Top Conservatives Fund White Supremacist PAC

Top Conservatives Fund White Supremacist PAC

mother jones that’s terrific story on
uh… ron robinson and james taylor who are those folks for their care
critical players in the right wing uh… circle so for example there both board
members of young america’s foundation now the uh… that’s a group that one
dot co founding the conservative political action
conference c_ pac gave heard a lot about that
that’s where they’ll go and speak uh… including a rush limbaugh giving a
speech there bright parted it set up and uh… they also run the youth group young
americans for freedom uh… they own and manage the ronald
reagan ranch they train conservative journalist uh… they’re also on the porter to other conservative citizens
united your member then the guys of course too famous about the supreme court case and the of the american conservative
union which operates c_ pac as well so they’re connected to all of these
different groups but there comes a interesting part uh… these legitimate members of the
right wing are also connect some other groups for example uh… america’s pack uh… since two thousand four they’ve given five thousand dollars food
charles martel society that just happens to be a white national
screwball tell you a little bit more about in a second and uh… it turns out that our friend
taylor james taylor has found americans back in nineteen
eighty-three and so since he founded giri the money charles
martel group is interesting and by the way
they’ve also given as you just saw five million dollars the republican candidates so the
republic and candidates are very familiar with these guys are keeping
their money uh… what else’s the martel society
done while they uh… published two different
publications called up box alone quarterly and now occidental observer common tell you what they’ve written
about in just lose second as well but outlets that move on to other things
that their values as a whole wide web mother jones explains that uh… for example taylor was a vice president of a group
called national policy institute well what was the original statement
mission statement of the national policy secure when taylor was their vice president it was quote to elevate the consciousness of whites insure our biological and cultural
continuity and protect our civil rights now that is not unclear okay their obviously uh… white power
rebellion call it white supremacy white nationalism white power they prefer the term white nationalism desert ride to protect their culture and
continuity don’t worry about the rebbe trinity is
we are more in two thousand seven they also a put
out the report called the state of white america and edit they said the brown versus
board of an asian but of course desegregated of the united states of america was arguably the worst decision in the courts two hundred and sixteen
year history how’s that for clear ocampo leaving you put whites and blacks
together man we had a nice and segregated in the south we had a white culture you know bloodline clean and protected progress toward reggie’s your worst
decision to anastasi is isn’t clear yet which direction they’re
going in these guys to at least out one group of artists
like given five million dollars or volunteer is run their top pack there get together at several with others there on the boards of all
these groups ron robinson when asked about all this wait a minute it’s preposterous to suggest this any racial component to america’s
tax grants we’ve supported alan keyes spend
blackwell also covers not iris whipping up on jungle times and i just
took a blank bass three black guys we paid sierra wonder why they use those guys i can’t quite tell whenever they’re charged with racism
like for example when they think more brothers board of education courses
asian in u_s_ history is what i think of a black guys look at
what’s the plan money sick men few not clear yet national policy
institute says the dispossessed you know white
americans will have catastrophic effects for the entire world not just for or people at all since pretty damning right so then you go back to james taylor nasa
mattered basis welcomed at the n_ double a_c_p_ imba
neiberg white has something for white people to suggest that any of this would be
ratio is just outrageous for the republican party taking money
from these guys putting them on all there is the importance of mild
troubling she what a wonderful coincidence but these guys and we were in the southern strategy the southern strategy was a racist
attitude making it races votes in the south but and say all
of the democrats gave black civil rights tagging the cultural white people it turns out some of the guys who run
these boards well run these conservador is a filler
deeply racist while didn’t see that coming but if you think they’re just racist now
you’re missing out on one other there also a piece of that occidental quarterly the publication we
mentioned earlier give a ten thousand dollar prize for anyone who can the come up with the best books on group
evolutionary strategies of the jewish people you know how to choose several weeks going in groups and they got the
strategies and that’s why they’re successful cussing
kathy’s group belushi restraining sounds like eugenics crap not sold yet no problem occidental observer has a archive unquote they’d use and financial collapse yelled at work work yet at and sure uh… more you hand who is
the head of one of the top banks in the crown pondered somehow part of the
jewish conspiracy of that financial collapse what’s funny is that right wing israelis don’t mind getting
in the bed with these kind of right wing americans fifty ono no it’s ok there our friends and not your friends they can’t wait for your destruction

