Top Paying Jobs WITHOUT A Degree!

Top Paying Jobs WITHOUT A Degree!

Today I’m going to go over some of the
top paying jobs that you can have with the out of college degree
stay tuned hey friends welcome to freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and today
we’re going to talk about some of the top paying jobs that you would have
without a college degree now full disclosure me and my husband both only
have our associate’s degree we do not have our bachelor’s degree we did not go
full four years in college which is what traditionally people do here in the
United States we both only did two-year degrees and we make well into the six
figure so it’s definitely possible to make really great incomes without a
college degree there’s been recent things that where you go over in this
video on how to do that how to be successful now not saying that this will
just come easily for you guys and not saying that this you just have to snap
your fingers and all of a sudden you’re gonna have all this money no you’re
gonna have to put work into it and put time into it and effort and different
things like that and also I’m not totally discrediting college degrees and
people that have gotten their four-year college degree and even further on than
that I have a huge respect for you know people that have gone and got their
masters or doctorate and their you know their medical degrees and different
things like that I work with doctors all day long and trust me I want my doctor
to have his medical degree gone to internship residency fellowship all of
that so trust me I have a huge respect for those people I want my lawyer to do
the same thing and all of these you know higher level jobs that definitely need
that degree so I’m not discrediting that I would think that there is definitely a
need for a lot of careers but I also want to get the other side and in this
day and age just because you don’t have a college degree doesn’t mean you can’t
be successful so I kind of want to break that stigma first we’re gonna talk about
Jamie’s job and he is a lighting designer and a live production lighting
designer would be when I say lighting designer a lot of people think of like
lighting like in your house and stage lighting like that no like he does live
productions concerts corporate events he deals with media servers LED walls
projectors Vectorworks CAD programs all this crazy stuff it blows my mind what
he is able to do and his knowledge it just is so amazing but he
only has his associate’s degree and honestly they didn’t even care about
that they’re really big at his company and you know in that industry of how
teachable are you are you willing to put in the work are you willing to take
constructive criticism are you willing to stay up till two o’clock in the
morning learning something that you don’t know and doing the research and
putting the time to learn it yes then gear fit for that and he made starting
salary $70,000 so when he went full-time on his job and he actually took his job
the day he was freelance for them and for a couple other companies and then
the day we got back from his honeymoon he signed contracts with them and for
$70,000 which was awesome now trust me he travels he’s on the road a lot he
worked 16 to 20 hour days a lot of times with no breaks for food and just eats
snacks all day which is really unhealthy and I hate it but he puts in the time
and he’s made really good money and he’s been able to grow his income over the
years since he’s had this job to $70,000 starting salary for a lighting designer
is market value and that is a really great job that you can get with only a
high school diploma honestly that’s all they all he really needed next job is in
the same kind of industry kind of not this is more of a desk job that you can
do at home or traveling or whatever it may be this is one that you can do
remote and that is a web developer and a lot of what but a lot of what I cannot
say that word a lot of web developers you only need associate degree or you
can just kind of build your portfolio up and they typically make about seventy
seventy four thousand dollar starting and within a couple years you can work
yourself up to high six figures if you want and a lot of those are building
websites they’re dealing with coding and you can make a lot of really great sharp
websites for businesses and companies and things that they can’t do that
themselves so with this what you’re going to be
doing is a lot of graphic design and building websites and coding for
businesses and companies that want to have a really sharp looking website to
bring traffic to their business so you’re helping them out on
back end is like I said it for web design you’re gonna be making between 70
and 100 K in the first few years negative is freelance writing I was
actually really blown away by Freeland reading and the potential it has I
didn’t realize it was so big until I went to fin con and I saw so many people
doing it and talking to me about it and just the opportunity and people that
were making six figures was crazy now it took them a couple of years to build up
to that but and build up their clientele build up their portfolio build up their
experience with writing but there are so many brands and companies and other
blogs out there that want ghost writers for their blog or for their business
which is crazy and so what a ghost post is is say I was a freelance writer and I
want to write for Forbes let’s say that would be awesome but say I want to write
for for Forbes wants me to write for them then I will write they’ll give me a
topic or we’ll negotiate a topic and then I will write the post on behalf of
them and then they’ll post on their website there are going to be the ones
that are receiving all of the revenue so all the ad revenue they’ll be receiving
all the affiliate link every revenue all of that
I’m just strictly having the post so I hope that makes sense next up is a real
estate agent and according to a real estate agent starting out is
typically between 39,000 and 63,000 for that you only need a associate’s degree
and then there are some classes don’t have to take in a certification and a
lot of it will be honest says have to take an effective where you live in the
country you know 3% of $100,000 house is a lot different than 3% of a $600,000
house so if you’re living in a higher market you know somewhere like la Miami
something like that where they’re all million-dollar homes your revenue is
gonna be a lot higher but you also had to take into consideration that a lot of
those multimillionaires if they’re not going to be wanting to you know buy
yourself from someone that is just starting out so it may be a little bit
easier in a smaller market but the revenue is a lot higher in a bigger
