31 thoughts on “Top 10 Meme Ideologies

  1. Anarcho-Capitalism and Libertarianism are both faith-based systems where you believe the magical invisible hand of the free market will fix everything.

  2. TFW you’re ideology that would actually have been completely valid but somehow got forgotten by nearly anybody that actually has a life other than politics but it gets revived because you made up a synonym for “ghost” that was a funny and short word in the english translation of “the ego and it’s own” so some edgy anarchists revive your decades old ideology to a tiny extent using shitty contagious jokes

  3. 10. National Bolshevism had more forms than just on the internet or the The Outlawed National Bolshevik Party in Russia.
    9. Strasserism is distinct from Hitlerism, it is not anti-semitic in any way, the Strassers have even once said "Anti-Semitism is dead! Long live the idea of the people!". Strasserism truly recognizes the right to self determination of all peoples aswell. And it is truly left wing economically, even if an upper class is allowed, but one where the Nobles become Nobles through their merit.

  4. 1:05 "Centrists" are just rightists and cryptofascists who don't want to be called right-wingers.

  5. How about this for a meme ideology: Anarcho-humanism. Society becomes so virtuous and decent that law and government become obsolete.

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