100 thoughts on “Top Conservatives Fund White Supremacist PAC

  1. The Moors never got to Southern France. The furthest they ever went was to La Mancha, about midway to the Pyrenees. No, they did not rape any woman, as they were few and far in between. Usually the Christians and the Jews of Iberia liked their Arab rulers, at least more than the Christian Visigothic counter-parts.

  2. 'Often dark as tar'? Not really. You can see their descendants today in Andalucia. They were mostly Sarracenos, Bereberes y Agarenos.

  3. You are talking about very small groups of people in which Jews are overrepresented. You will also find that Episcopalians are overrepresented. You will find that of the non-Jewish people in those clubs, most are distantly related to me and persons such as myself. I am not wealthy, in fact far from it. I am however related to Pres. Obama through his mother, Clinton and Carter through the same connection with Obama, Presidents Bush, and many others…. thankfully not Kennedy or Reagan.

  4. It's what I call "Window Bias". The party is complaining about what he sees through his window. I have encountered Blacks who believe that white people are in the minority in this country…. because when they look out of their windows all they see are black people. I encounter people who are unaware of the history of where they live, because when they look through their windows all they see is the present. If the only Jews he knows are the ones on the list, then his your window-bias.

  5. Have you lost your mind? White people in general, being better educated and wealthier than all other races categorically, understood and embraced Zero Population Growth from the 1960's forward. Well, ZPG didn't take into account that certain ethnic groups would continue to have many more children per female. There can easily be a backswing in which white people will reproduce in large numbers. But of course it won't happen if we keep allowing huge numbers of immigrants into white countries.

  6. Moor was a derogatory name in Spain for Muslims, many which were sarracenos, whose descendants are the gypsies of Spain today. If you look at a gypsy from Spain, they have dark olive skin, black curly hair, and very arabesque features, which contrast with the light olive and pale skin complexion, and very western features of the natives. In Spain we call them 'negros'. black in Europe, and black in the post-slavery U.S mean slightly different things. Moor means 'swarthy' more or less; brown.

  7. I say it as someone who has lived in Ceuta, lol and have been around the locals of the area. Moor is still a term used, and it is not used in the way American pseudo-intellectuals think, lol. Spanish called American natives 'negros' too, in most of their text, and to this day, in countries like Argentina, dominantly European, they call the Bolivians black.

  8. Shit, we call Zidane a moor, you look at him, he's dark(well for the European eye), but not to an extent of being tar, west-central African black dark, lol. His features are very arabesque; he is a Berebere too, one of the bigger groups that composed the Moor invasions, along with Sarracenos, or what we call Gypsies/Gitanos.

  9. if jews were as wealthy and powerful as you think they are, then why aren't they in the top slots of the Forbes wealthiest people?

    Unless I am missing something, you have to go to the 14th wealthiest person before you get to your first Jew. Only 2 of the 20 wealthiest people in the world are Jewish. So even that is overrepresentation, but the minimum you can have is one whole person, so even if there were one Jew in the top 20 they would be overrepresented.

  10. Moor was a pejorative term, lol. They(the Umayyads) did not call themselves 'moors'. It still used to this day as a pejorative term for Moroccan immigrants. They had
    This was knowledge of the Muslim invaders of the vast libraries they left in Southern Spain, not of the native Celt-Visigoth Christian population. Who did you think the Portuguese and Spanish copied the slave trade from? The Arab Caliphates had been trading slaves from west Africa since the reign of Mahoma.

