49 thoughts on “Top 10 Awkward Political Moments

  1. 3:45 THAT guy smokes crack???
    Also, I like this Toronto Mayor. He's a straight shooter. That moment needs to be a "Thug Life"

  2. It's not nice to make fun of someone's disability right after you put Biden's video in there and Biden was speaking while you had all the time in the world to edit this video.

  3. Even if Sarkozy is "drunk", the French Language, even spoken by someone a little "drunk", cannot destroy the world's most beautiful language !! FUCK !!

  4. Hey no such videos on Trump…We still love him here in India as well. Ab ki baar fhur sae trump sarkar. Haaa on a serious note, that makeout thing and that Canadian mayor or something was so hilarious to watch.

  5. That Mr. Dean "gaff" is fucking ridiculous. Just shows the media will support and oppose who they want to.

  6. The blunder when Bush says "Fool Me Once" (which is not on this video) is actually my ring tone on my phone.

  7. 5:20. Australian Prime MinisterTony Abbott was our Donald Trump, he never got to finish the first term his own party rolled him midway, thank goodness we don't vote in this country for a leader, we vote for a party who elect a leader, Americans are stuck with Trump until voted out or he has done two four year terms if re-elected.

  8. The Real Number One: Sarah Palin's daughter gets pregnant aged 17.

    Sarah Palin is opposed to teaching about sex ed and abortion

  9. Barack Obama had a stuttering thing as well could you imagine if we made fun of a black presidents stuttering

  10. George bush junior. You stupid fucks. Clearly this is the dumbest and absolutely retarded channel on YouTube. Junior holy fuck (shaking head)

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