45 thoughts on “Top 10 MYSTERIOUS Secret Societies

  1. The Illuminati were behind WW1. They funded both sides, as they have done in every war since the French revolution.

  2. I knew a rosicrucian once. He was in his 70s and at the end of his life. He was a homosexual who was madly in love with me and wanted me to slap him around. Basically he told me only that he belonged to the group that they were very real and that they were the enemy of the illuminati. He told me he was unable to talk about it. He brought it up bc he knew i would never repeat it. Thats his secret was safe. He warned me that the illuminati was very real enemy of the people.

  3. No idea what has happened abc23 I just saying I could kill everything noone care this thing absurd.

  4. All secret societies are satanic hiding truth with hidden agendas where 2 or more are gathered in my name there i am = blasphemy to the cross or selling your soul for worldly powers sad

  5. is opus de sei sound someone fimiliar to pinhead and hellraiser, self-infliction, elitists, relation to god in some way? the cube

  6. Lol I just heard Versaylees. As a pointer in French when you put two L letters together it makes a Y like noise. It's ok I'm French and admit it's a difficult language.

  7. What about eastern societies….are white people the only ones who make secret societies which epically fail at being secret? Considering how incompetent the cia and fbi is maybe it is only us whites lol.

  8. About 10 years ago a friend of mine was expelled from the Rosicrucian order. He had smoked grass in temple's WC.

  9. Backwater was disbanded, and most went to triple canopy. Brother was in, when crap hit the fan he went to triple canopy.

  10. I am a member of a secret Society! It's called the Broke and working class! Please send money I'm tired of working! !!!!!!!

  11. Ugh the masons are an initiotory order. You advance. Its not just asking secrets. I'm sure one could answer all your questions and you would not know it.
    The reason they are involved in almost every conspiracy, is bc one they are pretty Damn old, and two..a lit if other orders base their system on them.
    Masons are just men who gather with other men of the same interests. Masonry is a philosophy.

  12. Rosecrosians i confirm perform ritual gang rape and murder, see many cold cases in sherbrooke quebec like theresa allore and the others i saw myself i a kid invited to their rituals who where performed by surete du quebec cops so go figure…..

  13. StrangeMysteries◇◇◇◇◇The Ark of The Convented was found in Jerusalem by an independent male person from our Country America it under the mountain of the skull in Israel and he and his son dug deeper He encounter an Angel of God who appeared to him In an open chamber. The Angel permitted him to look in the Ark and there .was the scrolls and the old testment book along with other articles as well. He was not permitted to remove the Ark of The covenant. I just can not remember his name he pass on to eternity several years ago. All this can found on the Internet that's if they haven't remove it those devils of darkness.

  14. I took Rosacrusian lessons until one night i had a dream-vision warning me i was in the wrong path and i stopped

  15. I'm a master mason and a rosicrucian. I'm a member of the agentus college no 65 SRIA based in the UK and the blue lodge. Best decisions I ever made ive become a far better person.

  16. Very informative thank you. If you don't know, now you know,…our government heads under rulership serve Satan. Hell bent on corruption and destruction of humanity. Smh…. Disgusting.

  17. Interesting, but I really wanted to know about the oddly dressed people in the thumbnail. They were never mentioned.

  18. I find it interesting that all these societies are male – it's like the club in the tree house were only the cool kids are allowed to join – I guess some guys have the need to feel special, smarter and better than other people – So, being a member of a secret group that thinks they have all the right answers must be very rewarding and egocentric

  19. I'm pretty sure that the church doesn't allow or encourage corporal mortification. There was a Christian denomination in either the middle ages or like 1300something that did practice corporal mortification and it was condemned by the church. I don't have all of the facts straight but there was a group that practiced that which was condemned by the church. I will try to find out more info about this though.

  20. Your pronunciation is TERRIBLE. You have so many resources. Use them. It makes you sound so ignorant.

  21. My great Grandfather was a member of the 33rd degree in the Freemasons. By the end of his life, he was one of if not the biggest Mason in Australia. There are secrets he kept that they’re still refusing to reveal to my family.

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