Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

45 thoughts on “Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

  1. VICE News rode along with Zach to find out what life as one of the most-hated people in politics is really like.
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  2. Somebody needs to track his friends down and lock em up for lettin him do this with that hair dont

  3. Trackers market is at an all time law since Anrhony Weiner left prison. Politicians track them selves these days.

  4. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that ray liotta quit smoking cigarettes 🚬 with Chantix.

  5. Its nice how this guy zach runs cars into the ground to create extra waste and a great big carbon footprint. Im imagining those cars hes gone through pollute quite a bit, and that he drives a lot of miles in those polluting vehicles. And summoning a tow truck to top it all off in order to bring his carcinogenic car back to the scrap yard where it will leak fluids into the watershed. Ride a bike zach.

  6. Looking for a sound bite to take out of context – a "Gotcha!" moment! Yeah, this is pretty low.

  7. The fact that politicians have an issue with someone recording what they say says a lot about their integrity…

  8. So a 1st Amendment Auditors..the 🐖 cops also hate the camera check out the 1st Amendment Auditors on YouTube

  9. Dino is a snake who owns half way houses and are extremely nice but charges like 1500-2000 a month to the parents

  10. "hope they say something racist. . ." That's what politics has become. You know there are other issues than race. Everyone is obsessed!

  11. This guy is simply scum. Democrats call them trackers. When Republicans use them they ate called stalkers by the demtards.

  12. If my brother or sister marries a Mexican im gonna give a toast and end it with "And can we get a welcome to America for jose?!?!?!?!?! Welcome to the real world buddy." LOL

  13. Catch them say something racist? That would be a bad thing? Humans are thermally adaptive mammals…. white people are smarter and work harder because of evolution in cold climates. Sorry for physics? Take my daughter? Fucking country full of pedophiles and cowards. Racist is code for man

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