To Enter The Elite Society – YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

To Enter The Elite Society – YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

34 thoughts on “To Enter The Elite Society – YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

  1. What if you are perfect and beautiful and confident, but have tattoos and piercings? Like a rock n roll audrey Hepburn?

  2. Your are saying the truth. It may sound unpleasant to some viewers, but it is the truth. Thank you for your videos and sharing your lifetime experiences with us. I truly appreciate the eye opening you give us to the REAL world.

  3. I m entering the tech field and i'd like to meet some well off men as possible husband potential. I could do with losing a few lbs im not fat and men like the way i look now, it's more for me. My issue is in nyc where do i find the rich bachelors? i only find guys who are rooming and have an ego of a billionaire. Im tried of meeting guys on hindge, who are either too boring, not attractive or looking for a one-night-stand

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  5. YESS! All of this!
    I love how you put this journey as an investment in oneself! It just clicked for me 💡‼️

  6. Thank you very much for these videos that you make. I do have a question. What do I do when I am a single mom? Men tend to be scared to date single moms. I have been on few dates but they did not turn into anything serious. One of them directly told me that it is because of my child. And I am definitely not looking for them to look after my child as I earn my money and pay my bills alone, neither I am looking for a father of my child. I find this very confusing. Also you mentioned about your acne. I struggle with acne as well. I have always had problems with my hormones, and I think after my child thing's become a bit worse. I have always used good products, I used to go to private dermatologist for years. I do take care of myself and my acne but I can never clear it fully. I am only 24, my child will be 2 next month. I just started my dream job this year ( I mean I returned to it after my pregnancy) and I think that maybe I am still young and I better focus on my career at the moment. I fought for this job a lot. it took me 3 years to get it. It is business and I am completing level 3, the highest is level 4. Do you think That I should focus now on my career and maybe spend few years ( maybe 2-3) in really finding what works for me like acne, or my weight, even thought I do maintain my weight as always) but I know I have things to fix still. Can you please give me your advice on this?

  7. Love your job excuses attitude. People make excuses to be mediocre or blah. Develop a personality and take pride in yourself. Can u please tell ladies to avoid tattoos? Or is it now mainstream? To me it is like vandalism of the skin.

  8. I was about to go buy another chocolate when I just ate a 38g bar! I could not have chosen a better time to watch this video Thank you!!!!

  9. I have to say a part of me sees your point of view when it comes to being elegant or presentable but at the same time I've always looked at those people as stuck up (don't know why it's just the way they come off to me), so it would be difficult for me if not challenging to become more elegant for the fear of someone else looking at me as a stuck up and I'm sure I'm not the only one viewing "elite" people as stuck up and that's the last thing I would want to portray so now you see where my problem is lol A part of me would like to be more presentable but at the same time I don't wanna look stuck up and I'll be honest and this is just my opinion, being "elite" like or however you wanna call it, does come with an air of arrogance or at least looking like it. Does that make sense? Does anyone else have this issue?

  10. You created yourself! Perfect! You can recreate too. We have the power- don’t allow someone else to make you a victim. Take control. I am very happily married to a wonderful man who supports my career. I am the primary earner and I do fairly well for myself. BUT… this information is for ME. So I can be the best version of myself. Every woman suffers from insecurities no matter how well they cover it. Making the best version of yourself will always lead to more confidence and success.

  11. It's truly a grand effort to be your best self. And thats the key, your effort should reflect your best self in all aspects. This approach make you powerful. This is true for men and woman.

  12. I've started learning more about the 13 body types and how to dress my body accordingly (look up Aly Art). Knowing my colors and what looks good on me has been a game changing journey!

  13. You're literally the only person I binge watch on youtube. No one else wants to level up like you and no one else wants to be honest that being like the rest of the society doesn't work and will not work.

  14. Such a positive video. Other bloggers make it seem it you are not Barbie , you don’t have a chance to be apart of the elite.

  15. Learn to love yourself, forgive yourself, and celebrate you and the rest falls in place and comes easy once you have mastered those things.

  16. Looks unfortunately are extremely important, but I got my body acceptance from my Southern Belle Momma and Military Daddy. My Momma was overweight all her life, and it wasn't because she ate a lot or didn't exercise, it was just her, but she dated some very rich men, because she was extremely intelligent, elegant and funny, my Momma was class all the way and since I was a little girl, she taught me all her secrets and when she married my Daddy, he taught me elegance too, but from a man's point of view. I'm a girly girl, Glamour Queen, whatever people want to call it, but when I look good and I know that I do, you do get treated differently. That's why I'm taking more etiquette, elegance, etc… courses, like yours,so I can improve myself even more and I've got books on the subject too. LOL I just wish my Momma was here to see, but I'll be honest, after hearing comments on her weight for years, she gave into weight loss surgery and passed away from it, so I eat healthy, excercise and keep myself up, but I'm voluptuous, Goddess size, and I accept it.

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