100 thoughts on “Too Much Public Affection Prank!

  1. You sounded and reminded me so much of Kermit and miss Piggy in how you guys acted together! Not saying you looked anything like me, but you sounded just like em lol  =P 

  2.  this made me laugh so hard lol i love the recitations imfaoooo i wander what would happen if 2 GUY  do the it will get some crazy surprising recitations 

  3. I would sit between the two escalators Lima a starfish and yell "Get a rooooom!!!!" And walk off like a boss with shades and a fart.

  4. Uhhhh..this is awesome!!Actually this IS something that my hubby,and I do,and also would do a little XTRA for a laugh,too!!! Try it again in another place..like the movie theater–!!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this is SOOO CUTE? I think I would just smile and laugh if I seen them. Probably think their just messing.

  6. OMG, YOU TWO ARE GOALS. I need to act exactly like this when I get in another relationship. My next boyfriend will not know I am such a troll. 😂😂

  7. Still don't see any problem with this. Annoying sure but they aren't hurting anyone( I'm talking the couples that actually do this)

  8. 0:36 I would have been like, "it looks like all three of us are going to be very happy in Las Vegas." while putting one hand on each one's shoulder. Lol!

  9. I wanna have a relationship just like that but in public I don't care but I can c it's a little weird but can't say it's a beautiful thing

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