Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

46 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

  1. Top 10 should have AOC in every spot of the list. Not even during interviews (that she avoids) but just very very stupid declarations.

  2. Hard to tell what is going on since the annoying talk over means we can't hear a bloody word.


  3. I left the video the instant I realized I had clicked Watch Mojo cos I know these fools are gonna just talk over everything.

  4. what about Tony Abbott of Australia completely shutting down mid interview with journalist after they asked him about his disgraceful remarks about a death in afghanistan?

  5. Goes back a few years, but the (in) famous 60 Minutes interview w/Ted Kennedy during his presidential campaign in the '70s is a classic. Especially the crucial-question meltdown trying to answer "why (he) wanted to be president". Only understood how horribly he botched it when I had studied US History I high school (mid-'80s) but the interview still does rank as one of the most cringe-worthy TV interviews ever.

  6. What about the time Ann Colture argued with a Canadian Journalist that Canada fought beside America in the Vietnam war lol.

  7. That black lady who said it in context of the Britons was 100 percent correct. If you don't believe me, read the history books where the British army and aristocracy created a policy to divide it's opponents under the 'divide and rule' policy. It's in the History books as well and is based on fact. But it is not the same in the US. The white people of US are cool.

  8. If the Brits would have done it like 500 years ago, they must be ruling at least half of the world by now. But they chose to remain silent and rest is history.

  9. – – – Besides Soros,Blair,etc,etc,Trouble Is ALL Caused by the Insane Left – wing Newsmedia in the world,Today!!…. 🙁 *FFS Stop buying newspapers/watching the BBC (Boring,Brainwashing Corporation),listening to mainstream newsmedia!!…. 🙁

  10. If it hasn't got a Brain and can kick a football thoses Retarded Dumb Arse-traylians WILL Vote for itt ¡¡¡

  11. "so you're saying we should be more like lobsters?" is the political interview fail of the century. That this video was too early for it makes this video utterly irrelevant.

  12. Well, there's Gary Johnson's "What's a Leppo?" Didn't exactly sink him because you've got to be flying to be sunk, but it was still seriously embarrassing.

  13. Sarah Palin was such a hot Mess all she had to say was: NY TIMES, Washington Post even The Wasilla Express (I don't even know if that is a real paper) mImean jeeziz

  14. Don't know anything about Diane (she might've been a terrible person and i don't care to google her) but her statement is true. Past and curruent times.
    Ok does who feel are blind to history, want to talk sh8? Ready, set, Go! I promise not to respond.

  15. 9:50 Are you fuckin kidding me? Who the hell would vote for that douchebag? It's as if someone took all the creeps from every movie and combined them into one big pile of shit!

  16. Michael Gerard Grimm a former republican congressman also a convicted felon, for 20 counts of fraud, federal tax evasion, and perjury, hiring illegal immigrants, and committing wire fraud". Surprise? This seams to be the norm if your a republican senator.

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