Top 5 Social Experiments You Won't Believe Happened

Top 5 Social Experiments You Won't Believe Happened

excuse me divine a chance at 30 cents and short for the bus all right yeah thank you you know what's on the Boston what won't you come is from Melbourne some of our show let it go what I need head up to on the inside so did that feel Oh how much the pasta 50 cents see do you have money Wow you know he wants the what's going on guys it's Ryan from hammy TV and today we wanted to do a little social experiment money makes everybody's true colors come out what happens when you put money in visible sight what we wanted to do today was take my car and put money where people could clearly see it and we staged it in a few different locations some the more wealthier part of town and some the more rundown part it's now well people take the money we're gonna find out buddy excuse me we're doing a social experiment for YouTube well we put the car right here with the windows rolled down on the money and plain sight to see if people would take it we just wash it to eat it so if we could just get it back we got a camera guy here and over here so we're done with no and I would coffee won't work through boy I was to see if people would take it it's not yours I don't know why you took it but we're just trying to film we just want it back we're not with police or anything like that so all right you know what here's your money go get a real job buddy hey Ryan this guy's buddy hey hey we're doing a social experiment we got a camera guy right here we saw you take it we just want it back so we can keep doing it you know you have to go somewhere else yeah I don't want to be video even though they go so far oh all right I just get it back yeah thanks what it hey we're doing a social experiment oh okay we just wanted to put the money up and just see if I keep walking by you might like take it right so I mean I saw you obviously reaching in was it cool if I can just get it back I want to like we're not like with like the cops or anything like that we're just I mean your glove compartment the money bubble Department I put in the globe Obama they know lead you're cops are then you're in a bad neighborhood you shouldn't leave money out like that where oh you didn't even take it didn't even take it what's your name Paul I'm Ryan and this is this is Brian when I was over there first thing I notice is your back I was like please don't I'm actually a veteran too I was in the Army for five years I see all the patches and everything like that and I was in – did you go overseas or anything like that I was an adult we'll see we're all over the place more suffer can't understand that the river house what is it though to show like a shelter shelter you're homeless and you're a veteran and discharged honorably discharged very happy to meet you um I want to give you something I know like obviously you've got a lot of the metathesis Yeah right here so first I don't want people to think we're doing it drugged be able to take this that's 100 Maggie and also I was a military policeman yeah this is the one that I used to wear when I was there in Iraq 15 months so not the same war as you wear put it somewhere on there which ones this one Saudi Arabia unbelievable man all right let me I'm gonna clear out the car cuz he's got some of his equipment and then we'll give you a ride we're going back there anyway to get the duck you ready yeah all right yeah what's wrong and not that it's like nobody asked me how I've done or anything so that's really got me all choked yeah dude I mean it's definitely hits home for me because like I told you we all go through that moment doors it's seriously tough I think what the best you can do min is just keep fighting dude come on we've all been there brother what's going on guys it's Ryan from hammy TV and today we wanted to set out and do something different we wanted to do a social experiment to see if people are still willing to help one another we took an older Mustang that I have jacked it up and acted like we didn't know how to put on a spare we sat out for a few hours not one person stopped finally someone did stop and the person that did stop was the most incredible person I've ever met in the last 26 years of my life what's up dark no I just yeah I got halfway there and then you're the first person to stop what's your name Ryan how'd you even see me earlier I drove by a little bit earlier but I couldn't stop at an appointment you went to an appointment yeah what before I find me on my tassel therapy boy party you have no problem so you didn't have any problem stopping to help huh no I masked like what happened did you you got caught got bird at my house fire I mean are you in pain how long ago yeah I still take a bunch of medications I'm sorry to hear that did you lose everything or yeah so you don't matter you don't have anything try to get furniture stuff so I can get an apartment yeah dude I'm sorry to hear that you just randomly even though you're in pain you just stop and just I don't see what he needs a little help yeah that's true man that's true 54% all together so your likeness stuff too that's why the legs are actually a maze basically donor skin they tried to take the skin off my legs yeah legs didn't really get it it's my back in my chest my arms yeah damn man yeah hey you guys you're gonna need help yeah in the back you can't stand that well yeah let's go where is it in the back you were in a coma you were in a coma for 27 days yeah thank you yeah no problem yeah I was just woke up for no homeless girl basically Wow and you didn't know what happened come on no go ahead dude thank you you play the video games what do you like Halo and stuff okay do you do you play I mean I play do you want to play yeah that'd be great everything burns up like you're so they never got you like a new system or you know I had a bunch of animals and stuff too I lost my dog in the fire yeah dog I was trying to go back in to save you know when I went into the fire to smoke caught up with me and I've kind of passed out of the staircase I run a high YouTube called hammy TV I don't know if you notice but we got a camera here and also I have another camera over here I don't really need help I don't know if you noticed the tires not actually flat but since you stopped I think what we'll do is we're gonna head to the store and I'm gonna get you a new Playstation and I'm gonna do that for you get you a few games and then uh I need the name of your foundation since you will you wanted to help dude we're gonna we're gonna help you up today my name my real name is Ryan right we're gonna hook this guy up so we're gonna go get off the PlayStation this is Eric Eric this is my producer Bryan don't do it they took pieces of his skin and put it you said on your back we're gonna hook them up PlayStation is what you played alright guys so we are on our way right now to move the best by Eric the gentleman that we met the one who had stopped is behind us we're going to Best Buy to get him a ps4 and a few games but it just goes to show you man there's people out that I've suffered so much and they still give it's absolutely unbelievable alright guys so we hooked them up today please every share counts so that you can donate the name of the fun again is scope from dust at Eric's Angels arik's angels the link will be in the description let's see if we can at least help him out a little bit thanks again guys and I hope you have fun tonight man thank you thank you again brother hey thank you hello hello how are you my name is Rob it's nice to meet you too what are you doing there's hot Sun what I is that what are you drinking though Oh put some water or is a coffee Oh coffee oh okay all right that's pretty good I like this water fountain it's nice yeah are you a native a man yeah okay what what brings you here though yeah okay how much time do I have a couple minutes no maybe 10 minutes but how when do you go in but a couple minutes okay here on your break okay well then you work around here and this one yeah how about when you're not working where you can go out sometime sure just maybe uh nothing serious a Starbucks we can go for Starbucks I mean some other time sure okay how about your phone number – all right then huh I'm sure you take a lot of pictures of yourself cuz you're very pretty how about can I have your Instagram no no once again are you God the hell are you taking pop of that that wall will be holding you back hello hey how's it going I'm here at the spot that you told me to meet you at where are you you know all your already got here all right okay go up I'll see you in a minute hello sir I'm great news for you all right case closed yes yes a big three all right $750,000 oh my bank account very soon sir now we're looking at roughly that is before us there look I need you to sign this I mean the case is closed all right ace is closed you don't have to worry about a damn thing okay what am I gonna sign a couple of papers just so couple things here all right here yeah yeah all right all right help you out this might not just be a sec interesting it might be an autograph that's great man with a while we're at this thing we probably got it I'm glad he came out in your favorite you deserve it thank you thanks for having my back over there shut it alright have a good day right take care hmm wait no it's that's my lawyer I see I have this phrase here because I damaged my lower back and my work my job so when I went ahead and sued him and it's been it was a hard-fought battle you've been going at it for a while we finally won so play yeah that's why I'm this and I'm recovering pretty good I'm recovering pretty good I'd say she'll be all right in a few months hopefully yeah okay all right when you think you'd be free Oh God sounds good yeah what's her name hmm all right you're calling back I actually you know what I'm not gonna break my back for a gold-digger like you so I'm out of here [Applause] hey guys today I'm with my younger brother Bailey today we're gonna conduct a social experiment to see how honest people are towards a blind child Bailey's going to ask for a change for a $5 no but he's actually going to give them a $50 note let's see how honest people are excuse me excuse me I do change for a $5 night for voter yeah sure oh yeah by here oh thank you Cheers doors thank that oh god he up to took her he actually took it man excuse me they give change for a 5 gallon area you know boys cigarettes oh yeah thanks myself are dolphins but I say Jen for $5.00 hello hello hi Jim change for a $5 night forever is so cool thank you sorry to be a hassle Thanks by going oh yeah in change there are five dollars five dollars yeah yeah thank you appreciate it EJ oh my god II actually took it very much excuse me I don't change for a $5 night thank you appreciate it five dollar coin I got three bucks 20 native boy just take it I said change for $5 now that's a 50 then that's a big change for $5.00 oh that's a 50-yarder here just is this is five now that that one's a fifty I said yeah that one's a 50 all right janae change anyway um all right ladies excuse me excuse me Joe change for a $5 nut this coins yes yeah $5.00 yes yeah thanks threes in a one night thank you no good that what do you think change for a $5 night shine yeah that's pretty bad that's a 50 safety hole enough oh this is the fall outside snake chamber excuse me excuse me don't change for a $5 night that's fun dolls oh yeah that's a that's a $50 you can this is a video you

