10 thoughts on “Tim Bennett Explains: Money Laundering – How the world's biggest financial crime affects you

  1. You are the best financial teacher on YouTube. Thank you for all your financial explanations they really help

  2. Modern day money launderers are not drug dealers or robbers or even politicians. Modern day money launderers are bankers themselves, corporate promoters, CEOs, and to a lesser extent politicians. Bankers in collusion with corporates, siphon money from the banking system, and declaring those loans as bad loans. Huge money granted as loans to corporates are siphoned out, then corporate would declare bankruptcy, everything preplanned.

  3. I buy a business and exagerate the profit with dirty money, buy another and another to use the dirty money. One would not get caught unless you got greedy. Who's to say if you had 100 customers or 150?

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