46 thoughts on “Transforming India's politics — Can young India do it?: Tejasvi Surya at TEDxPESITBSC

  1. I am seeing bright future of India in this guy.

    Mark my words Surya will become a great good politician.

  2. Hope Modi Bhai finds more like

    yogi , Surya , Smrithi and many more meritocracy candidates for future india
    Vibrant INDIA <3

  3. You are the best and i feel motivated whenever i watch ur videos on youtube. A great thumbs up for u.

  4. Meritocracy is not respected….
    Its not only in politics…
    It everywhere.
    Jobs(Blood relations ) , Educational seat(reservation)….

  5. Definitely you are going to be prime of India in my old age.. Because we are at same age… It takes time for good leaders to be represented at national level.

  6. You are hope of new india…. I am sure one day you will lead this nation.

  7. I am 2nd year student of this college. I am proud to be there. This clg is proving it's strength by conducting such camps

  8. How will you cut the Old Mysore region so that one caste (Vokkaligas) are not the majority? Innovation is one, but kite flying is another.

  9. I agree to u…. But remember my dear friend Sir Tejavi that the honest & genuine speech you deliver to those public are first corrupt but they listen the ideal speeches and your sharply framed sentences on genuiness/talents but when in practical ground you implement that many will oppose you and even sometimes you may face such troubles that you may lose your position. Remember Honesty is undoubtedly a good thing , but leading this nation with 100% honesty is never possible.

  10. Mr Tejasvi Surya, I am much impressed of your ideas and perceptions. I see in you another Shri Narendra Modiji. I wish you all the best. Regards, S Parameswaran

  11. Just giving speech nothing happen , you are candidate of the party who don't want to equally in society . So firstly brush-up bjp political agenda then one's will always welcome talented people

  12. Everybody can talk… Even modi r
    Talks.. Stage performers also talk.. One needs skill and govern capacity to transform..a good manager cannot become succesful entrepreneur.. If we go to europe or US, almost every citizen will talk much better than him… So by talkim nothing moves.. Wat transforms things??

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