  11. Yes there were sub saharans along the Umayyads, however, calling all the Umayyads 'black', would be like saying that the U.S was a black nation.

  12. Even though your having to go back that far and find so many exclusive exceptions is sad, I gotta admit this comment was funny.

  13. All had very short occupations of said country. Very liitle change in that counries culture or religion. Also, not to be a party pooper, but the number of raped and killed is no where near or as innovative as European Imperialism. Oh, they also haven't managed to make the people of that region hate the skin color or try to make seem inferior. While I'm not saying they are innocient they are small in comparison. They also don't effect people today.

  14. I have a question for the anti-White academics:

    “African-American studies” celebrates blacks

    “Asian-American studies” celebrates asians

    “Chicano studies” celebrates hispanics

    “Whiteness studies” denies that White people even EXIST, and that these White people (who don’t exist) have unearned “White privilege”

    Here is my question:

    Who do you think you are kidding anti-Whites? LOL

    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-WHITE

  15. Black pride = great in anti white minds.
    Mexican pride = great in anti white minds
    White pride and ah damn here comes the haters.

    Every non-white in congress and our gov openly says they are working for there people. If a white said that every one would be calling for his head. Racist is a world used only to keep Whites from having a say. That's why anti racism is a code for anti white.

  16. the past is the past. It could have went on in another world for all I'm concerned. What I look at is today and the future for my kids. My ancestors are from Italy and I hear back then people from there were treated bad as well. I know the KKK of back then hated Italians and catholics. I'm both of those things. .. Blacks sold blacks as slaves,one black killed another. Myans killed other indian tribes. The history of every people is a blood bath. Why is only the bad whites done brought up ?

  17. Are you a fucking idiot? This is typical fear that Whites like you instill in other Whites that caused the immense racism in the South that prevented Black people from doing practically anything without being lynched. According to you, Whites are being oppressed even though they practically own the world. This is typical "reverse racism" bullshit.

  18. The past is the past? Obviously we need to learn from the past to move forward in the future. Only racists say "let by gones be by gones". Obviously it didn't happen to your ancestors so it doesn't matter. Those Blacks that sold Blacks and Indians who killed Indians? They were only did those things so they could get White approval and so they could survive in the European oppression they constantly faced. Whites caused most of the bullshit in the world to answer your question.

  19. By saying "Anti-racism" equals "Anti-white" shows that YOU think that White always equals racism. Those people who fought in the civil rights movement wanted freedom of ALL. No where in history have people of color ever oppressed Whites. You just feel guilty and want to pass off the idea that you are being equally oppressed.

  20. No one said that Europeans raped and killed, even though they did everywhere. You just showed your guilt by stating this with your obvious defensive hate.

  21. Well, perhaps we can just go learn actual, real, unbiased history(only accessible with atleast some level of information gathering skills)

    And then get together and have a cup of tea over a show of some big breasted strippers.

    Unless you're Taiwanese(south and republicans excluded), then you've most likely already learned mostly unbiased history that matters, and has already been taught how to use the internet to gather education materials and japanese porn. Last time I checked, anyways

  22. They're not listed as "black studies", etc., because categorizing humans based on externally-influenced traits such as skin color is a scientifically unsound method of classification for a species as diverse as humanity. It's all about subtle differences in bone, cellular, and other structures, not skin, and that's why there is no such thing as the white race, or the black race, or even the Asian race.
    Census classifications are hardly scientific BTW. Anthropologists don't use them.

  23. There are plenty of courses involving Germanic studies, British studies (Angles, Saxons, the whole works), Spanish studies, French studies, and a long list of many others. Lumping these various peoples into a single white race is patently ignorant because it ignores the differences between them.

    Mankind has interbred over the course of millennia, so there's not a snowball's chance in hell of any "ethnic purity", and that's a good thing. We are all fellow humans, and let's leave it at that.

  24. look at this guys profile . All he can do is swear. What trash this guy is. … thereal have fun working at wal mart the rest of your life.

