Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

>>Tomi Lahren has received quite a bit of
backlash over her Halloween costume because she used Halloween as an opportunity to try
to dunk on Representative Ocasio-Cortez. But it backfired and there was a lot of backlash. So here’s what she tweeted out. I decided to dress up as the person who scares
me the most, the democratic dimwit darling, socialist-loving, freedom-hating, former bartender
herself AOC. So then she posts a picture of her costume. And then, of course, the backlash begins. But before I get to the backlash, I do wanna
share a small snippet of a recent debate that I had with her at Politicon. Because she said something that goes against
what she actually practices in real life. Take a look.>>When we’re talking about rhetoric, let’s
be fair, you coined me white power Barbie a couple of years ago.>>So, for believing and had never met me,
had never met me. So that’s what a lot of conservatives go through
is that you never met us, you never talk to us, you look at our viewpoints. And all the sudden you can say I don’t agree
with her politics. You can say I don’t agree with what she says,
I don’t like the facts that she uses. I don’t like her support for this president. But when you blanketly just call somebody
a white power Barbie or a white nationalist because you disagree with their politics. That’s going to far.>>So I did call her white power Barbie back
in 2016. I do wanna share that tweet with you, I told
her, make no mistake white power Barbie, I’d be just as vicious toward you in person. And then that label did stick and people started
using it, and she doesn’t like it. And so her argument is, you didn’t even know
me and you said all these terrible things about me. But she doesn’t know AOC and she’s saying
that she’s a dimwit, when in reality, she is a woman in congress who is proposing detailed
legislation. Who is fighting for the disenfranchised, for
the powerless. And in the debate, she had a hard time understanding
what anecdotal evidence is. So for you to call someone else a dimwit,
it just seems a little strange, ironic.>>Yeah, so AOC, here’s a incrediably strong
woman who pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in American history, literally, okay? Who then has agreesively questioned Trump
officials the point where even the right-wing would well were a little impressed, okay. And then single-handedly moved the green new
deal into a national conversation. So did other people fight on the climate crisis
before? Of course. Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, Governor Inslee,
etc. But she is the one that introduced the idea
of the green New Deal. She did a sit in in Pelosi’s office and popularized
it, right? And so I know AOC a little bit from, obviously,
the campaign and she was just democrat and we had plenty of conversations. And we prepared for some of the debates together,
okay? The crowdly debates, and she is absolutely
on point on all of these policy issues. She knew her stuff inside and out and arguably
brilliant, but she’s a young woman. So they call her a dimwit anyway. They call her that no matter what she does,
no matter how detailed her proposals are, no matter how good her questions are, no matter
what she does. They call her a dimwit. I mean should you hear Don Young earlier in
the show. The guy is one of the dumbest people you’ve
ever met. I can say that about how many Republicans,
Donald Trump are you kidding me? The other day, when they got al-Baghdadi does
a press conference and he’s like, normally go through a front door but the blast to this
side of the compound? Nobody would think that, normally you go knock,
knock.>>Brilliant, what a brilliant man.>>You know what? I think that, I’m not even gonna dignify Tomi
Lahren’s follishness by trying to justify or qualify AOC’s greatness. When it is been documented and it will go
down in the history books, right? So there’s no need to even say all of the
great things that AOC has done because that’s why she’s tweeting it. Cuz she’s jealous. Because AOC has way many more followers than
her. She’s got a cult following of people who really
respect her and understand her. She’s got a group of haters that hate her
because they’re scared of her, not because she’s a dimwit. But what I wanna say also is those of you
who follow these conservatives and think that these people are the people you wanna follow
and respect and you listen to. Read the tweet and when she called her a former
bartender, she’s talking about people that go to work, right? People that go to work and are not getting
their just due. And that’s a lot of people in this country,
right? There is not a few people who are in the service
industry. The service industry’s a big industry
>>Yes.>>That supports your daily-
>>Your enjoyment.>>And your existence every day, every where
you go. So first of all, she told you how could you
say something about me without knowing me? What about you don’t know those immigrants
that you talk about all the time? You don’t know Colin Kaepernick and you dissed
him. You don’t know the people in the island of
Puerto Rico and you’ve talked about them. How dare you use your mouth to tell somebody,
how could you talk about me without knowing me? You’re not a real journalist, listen to the
stuff that comes out of your mouth. It is not based on facts, it’s all emotion
rhetoric to move the people who you indirectly insult every day. Because you don’t believe they’re intelligent
enough to go do research and find out facts about the things that you talk about. And if you ask me, she didn’t look like AOC,
she looked like a young Sarah Palin. And that was right on home girl.>>So first of all, preach it, Aida. Okay. But saying well look guys, I don’t have a
problem with the costume. So you wanna dress up as AOC, who cares? I don’t care either Karl Marx thing I don’t
care at all, right? And I’m not nitpicking any of that. The dimwit saying is part of a talking point
that they do to purposely belittle her.>>Yes.>>And it will say don’t do to men. Keep it real, okay? They’ve called Bernie every name in the book,
but they haven’t called him dimwit, right? So why do they say that about AOC and you
know it and their policies are nearly identical? Okay, and the bartender thing. And so a lot of people went off on her on
Twitter because of the bartender thing. And so she had to back-pedal out of that and
say well look, that’s the least objectionable thing about her. Okay.>>Yeah, this is what she said. I mean this truly and sincerely, being a former
bartender is the best and most admirable thing about AOC.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah. In other words, back-pedal, back-pedal, back-pedal. I got caught basically looking down on people.>>But when you look at AOCs tweets, the people
who question her intelligence are always the dumbest people on the planet. Insulting her, calling her unintelligent,
and then you go through their timelines and you’re like->>I know, Aida, but you know what? That idealogy, that way of belittling AOC
unfortunately does catch on with people who aren’t necessarily bad people but they’re
not as politically savvy. Maybe they are not paying close attention. I’ve heard that criticism about AOC regurgitated
by people who just don’t know better. And it’s sick because this is a way of tearing
women down. This is a way of allowing for sexism to persist.>>Exactly. And to your point Aida, the people who are
saying it almost always back Donald Trump, the guy who thinks that windmills cause cancer
because of their noise. And where I thought the Kurds betrayed cuz
they didn’t show up at Normandy.>>Is evil. Hillary’s evil. Elizabeth’s not assertive. AOC’s a dimwit. Ilhan is, and it goes on

