41 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Political Clubs

  1. The básque nationalism comes from one of the worst racist politicians in spanish history, Sabino Arana. It has nothing of democracy. Real Madrid has nothing to do with Franco stupid ignorants

  2. Watching this clip has taught me that Copa 90 believes "holding a neo-fascist ideology" is "alarming", while being on the opposite end of the political spectrum, for instance by glorifying Stalin, is perfectly fine and even honorable.

  3. Malmö FF have a strong anti-fascist leaning, unlike AIK who's fans have always been alt-right until recently. (Swedish teams)

  4. This video explains why soccer hooliganism is so common and likely in Europe.

    The matches aren’t just a sports game but a proxy match for political, ethnic, class, and religious divisions.

  5. "…what he called a Roman salute.."

    Well it is the Roman salute. The fascists appropriated it. As a Roman he has every right to salute that way.

  6. You did a very good video, but there's a very common mistake in it, Nazism and fascism were not far right parties, while Italian fascism was more to the right, (but not on the far right) the German nazism was right in the center. I'm not supporting it, i hate both, but they were not far right politics, considering political compass and ideologies, the far right would be more like the monarchies, imperialism, absolutism, things like that.

  7. FALSE.

    Mussolini was founder and a big fan Bologna. Also, he founded a shit called a. s. roma being jealous on northern teams (Juve, Milan, Inter, Genoa, Torino). Lazio fans are only respecting him because he made poor Italy big.

  8. Why is right wing “frightening” but everything left in this was simply said on neutral or praising terms? Extremism is never the answer.

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