  25. take the hint no one wants to hear you. hence the votes.. We all know your a gay male and that is why you want a melting pot. It makes it easy for you to hide.

  26. that is so true. I typed in stormfront on youtube and I found a video attacking the site. Low and behold the guy was gay and had other videos that were pro gay. Thanks for the comment.

  27. Also if I was a gay male, I'd go to one of your American prisons full of "Aryan Brotherhood" and all that. They are known for doin a little bum spelunking if you know what I mean

  28. If you don't know your starting point, you are unsure of your path. If you are unsure of your path, you cannot be certain of your ending. So if you do not know your ending (thesis), what again is the point of your comment?

  29. Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the Asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace themselves (in Asia) with North African Muslims????

    2. Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed. That they really believed it would be RACIST not to????

    If you manage to do that: Welcome to the world of the white anti-Whites!

    So my question is: Can anyone think of something dumber than a white Anti-White????

  30. Anti-Whites decided my country should be a “melting pot”. I didn’t. My people didn’t – there was no public voting on this. So why do they have the moral authority to flood my people with millions of immigrants, then force assimilate these people into my people until my people become minorities in their own home?
    Why isn’t Africa, or Asia, or the Middle east a “melting pot”. If all this diversity and multiculturalism is so good, why are we keeping it for ALL and ONLY White countries?

  31. "'African-American studies' celebrates blacks . . . ."
    And just plain "studies" celebrates whites

    Ever wonder why there's no "White History month"? Actually there is and it's all of January and March through December. It's called "American History". So quit your bitchin'.

    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-WHITE
    One rule of critical thought and logic is that if any statement is true, then it's converse is also true. Thus, according to what you just said:
    White equals racist.

  32. Africa, Asia nor the Middle East decided to accept a gift from France celebrating the idea of multi-culturalism (Remember? Statue of Liberty? The New Colossus? 1903? When YOUR people held ALL reins of power?). Only "white" countries are melting pots? Wow. Someone oughtta break the news to Norway. Tell them to step up their pace . . . and Sweden . . . and Switzerland . . . and Czechoslovakia . . . and Romania . . . and Austria . . .

  33. "Yes I remember the time in Oklahoma/
    You tried to blame an Arab/
    But a whitey was the bomber/
    You be jumping to conclusions/
    I think you spent your whole life watching cable in seclusion . . ."
    –Michael Franti – Chocolate Supa Highway

  34. Somebody call the waambulance because we apparently forgot when Spanish caucasian conquistadores were invaded and wiped out by Mayans. And we forgot the 400 years that European caucasians were enslaved by African tribes. How callous to disregard the near complete genocide of colonial caucasians at the hands of invading Native Americans. Or how the caucasians in Great Britain were nearly massacred by invading Indians. Caucasians deserve reparations for all they've suffered *violin playing*.

  35. People self segregate. Look at churches, cafeterias and gated communities. People know-around blacks, never relax.

  36. thats because white people dont NEED protection because they are rarely discriminated against you idiot. how many times have you heard news of a racist attack from a minority to a white person? please answer me that question.

  37. Hey jackass rarely discriminated against? I got fired because I wasn't mexican and didn't know spanish. It was wrong and I won unemployment but it is the truth. Don't tell me that white people are not being discriminated when every place I try to find work at says "MUST SPEAK SPANISH". I have not been able to find a job in over a year because of that. Because i'm white.

  38. I dont know what year you live in 1950? Today there is a ton of racist hispanics flooding into america and guess what Lorenzo aint gona hire your ass because your black or white. Your comment shows one thing your (out of touch with reality). I'm black and i'll tell you this the hispanics are more cocky then the white fokes around here. Check out this video bro its what hopper22 is talking about. ->>> Blacks Protest Mexican Invasion /watch?v=YIJAHGsOZ58 .

