48 thoughts on “Tin Foil Hat Society Annual Questionnaire (2018) ASMR

  1. Hey I got in to the prestigious TFHS!!! I'm glad to be doing my part to resist the doings of nefarious organizations

    Edit: how long did it take for you to foil AK 47 to arrive? The rest all arrived yesterday but I'm missing my tin foil AK. Please advise (:D

  2. What if they get into your mind and then you apply the tinfoil and in doing do so you trap it in your own mind

  3. I was abducted by the Greys and they did experiments on me now i have to wear tin foil hat at all times or they will take over my mind

  4. The real reason people buy tin foil: in a shop, or a supermarket put tinfoil over the bar code and you can walk out without setting the alarm off. Unless it's a place with those flipping annoying electric locks, maybe not. XD

    p.s I love your videos

  6. OK, this is good asmr, but the Jesus question came a bit too far, although it is extremely far-fetched and appropriate for the TFHS, still.

  7. 1st Lieutenant Corporal Schmidt Witherspoon III
    Of the 825th3rd2nd Division of The Tin Foil Hat Society

  8. Their most prized possession is the perfect orb of tinfoil, forged by mythical Japanese craftsman and known to have magical powers

  9. Ephemeral: I'm first Lieutenant Corporal Schmitt-Witherspoon

    Me: Hmmm… pretty sure that doesn't exist 😂

    I know it's a parody but i had to replay it like 6 times

  10. "Are you a spy trying to infiltrate the tin foil hat society?"

    Me: nope.

    The goverment: good job NS, we are proud of you. 😉

  11. Him: does any one know if your are raking this test, if yes, I can dispatch a tfha team of eleat agents to whipe there minds and move them to another country
    Me: yes, Donald j trump 😈😈😈😈🗡

  12. “If you fall asleep just pick up where you left off”

    I woke my dumbass back up and heard the mall cop in a different video telling me I stole something. During this time my head was underneath the sheet so I thought I had a bag over my head and I thought to myself what the hell did I do when I was sleeping. 😂

  13. Yo I'm from the ČØÖL KĪÐSS ÇLÛB here to stay up past my bedtime and not brush my teeth 😎 here's some nanotech smoke it all the cool kids are doing it ✌😎💯

  14. 39:00 wait, the freemasons? The secret society that believed in brotherhood and giving to the poor? If anything i'd imagine the freemasons would be one of the good guys fighting nefarious organizations in that universe.

  15. I believe your nefarious constant use of the nefarious word "nefarious" has definitely struck my nefarious attention, and believe that ur nefarious speakings may be leading up to rather nefarious nefarious stuff.

  16. He started making sense to me around the tin foil protected pencil..

    “Nefarious organizations will not be able to read or detect what you are writing or, thinking about writing.”

  17. Mr. Schmidt? I need your help, my dad thinks aluminum foil protects you from the nefarious organizations, including, but not limited to, the government, the bird drones of the nsa, the mormons, and the caucasian male association. How can i help him learn the truth?

  18. Start a party.
    Get drunk.
    Wake up covered in foil.
    Everything is covered in foil.
    Make an ASMR video about foil.
    Ball is life??? More like foil is life am i right guys???(nobody laughs)

  19. Me:
    Free gifts: Tin Foil AK-47 AND HAND GRENADES
    Me: hold up there, buster, something seems fishy about that…

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