25 thoughts on “Tin Foil Hat Society 2016 Membership Application / Renewal [ ASMR ]

  1. This man gets me, I am so not religious I can't even be called an atheist!!! Don't come and scream "God is Saviour" because I won't listen.

  2. So I checked and 513 mm is only 1 foot 8 inches. So we're literally not even 2 feet below the surface of the earth

  3. 4:29 “the heterosexuals”

    I’m sorry, give me a sec
    I just laughed my bisexual head off and now I have to get it back

  4. I'm fairly certain that allowing complete strangers to just waltz right in isn't a very productive way of keeping your location top secret but maybe that's just me.

  5. You know you have hit rock bottom when u make a tin foil hat and talk to a camera for an hour

  6. If the TFHS was created not long after the mineral of tin was discovered that means the TFHS was created around 300BC making it older than the religion of Christianity so yea I would not describe the history as breff

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