market because typically you’re going to be taking 3% of the revenue of the sale
which is great and along with that is rental properties if you own real estate
and you have rentals that is an amazing amazing passive income we’re actually
looking to get into that right and one of my friends brace pointed out
to me he goes Kelly if there’s a recession in there’s market crash what
do you think people are going to be doing when you know they have to sell
their home because they can’t afford it they’re gonna go and rent so Rhino
properties are recession-proof you know when the recession comes and
you know people can’t afford their homes they can’t you know they have to
downsize we’re gonna do they’re gonna rent and I was like wow yeah definitely
didn’t think of it that way so that is a great way to just build passive income
it no this isn’t pesavum income video but I just have to go there because it’s
and that’s who I am but rental incomes and rental property
is a great passive income source of income next up is a trade job so
something like a plumber electrician these are really really great work with
your hands type of jobs and they typically start between 45 and $50,000
which to be honest that is a great starting salary that’s a lot higher than
my starting salaries work and that is something that is always gonna be around
there’s always gonna be you know plumbing that needs to be fixed
electrical that needs to be fixed both in homes and in businesses so those jobs
they’re always going to be around there’s always going to be a need for
them and those are something also that you only need an associate’s degree you
don’t need a bachelor’s degree you just need to associate degree and then become
a master or plumber or master electrician get that certification and
those classes done register nurse is the next one registered nurses typically
start around 50 to $80,000 you only need an associate’s degree with the
registration nurse as well and then if you want you can go onto higher
education and get more that learning upper-level degree and you know skill
set with nursing but you can become an RN in medical field for just an
associate’s degree which is really great and then making pretty decent income on
just just having that along with that is an ultrasound tech they typically make
about sixty five thousand dollars and those you need an associate’s degree and
then a certification as well and come on who don’t want to look at little little
babies all day long and you know there are other things so just the ultrasound
tag so they’re just looking at babies I think that’s where mine automatically
goes but you can make a big difference with ultrasound
you know finding different diseases and tumors and you know different things
like that and it’s a really really interesting field it’s a really
interesting thing that’s always going to be changing always gonna be learning
always new different things going on which is really really interesting next
up is a paralegal and they typically start about $50,000 and again all you
need is so CH degree for paralegal and I’ve seen so many people that start at a
law firm and they’ll start as a receptionist or work as a paralegal and
then work their way up and it’s amazing when you start you know after as a
receptionist as a legal assistant what you learn and the skill sets that you
learn and then you can prove yourself and prove that you know what you’re
talking about you know how it all works you know every other logistics and
everything and you know what to look for that’s really gonna help set yourself up
so if you want to start as receptionist your legal assistant work your way up to
a paralegal that’s a really really great way to do it and then who knows where
the law firm may want to take you after that maybe they want to pay for your
schooling and maybe they want to help advance your career but being a paler
paralegal you’re in it you’re you know learning about all the stuff you’re
helping with the cases you are really helping to assist a lawyer and you can
make a big difference next up is electrical power line
installers and repair of Bend people they typically have a median average
salary of $70,000 which is amazing it is a little bit of a dangerous job we’ll be
honest but it is so important you know especially think about where technology
is going nowadays you know with cell phone towers and power and all of that
it is so fascinating and trust me there’s a need I live in South Florida
where we have hurricanes and I see them bringing power people from all over the
country and flying them down and having them drive their trucks down so trust me
there is a need I hate to say it but there are always going to be hurricanes
there are always gonna be natural disasters there are always going to be a
need for people like that to come and help and to you know bring power to
people and think about like when you break down of yeah you’re just hooking
in power it may seem like a mundane job but when you think about okay I’m
looking at power so that this company can go and help people I’m putting up
power so that this family can live properly and it’s just so cool when
you break it down of the mindset of you really are making a difference and you
really are impacting people so just having that mindset of helping people it
really just makes a difference in your mindset and not having it just feel like
just a job and I can’t get over how much mindset is in all of these jobs and you
know whether you have a college degree or don’t guys your mindset your teach
ability if that’s even a word I think it is but just your willingness to be
teachable your willingness to learn from constructive criticism and to go out
there and maybe I keep on pointing to the office in our house but maybe you
have to stay up late in research maybe you have to like really dig in and
figure out what it is that you can do better and you’re better in your job any
career whether that’s on the clock or off the clock you know there’s so many
times where Jamie’s up till two o’clock in the morning picking him something out
was that paid oh heck no it was not paid but he’s doing it to be a better
employee to growth himself and whether his boss notices or not he knows that
he’s putting in those hours and he knows that he’s learning so that he can better
himself and just be more proud of his work so I hope that’s helpful guys next
up is five tips on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck I know it’s tough I
know that you know this may be a hard time for you guys but I have some really
great practical tips on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck how to break
that cycle so that you can get ahead so I’ll see you in that video

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