100 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

  1. It's hypocritical of Tomi, yes, but notice nobody talks the Trump diaper baby float or about Mini AOC that has a cult following on YouTube. …She must be that cute or not a nationalist?

  2. Sooo…….. the people who feel like liberals look down upon rural Americans who respect good hard work are cool with other conservatives looking down on someone for being a former Bar tender? Doesn't get more American than working for tips!

  3. TYT and dignity are not two terms that belong in the same sentence. this segment is laughable. tomi lahren is swimming in the same level of political commentary muck as this show. you don't get to attach yourself to the good work AOC is doing simply because you approve. what a bunch of schmucks.

  4. TYT had to do a follow up on Tomi because she mopped the floor with Ana. It's a victimization video.. that's what you do after a heavy 'drive by' … damage control. They got the 'moderator' (I use the term VERY generously here) from politiCON to help Ana during the debate, but Tomi still blasted them with the facts and the two of them could barely contain her. This is just a 'woe is me' video…. what you'd expect from TYT.

  5. A bag of bones, generic looking, post truths 'bimbo' is not going to morph into a cerebral sex goddess, in any costume.

  6. It legitimately amuses me sometimes how obsessed the right is with the left… Like, it's a weird relationship no matter how you look at it, but conservatives are fixated on AOC like the creepy priest in Hunchback of Notre Dame was obsessed with Esmerelda. Like Eminem was obsessed with Mariah Carey. She's actually trying to "drain the swamp" and it gives the right the kind of huge rage boner they usually take Cialis for.

  7. tomi-nice name-FOR A BOY. But you see that is not the issue. This thing does not fall into the human race. We do know one fact she is a lap dog-SO WHY WOULD ANY HUMAN WITH A BRAIN-SORRY TRUMPTARDS LISTEN TO A NON-HUMAN DOG.

  8. Even sarah palin is smarter than tomi low i mean lahran what every her name is. She reminds me of that girl from clueless, oh yeah stacey dash.

  9. oh that's supposed to be an AOC costume..?
    i thought she was just dressing up as a PORN character…whom she looks like in real life anyway…

  10. White Power Barbie is a well deserved title, don't need to know her in person, I know her political beliefs, know her racist ass comments, we know enough to call Tomi Lahren White Power Barbie

  11. The bottle blonds in the Repug party are like, “see, I’m really white…I’m blond so please please love Me because I’m a lowly white woman. See my hair?”

