Top 10 Sports Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating

Top 10 Sports Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating

Hey Youtube, Jim Here! Welcome to the Top10Archive! If you’re into sports or not, you have to
have a level of respect for the amount of training and physical torture that professional
athletes put themselves through. The Olympics are a treasured time every four
years, as are all the World Cups, World Series, and every other large tournament. We get to see the results of all that secret
training that goes on while, frankly, I sip my coffee and record videos. Perhaps what we love more than that is when
we catch some of these athletes redhanded, cheating at what they’re supposed to naturally
do best! There’s no lack of cases of cheating in
professional sports, so today we’ve picked the Top 10 Sports Athletes Who Got Caught
Cheating. But before we get started, why not become
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teams that could have made this list! 10. Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa, as if you needed to be reminded, was a home-run-hitting baseball star in the
MLB. Of course, just like many of the athletes
that are featured in our news stories today, he took a lot of heat for cheating rumors. Were they true? Well, Sosa was actually ejected from the Cubs-Devil
Rays game in 2003 after being caught with a corked bat. Over 80 other bats were tested, but none showed
signs of a cork. Sosa simply said it was a practice bat that
he’d accidentally used at a game. Iffy? Maybe. Especially considering that Sosa was also
on a list of positives for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. Some say those results were prone to false
positives, by detecting over the counter drugs that weren’t prohibited. Others say, “fool me once…” Do you think Sosa cheated? The doubt may have been enough to keep the
Baseball Writers’ Association of America to not vote him into the Baseball Hall of
Fame. 9. Maradona and The Hand of God Goal
Maradona is a well-known character in soccer. He’s loved by many and, perhaps, hated by
more. If you go to Buenos Aires, Maradona is a God. He even has a following of people who created
a religion named after him! Why? Probably because of little things like this. If another soccer player had attempted to
outright cheat, referees would shake their head and penalize them. When it’s Maradona, though, it’s a different
story. Back in the 1986 World Cup, England faced
Argentina in their first match since the Falklands war. Argentina won the match, but not without the
help of a little cheating. As Maradona approached the goal, he jumped
to use his head to make it, but instead ended up using his left fist. The ref allowed it, not having seen any wrongdoing,
and in a post-match statement, Maradona said the goal came “a little with the head of
Maradona and a little with the Hand of God”. 8. Louis Resto – If The Glove Fits
Resto’s boxing cheating scandal is one of the most dramatic and difficult cases on our
list. The drama all began after defeating Bill Collins
Jr. in a 10-round win. After the match, Collins Jr.’s face wasn’t
looking so good, his eyes were swollen shut. Everyone is a good sport about the loss, congratulating
Resto as the winner. Until Billy Jr.’s father, Billy Collins
Sr. approaches Resto to shake his hand and notices something is very off about his gloves. After inspection, the problem started unfolding. Not only were Resto’s gloves missing about
an ounce of padding, they had also been filled with chalk and his hands had been soaked in
plaster. This is so far into illegal, it’s hard to
even fathom. Collins Jr’s eyes were so badly injured,
he suffered from blurry vision until he died, months later, after an alcohol-related accident. Resto served 2 years in prison after being
charged with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and wasn’t allowed to ever fight
professionally again. He later said it wasn’t his idea, that he
was young and just went along with what his trainer did. He also said it wasn’t the first time he’d
cheated in that same exact way. 7. The Spanish Paralympic Basketball Team…
or Not? It’s one thing to enhance your performance
in your sport illegally. It’s another, to not even be playing in
your division, but rather in one where you have a clear advantage. Kind of like when an entire Spanish Paralympic
team turned out to be fully-abled people. According to the rules, they were supposed
to have an IQ of 75 or less, but of the twelve people on the team, only two of them fit that
model. The other ten were perfectly normal, and told
to “turn it down” so that they wouldn’t be caught. However, when a photo of their victory in
the 2000 Sydney Paralympics was published and people recognized them as fully able people,
the gig was up. Carlos Ribagorda, one of the members of the
team, came forward stating that several people in the tournaments from sports like table
tennis, track, and swimming were not mentally deficient at all. He also said he hadn’t been asked to undergo
mental tests upon arrival. Needless to say, it was absolutely humiliating
for everyone involved. 6. Dora or Heinrich Ratjen? Think back to 1938 Europe. Nationalism, patriotism, all sorts of pride
was in the air. So imagine if after leading as one of the
top five athletes in the Olympics, a German high jumper was proven to be… “cross-dressing”? Not only was the political climate not ready
at all to face issues of gender, but Germany was not thrilled to be put on blast for it,
either. Dora Ratjen was the athlete at hand and in
September of 1938, she was taken off a train after being accused of dressing as a woman,
