transgendersism is getting out of hand and one of it's biggest ways to to confuse is changing language

    Sex is male and female
    Gender is"masculinity" and "femininity"

    You can't change your sex, and gender is "pink girl, blue boy" bullshit.

    Using correct language is key.

  16. What if it’s a hundred fold increase because of the chemicals and etc. in the environment? -Shut up Alex 🧐

  17. Jazz Jennings is disgusting. Not only is he confused but he's a rude spoiled kid. I'm almost glad he cut his balls off. He doesn't deserve balls.

  18. So many people claim to be "trans" etc, because it is the only thing that they can use to differentiate themselves from the group.  They do not have good looks, physical prowess or high intelligence, so they dye their hair blue, dress androgynously and then claim special attention because they are "trans".

  19. I just posted on my FB wall the question: "If gender is a construct, won't that mean trans and nonbinary are also a construct?" Can you guess what immediately happened (by the second)? It made my fb account explode.

  20. I remember when the main objective of sex was procreation now it not binary and it's something else heading to human extinction. is this idea premeditated?

  21. The women said that if she was uncomfortable with the conversation of the group then she could just leave, the rest of the women in the group concurred and the person left. It was later discover that the person was a trans female. They want to talk about hate Speech? Well that was hater aid drinking speech. If my discussing my natural and organic process that made me a women at conception makes you uncomfortable because it invalidates your son womanhood then so be it. because this is what organic women do. Not to mention that process is how you came into existence.

  22. this transgerism stuff is getting out of hand. my daughter was in a chat group with some women friends one of them mentioned the excitement and fear she and her husband were experiencing about having their first child soon. a few of the women in the group were telling not worry she would be okay and not to stress about. when all of a sudden on of the women in the group chimed in and said she was uncomfortable with conversation and that it needed to stop.

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