  39. Toledo was the capital of knowledge for a very long time and compiled All the knowledge that Jews, Christians and Muslims had, lol, no, so it was not weaker, what happens is that english people like yourself get a very distorted version and see ancient terms with eyes of post-colonial english. Yes there were some sub-saharans in the invading waves into Europe, but really, considering a 'black' group, is highly innaccurate, as the Umayyads themselves came from Syria.

  40. The Umayyad capital was in Syria you flapjack, that was the capital chosen by the prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h); Damascus. We are talking about 600 A.D. The concept of 'moor' as a cohesive group came to be here, when the Umayyads invaded Visigothic Iberia. I'm not saying there weren't sub saharans in the invasions, because there were, but saying that moors were a 'negro' group, is like saying that the U.S is a negro country.

  41. Incorrect, saying "Mexican pride" is equivalent to saying "American pride," because Mexican is a nationality not a race. If you're anti-white you're still a racist. Not to be anti-whatever by saying this, but a lot people who say "*insert race here* pride" are usually racist themselves thus giving them title.

  42. You need to look up the definition of discrimination, because that's not it. That's like saying if a Hispanic person applies for a job where they need to know English, but does not know the language that well and as a result does not get the job, it's the company being prejudice because the person is Hispanic. It just a requirement, because some of the people you would be communicating with speak a language that would be spoken frequently.

  43. Just because they're the majority doesn't mean they're not discriminated against. Every race has to deal with it, no exceptions.

  44. Notice that he also ignores the fact that blacks have a 200+ year reason for hating white people. It was a little something called slavery,

  45. What bull shit every race has a history of blood and slavery.You Political Correctness fanatics are playing a very old game.The Ottoman empire and Moorish empire stole large parts of Europe and made the Christians slaves.But nobody says the Muslim countries need to accept and integrate with millions of non-Muslims for this. Tribes killed other tribes . Blacks sold their own people into being slaves.

  46. look man A nation is a community of people.
    Nationalism means loyalty and devotion to a nation.
    Indians have nations and if you’re not an Indian, you CANNOT be a member of an Indian nation.
    White people, and ONLY White people, are vilified if they have any loyalty or devotion to their own nation. In other words, we’re constantly told that the only good White person is a self-hating White person that acts against the interests of his or her own people.
    Anti-racist is code for anti-White

  47. Funny because if I moved to canada i wouldn't still be calling my self American. Mexicans still call them selves mexican when they move here. I wouldn't wave an american flag in canada. They don't call them selves americans because they want to own our asses. In cal my home state I seen a sign saying this news ch and on the bottem it said United states of America BUT America was crossed out and mexico was put over it.

  48. And yet, in the name of nationalism, White people have crushed and destroyed more cultures than any other type of people. If you want to know WHY there are no purely white nations, it's because they have opportunities that other nations don't, and then say that they want other cultures to immigrate there. At the base of the Statue of Liberty, there is a plaque with what America's message to immigrants is, and should be still.
    America never was a white nation. It's always been a nation of freedom

  49. True, nobody is free of blood on their hands, BUT:

    1. "two wrongs don't make a right".

    2. Ottoman empire doesn't exist any more…

    3. Don't know the situation in Muslim countries, but I'd say they should at least accept the non-Muslims as being equal human beings to themselves, just like we should do with black or whatever other race of people. There are people who stand up for rights for non-Muslim groups in Muslim countries, so your argument is simply false right there.

  50. Tell me this: would you really care even if they did call themselves American and not Mexican, considering they're not what you call "white people" and so would still be increasing the amount of "non-white" people in the US?

  51. Look man creating a melting pot of freaky blended humanity in only White countries is antiwhite. Multiculturalism destroys countries where ever it goes. A FACT!
    The Roman Empire fell when it went multicultural.
    Yugoslavia vanished when there was an emphasis in multiculturalism.
    You like multiculturalism because freaks won’t stand out as much. Its good for you but not for the countries that allow multiculturalism

    This is happening to ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It is wrong.