  12. I am sorry is my grammar or punctuation is ever y not just right. I never could get all that right. If that offense any english majors out there to bad. Not everyone out here knows every rule of the english language and some of us just do not care. Now if I was writing something that was to be made into a law I would put it first before an english PhD. But comments like these I think should not be held to such high standards.

  13. Everything they have said about Thomi is correct. Oh Spanish woman on the panel….you act the same as Thomi……….

  14. I am still waitiing for Tomi to prove she is white or American. According to a DNA Test she will NEVER be able to do either. LOL

  15. Y’all need to quit acting like being elected to Congress is some qualifier for intelligence or success. She won a SUPER blue district and probably would’ve lost 99% of other districts across the country. Also Trump was elected so that should put to rest that line of logic right there.

  16. It is ironic to compare the intelligence of AOC with tomi because tomi has no intelligence she is only stupid to speak just like Donal trupm

  17. And again I'm confronted with this Loudmouthed Dumb Blond and her hateful rhetoric. It shows what kinda state America is in that she's still allowed to spew her vile nonsence ! Tomi, you couldn't hold a 100 candles to AOC in your whole lifetime ! She's worked her way up all the way into Congress thanks to her Intelligence and Skills ( & the people who voted for her because they believe in her). And all you have managed is to rant and rave about foreigners and regular working class people. Yeah, you should definitely be scared of AOC you Dumb cow !

  18. 2 women calling each other dimwits and Cenk thinks it's misogyny because they don't say it to men? This is where left becomes nonsensical and loses people. At the same time Aida, a woman, then insults another woman, Tomi Lahren, by comparing her to Sarah Palin who's also a woman, only to insult her intelligence. Do you guys have any self awareness? seriously wtf?

  19. Yes, people think AOC is stupid bc she is a "young woman". Liberals are getting sad. Your bullshit, lies, and narrative have been exposed and your rhetoric is laughable. Way to help get Trump elected for a second time.

  20. I don’t like Tomi at all. The only thing that she has going for her is her support from the Fox cult and her looks, which are part of the same phenomenon. Fox likes her because they think that it makes them look better. It’s all optics.

  21. I’m going to ask the question given this Tom foolery reporting here. When are women ever wrong? They act like AOC has never sounded stupid. There is enough ammunition in interviews that portrays several moments of this chicks ignorance. Pretending that is not the case is being disingenuous & foolish.

  22. Tomi was right though. That's what you hate. Oh, and way prettier and more intelligent than the two of you combined. Haters gotta hate I suppose.

  23. Lol aoc was a bartender not a scientist. The world isn’t gonna end in 12 years sorry to break it to everyone. She hasn’t done anything for New York.

  24. AOC is a lying piece of shit that had the audacity to stand on the graves of my relatives who died in the Holocaust and accuse America of running concentration camps in addition to her lies that the world will end in 12 years.

    You people at TYT have absolutely no moral high ground to stand on.

    Calling AOC a dimwit is putting it nicely, calling Tomi Lahren a white-power Barbie for pointing out the obvious just shows us all how petty and sensitive you really are if you can't stand facts.

  25. I love how Ana is like yeah I called her white power Barbie. Doesn’t apologize for it, because it’s VALID, but owns it. Ana is a queen and we don’t deserve her.

  26. As always an idiot…3 chambers of government..Even Whoppi Goldberg slammed AOC..A degree in international business aka idiot degree. The young idiot's what a bunch of morons.

  27. Do you honestly think Tomi will have remembered that conversation.. You could fill tires with the air that Tomi's Brain takes in.

    Technically Tomi Lahren has just done a "Blackface" or "Brownface", what was she saying about Justin Trudeau's scandal a while back?
    I bet Tomi could ride a bike backwards, no problem.

  28. AOC is my dream bartender.
    I love having a bartender who I can have intelligent conversation with and, of course flirt.

  29. I’m confused, so conservatives are all about the average hardworking american – but then they’ll talk shit about working class people? K

  30. Yep. And Tammy Lahren always delivers her televised rants with an angry tone and angry body language. And when she does, she's not talking about substance, she's either insulting people they're talking about or she's lying about their policy proposals, saying there is crazy sh*t in it when there really isn't if you take the time to actually read it.

  31. But Tulsi thats a mayor in the army a senator that puts out great policies (the off act, the protect our votes act, stop funding terorists act,) is not a powerful woman..? Keep smearing a progresive soon Tulsi will be polling higher than liayer liz Warren.

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