45 thoughts on “Top 5 Social Experiments You Won't Believe Happened

  1. I think they did something "wrong" in the first experiment.

    The first guy didn't talk to her, but the second guy did.

    I don't think, that that wath she did was right! But I personally are much more comfortable giving a person something whom I talked to. Then there is no "different" between people. (as long they haven't been rude to me😂)

  2. I just love these videos. I almost cry every time. It seems that the poorest people often are the kindest. It should be the other way

  3. It makes me so mad that he got him a ps4. I mean it’s nice and all but like there’s other priorities that come way before video games

  4. The first video why is it that I feel like if it was a black girl she would help the white guy out…racism and prejudice is so sad though. I think all races are beautiful in their own unique ways

  5. So hearts warming to see ppl doing the rite things despite “no one" seeing.I feel guilty sometimes to natural do action that might hurt others not indentation but when I see others doing it, I naturally asked ppl to do the rite things like what make the moral rite for me.

  6. People who go through a lot are the nicest beings. They understand problems and know how important it is to help. The way that lady switched was golden. hahaha

  7. It seems like the younger boys seemed to tell the truth to the “blind” kid it’s just shows how much stupidity those older men have

  8. I’m not defending the first woman in any way, but I am curious if the experiment is flawed. If someone sat down next to me and flat out asked for money I’m inclined to say no; however, if they took the time to engage in conversation I’d be more likely to give. Race would have no impact in my decision, I just don’t have a lot of money and when people just ask I reflexively say no

  9. I remember one day my sisters and I were driving from a wedding and our car gave us a warning saying that we should stop the car so we did and waited for it to cool down for an hour. And you know what hurt the most, when we waited no one came to ask us If we were okay, but later someone from another country who was on vacation stopped and tried to help us and waited with us until it was safe to drive again.

  10. He shouldn't have said this is a social experiment he should have confronted them as if they were people who got theyr money stolen

  11. The blind boy experiment: The reality of human behaviour is that not everyone is capable of feeling empathy and that’s where you get narcissists and psychopaths etc.

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