Tommy Shelby meets Winston Churchill in series finale! 🎩 | Peaky Blinders – BBC

Tommy Shelby meets Winston Churchill in series finale! 🎩 | Peaky Blinders – BBC

What is your strategy? I won’t burden you with it. You’re going to break the law. HE SIGHS I need to sleep. You said you don’t sleep. I said I have trouble sleeping. As do I. As do I. Mr Shelby, I have no doubt that there was once
a time in Flanders when you were under the ground
and I was above it, both working to the same end. We are in the same exact situation
here, in Westminster. Do what you have to do, Mr Shelby. And if you need anything, call me. There are some times, some nights… ..when I don’t see the point
of carrying on with any of it. Oh. That old dance routine. I put out a cigar, and an hour later
I want another. Sometimes, the bridge between hours
is a fragile as that. But use it anyway. A tent. Then a boat. Then a house. Now a mansion. That’s something. Isn’t it? Yeah, that is something. By the way… ..was it you who killed
that Ulsterman intelligence officer? I forget his name. Major Campbell. Yes, Campbell. No. It was my aunt. I really must come up to Birmingham
some day and spend an evening with
your family. They sound interesting. Yes. We’d like that.

100 thoughts on “Tommy Shelby meets Winston Churchill in series finale! 🎩 | Peaky Blinders – BBC

  1. The plan seems way to easy and simple. I get the vibe that Tommy's plan is going to fail and we're going to be left with a crazy cliffhanger. Mosely didnt die until 1980 in real life, after all. What a pity. We're going to have to wait another 2 years for series 6.

  2. After watching episode, let's be real here, there is no way Tommy is going to kill himself. It's way to obvious and they can't afford to kill him off. But his mental health will probably just get worse as time goes on. And also I think that Moesly won't actually die till 1980 when he died in real life.

  3. Churchill was a warmongerer and racist guilty of mass genocide of millions of Indians, search the Bengal Famine and look at multiple sources as the first results play it down. Wouldn't expect much truth from BBC

  4. Churchill…. "Now i really must see your family one day they seem interesting"
    Tommy…. Id like that

    PEAKY BLINDERS " And it is by order of the Peaky fooking blinders 😈😈😈"

  5. Nice spoilers. How’s about you not post shit about how the show ends before all of Netflix viewers even get a chance to start?

  6. "Our enemies deals in bricks and stones and bottles. We deal in reasoned principle, argument and fact." – Oswald Mosely.
    I can't tell if you are trying to draw parallels with today's reasoned moderates accused of being right wing who deal in argument and fact? Are you using a popular TV series to convince the masses that such people are fascists in disguise?

  7. So many comments here seemingly forgetting that Churchill has been a character in Peaky Blinders since the first season. He sent Inspector Campbell

  8. Finn is a fool 🤐🤫 He is the biggest disappointment to his brothers more than Michael!! I never trusted that Billy guy 😡🤬. And I always knew that Alfie was alive, Tommy shot him, but we’ve never actually see him die!

  9. A great series ended with a shitty season… they game of thronesed this show… polly's charecter ark in the last season or 2 was pure cringe, the story is inconsistant, alot of scenes are extremely pointless and the writing of most charecters is just completely illogical and irrational. First 3 seasons were amazing, 4th was ok and the 5th is just bad.

  10. Peaky Blinders is boring, we know it will always go their way in the end. It s so predictable and BORING. We all know where this Michael Gray thing will go, they have NO balls in this series

  11. Love the show but hate how short the season is. It feels like we just started to get things moving and now it's over and we have to wait another year.

  12. Churchill was behind the hit! Only person out of the family to know. Knows Tommy is a much bigger political threat (communist) than Moseley (Fascist), as was conservative opinion at the time. Master deceiver, played Tommy like he did in season 2 finale. Tommy head of a political party would be unstoppable. The only criminal organisation bigger than Tommy’s is the Crown…

  13. Oh man i read somewhere that alot of celebrities wanna join the series. Asap Rocky one of them. Imagine him as a villain and tommy protagonist. Girls gettin all wet n shit

  14. This show is a masterpiece. Hell of a way to end the season. That's a shame what happend to Abarama, he never got to avenge his poor punch-drunk son. I hope it doesn't shake Polly up too badly…

  15. That was foking awesome Series Finale ,, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy again together on screen and that twist and all.. It just mind-blowing 💓 i cant wait to see what happen next please, be quick

  16. Mr. Churchill is one of a few personal heroes.
    While I love this show and take no issue as to fact or fiction here.
    I must say I find this Churchill lacking in character and charisma!!

  17. What next for Tommy Shelby, he ain't shot himself, he has sorted out, Kimber, Sabini, and got Solomons working for him, then this fictional character, took out the Mafia, and did business with Al Capone, before moving into politics, trying to kill Oswald Mosley, and making friends with Churchill, now Aberama Gold is dead, hope season 6 doesn't start with Polly at the Buckingham Palace garden party, admiring the garden

  18. Second season churchill was more accurate looking and sounding but this season is more badass and likeable.(His screen presence is bigger,he looks really respectable here dunno why)

  19. There's always season 6….Oswald in real life lived till 80+ and died some 40 years ago, so I guess Tommy didn't get him in the end!

  20. I won't even be surprised if Churchill was the one who betrayed Tommy… Churchill seems to me like a man always serving his own higher agenda, and Moseley existence may be useful…just a thought

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