Top 3 Shocking Social Experiments 2018

Top 3 Shocking Social Experiments 2018

welcome risk-takers today I'm gonna be doing a social experiment I'm gonna be going out in public acting as a homeless man I'm gonna be asking strangers money for food I also have Maria over here and she's even playing the attractive girl but there's one thing she's going to be asking money for breast implants let's see who receives more money you guys spare some change please spare some change sir I just need a quarter anything for some food in your guys favorite place he's fair quarter food well ma'am will you happiness bear record or anything hello you guys have any change our food there alright good day you happen to have a quarter anybody have a nice day sir you got a quarter a dime yeah well they're good shape places yeah I'm just like saving water right now for my first prom hello yeah for sure yeah thank you you could have put it there thank you so much I just got mine done right I don't have a dog yeah don't worry there is okay hi what do you want to color every week my godness be Amato sorry I need to present for $1 whatever you've hearts yeah oh I bet you won't I want a cup tea yeah we can take both of you yeah no well I don't have number from kid I hope you reach your goal yeah didn't you become I don't know miss Miami oh thank you but you have watch the what's up something like that maybe they are making so funny are you ready I'll say if you have some spare change anything particularly you know the meaning uh-huh you hungry from water hey man I got you I got you some pizzas – have a good Thanksgiving rep yeah take care man hey Happy Thanksgiving bro hey I haven't eaten anything I guess twice I can go oh that's so nice of you man you can just have 20 bucks there you go yeah it's because you're selling honest man I don't need a pizza man all right just stay blessed and you know god bless you man okay I'm positive people all right yep so much you need one meat yep oh you're welcome dude truth Jason Cody welcome risk-takers i'm robert risky robb TV and today i'm going to be doing a social experiment testing people's honesty i'm gonna be dropping money in the floor and see if people give it back to me or they steal it [Applause] have you seen some money I have drop No excuse me I drop some money if you guys need some money around like our on this area you haven't seen any money around all right you guys need some money that I drop any chance I had some of my pocket I think I'm gonna drop it no you guys I see any money you haven't seen any money that drew drops the money oh thanks man appreciate me they're a few hundred dollars what's your name Robin ad what is it gotten bark then bar you Eddie it's nice to meet you and how do you guys doing over here well you are and I gotta tell you something we're actually doing a social experiment because I wanted to see if I would drop money who would give it back to me and I've been doing it for a couple hours I say today and everybody would actually take it and then go ahead and when I would even approach them and ask them if they'd seen some money that I dropped they wouldn't negate it they would they would say they haven't seen it so and I got my camera guard there actually see that's good she's after that you have what it had our mothers number on that sake concert last night I don't know what happened to her but well how come here in the state right now what do you say so eat like this situation he was already homeless at the time he was home I'll get off the street yeah down okay yeah click that movin got bored I'm sorry to hear that it's so there's something for Christmas that you would want like a Christmas gift that I can help you guys out with what would it be because I would want to do that with you guys hmm a cell phone all right okay so you got my mom oh nice shirt we're gonna make the playoffs next year all right we'll be right back right we'll do that and see in a bit Yeah right here whether you want to perfect for each you guys have a good day here we got you a couple fault we got it are then a couple plans to get it started so I'm gonna go ahead and activate it for you guys hello Marie I'm trying to activate two Trac phones along with two service plans for each one service plan for you phone the ears is activated yours is activated make sure you guys get my numbers we can stay in contact alright my number seven eight six five four three I know you guys got phone I mean you got web now to entertain you I really hope you enjoy your phone and thanks for everything you know that Merry Christmas man all right right there [Applause] you you

44 thoughts on “Top 3 Shocking Social Experiments 2018

  1. I wish i could help people but i dont always have money on me or anything and my parents dont let me give from their money

  2. Very nice people because they give money for breast implant not homeless…wow!!!what a great people
    Even homeless people are kind to share food with others

  3. People who are wealthy (and wealthy means having a roof over their head and enough food) become arrogant and selfish and people who are poor are humble and generous. This is the world we live in and it is really sad.

  4. This dude just bought a cell phone for a homeless man and he shows it off on camera like he cured cancer or something,

  5. Man Shining skin bare foot very clear clean, doby T Shirt, Strong body like just came out from 4 stars Hotel and sit there begging are you joking!! 😁😂

    Girl she just making jokes of herself peoples enjoy and give her money😝🤣

    A man laying on the grass dirty shirt dried skin lack of Vitamins these kind of man that peoples rather give their money for him to eat 👍

    Peoples judges from what their eyes seeing 🤔

  6. i was on the street and there was a homeless boy like 11 or 12 and he was sobbing because his cup of money was empty and he needed food😔

  7. Petty f*** people it's messed up ,when you see someone on the streets and they don't have a home ,food ,water a bed to sleep in no where to call home . At least stop and think : I have food and bed ,water, the things I need to stay alive. I have a place too call home. Or even if you're in a rough position at least think of others what they have to go through, you're not the only one who is struggling. We all are alive. We need to survive. And the fact that people would choose a person that has a home and is able to get a job to give money to over, a person that doesn't have anything anymore or anyone.. they need the money more than they do. Do be Petty to anyone…it's not right..

  8. Most of the people watching already know what’ll happen so it’s not really surprising but more so a disappointing slap of reality


  9. Tbh I don’t give out my money in general only because I don’t normally have change, but when I can I will (:

  10. This is dumb, obviously a hot chick with a stand and funny sign will get more attention than a random homeless dude. The outcome was expected because the variables aren’t evenly matched at all. How about you put a 6’4 ripped fitness dude asking for money for tanning oil or something funny i bet he will get some. I have seen guys with signs that say “need money for beer” and get a bunch of tips because its funny. the guy in the video just sat there bumming people out with a monotone voice and empty sign while the girl was energetic and bubbly, he might as well have said “keep walking” to everyone because that is the energy he put out. This was so predictable and very poorly thought out, could not be less shocked.

  11. This is so sad that people give money for some stupid breast implants, instead of helping at least a bit, a small bit, to homeless people. This is just ashaming from the society.

  12. Passes by homeless man who nerds money/food
    Stops for woman who wants money for a breast implant
    Him: "You don't need it"
    Gives her money for breast implant anyway…🤔

  13. It saddens me America using Trillions of dollars on weapons while her citizen are on the streets begging😭

  14. This is sad. Breast implants don't matter. People die of starvation everyday. CHILDREN!! And all we care about is breast implants!? Thats fucked up!!

  15. 90% of the people making comments on here acting all kind and talking like they support charity and helping the homeless DO NOT infact ever help the homeless.

  16. Why people doesn't care about Homeless people 1 like=5 dollars for all the homeless persons in the whole world.

  17. For the first experiment tho I feel like people don’t give money to the homeless looking man because they think that they are gonna spend it on drugs and that they should just go to a nearby homeless shelter if they weren’t gonna spend it on drugs.

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