  52. If you think it is “not a big deal” if White people are Blended out of existence, then nominate a non-White people to blend out of existence.

    Together we can demand the borders to all of their nations and only their nations, be opened to millions of foreigners until they become a minority. We will encourage everyone to mix in until they disappear. We will call it “anti-racism” and “humanism” but just between you and me, the motivation is Hate of the white race..

  53. most ppl don't even have issues with other races that have been in america a long long time. blacks came here very long ago so do they have a right to be here ? Yes. Do all the new comers flooding into our country? hell no .

  54. sorry bro but your wrong they did have christian slaves I remember reading about that in the history books a few years ago in college.

  55. mexicans had slaves as well so on that count he is also right. According to the reports of the first Europeans to visit the New World, slavery was almost universal in what is now Mexico and Central America. Many Mexicans were slave owners but only about 25% of their slaves were African, many were poor Hispanics.

  56. The UK is a great example… As the saying goes, "the sun never sets on the British Empire." People hailing from darker nations were ALLOWED to immigrate to the UK to work low skilled, low wage jobs. The immigrants quickly figured out how leverage the social system. Today, cities across the UK are heavily populated by non-Europeans whom are rapidly growing in number. And, the commoner white English female seems not to have a problem making children with non-whites. The English set themselves up

  57. Any group energy can be manipulated to meet leaders' agenda.

    And 'white supremacism and white power' groups tend to focus on keeping maximum wealth and power to their own kind, doesn't necessarily mean it is in line with the universe. And universe creates level field by bringing such groups down, that's historical theme, for all civilizations.

    "The Roman Empire fell when it went multicultural" – it was their time to end, it has nothing to do with multiculturalism.

  58. "White people are Blended out of existence" – you are making it sound like, they are targeted by the non-whites !

  59. Everything related to the concept of 'nationalism' should be abolished. Get used to multicultural environments and becoming a tourist in your own country. Butthurt fascist republican.

  60. That's funny because the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats. Democrats put the Jim Crow laws on the books, Republicans repealed them. Keep spreading lies.

  61. They do not understand that black people have never had a group, institute, religion that deprives another race of there basic needs. Black people cannot be racist, We just react to racism and in return we get called racist.

  62. "To elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights" OH! The horror! Has anyone read the charter of the NAACP, LARAZA, The Congressional Black Caucus etc?
    Why is it OK to advocate on behalf of any group except whites?

  63. Why is it that every democrat video I see they NEVER talk about issues,,it's always them talkin about how republicans are this or republicans are that..meanwhile when I look at republican videos they constantly talk about the issues.. And no I never nor ONCE heard of a republican video talking about hating anybody yet most of the country fallow these liberal snarky douchbags

  64. Progressives and liberals are always trying to pin their own racism on everybody else. The young turkeys failed to provide one piece of evidence that these groups believe in white supremacy. Its always the left putting everyone into groups and believe minorities are inferior with stupid statements such as "Voter ID suppresses the black vote" do they actually believe blacks are less capable of getting an ID then whites? The left is always looking down upon minorities as helpless.

  65. @slydog308 I love how conservatives cannot defend their bigotry so they try to paint leftists' desire for equality as bad. When protecting people's right to vote is "looking down upon minorities" you know you don't have an argument to stand on.

  66. If you are so against white people deciding themselves what they do, please just stay on your own continent.

  67. Obama has done a lot worse, and he's not done yet. Michael Jackson brought Americans together, one of the many things Obama has done is divided America.

    if you don't know the horrible thins Obama has done to our Constitution and to our rights, or freedom of speech, changing the votes, etc. don't bother asking. 

    Chances are your feelings and emotions are wrapped up in someone that don't even know  that you even exist!

    Your views, your site, your thoughts, your actions or tainted by your feelings, and emotions. So it won't do any good to respond. You will only see the truth as hate!

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