despite being a man. Identification backed his claims of being
a female, but after some pressure she admitted she was born a man. A doctor examined her and said her genitals,
despite being scarred, were capable of engaging in intercourse. She was then arrested and made to change her
name back to Heinrich and return the medal she won at the Olympics. 5. Lance Armstrong Fooled Millions
Lance Armstrong is one of cycling’s most infamous cheaters. For decades, he was a crowd favorite. People cheered him on, they supported his
causes, they watched as he succeeded in leading America forward. Little did we know, in the competitive sport
of cycling, superhuman abilities are just the average. The pressure got to him and as early as 1995,
Armstrong began doping. In 2013, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s
show admitting he’d used several drugs including erythropoietin, diuretics, and human growth
hormones. He stated that, in his opinion, it wouldn’t
be humanly possible to win the Tour de France as many times as he had without using drugs. After his confession, many around the world
took away their support, while others faced the fact that cycling is a sport in which
almost all athletes are taking drugs. What do you think about this? Does he deserve sympathy after coming forward? 4. The Nancy and Tonya Scandal
This may be one of the most well-known cheating scandals in America. Figure Skating in the ‘90s was no joke. They were America’s “it girls”. From Nancy Kerrigan to Kristi Yamaguchi, to
Michelle Kwan, everyone knew them. So when Tonya Harding got nervous about the
National Championship and the upcoming 1994 Olympics, her husband caught on and took matters
into his own hands. He and a man named Shawn Eckardt assaulted
Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya’s competitor, with a police baton. They went straight for the legs, attempting
to break them and rule her out of the tournament. The attackers were caught and Tonya took on
a new light in the country. Meanwhile, Nancy recovered from her injury
and would take the silver medal at the Olympics, and signed endorsement contracts for millions. 3. Paid To Injure
Some sports are, of course, a lot more physical than others. While in Tennis you’re not likely to get
rammed by another player, in football, it’s an everyday thing. Sometimes, though, it can lead to some real
cheaters. For instance, around 2009, the New Orleans
Saints started applying a new motivation method by paying athletes to injure players of the
opposing teams. Of course, they also compensated them for
interceptions and fumble recoveries, but then, players were offered approximately $1500 for
a knockout that resulted in the player not being able to return to the match. The whole team was criticized for it, because
whether or not they participated, they didn’t stop the destructive behavior. 2. Patriots Deflate The Colts’ Chances
Watergate and Pizzagate have nothing on Deflategate. Not only does it rhyme, but it also involves
America’s favorite football team, The Patriots. In the 2014-2015 Playoffs, allegations came
out that Tom Brady had ordered the deflation of footballs used in the victory against the
Colts. As a result, Brady was suspended for four
games, they were fined $1M and lost two draft picks. In the end, nothing was really proven or disproven,
the suspension of Brady was moved around to several parts of the season, and the Patriots
won Super Bowl LI with Brady winning MVP anyway. Despite it being a huge NFL controversy, it’s
done practically nothing to the rock-hard reputation of Tom Brady. 1. Pete Rose Can’t Take An L
Pete Rose, also known as Charlie Hustle, played for the Cincinnati Reds back in the day. He was one of the best, winning three World
Series rings, the same number of batting titles, one MVP award, and many more awards. In 1989, as he prepared to close his time
as a manager, he took an accusation that would crush his reputation. He was accused of gambling on baseball games
that he had both played in and managed, even betting on his own team. This is like Insider Trading, Sports Edition! For years, he said he’d been wrongfully
accused, until in 2004 he admitted that he’d bet on baseball and on the Cincinnati Reds
for years. The total number of bets included 52 Reds
games, for which Rose would have bet thousands a day.

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  1. What about the transgenders competing in professional womans tennis and Olympic runners . Tom Brady is nothing but a CHEATER and should not be admitted in the hall of fame .

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    top 10 reasons not to host the Olympics and

    top 10 cities negativity affected hosting the Olympics

    even if you don't take those two ideas into consideration, keep up the great work n you still looking young.

  3. Deflategate should never make a list like this. Brady prefers his footballs at the lowest possible PSI like most other QBs in the NFL. Great. So what? Nothing about Deflategate points to cheating and it is well documented that the NFL front office overstepped and aggressively went after New England.

  4. With just a few voice lessons sir , You could become the next Lou Rawls . I volunteer to be your future wealthy agent .

  5. Very good to know. It helps me realize that a lot of cheating happens when we value and admire people who don't deserve it.

  6. I watched that Nancy and Tonya escapade go down live.
    I have always loved watching the winter Olympics. Ice skating is one of my favorite sports to watch.

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