Three-Wheeled Car | Innovation Nation

Three-Wheeled Car | Innovation Nation

we’ve been driving cars for over 100
years advances in design and technology have made them sleeker faster and more
fuel-efficient but they’ve always had four wheels to be called a car even
though this looks like a fancy motorcycle it is in fact a car with
three wheels it seats two people gets 84 miles per gallon on the highway and only
costs $6800 it’s called the Elio and it’s the auto
innovation of Paul Elio who dreamed of having his own car company as a kid
I made the trip to Troy Michigan outside of Detroit Motor City to see how they
could possibly build a car today for the same price as a new one in 1979 so this
is the prototype shop in Metro Detroit where the first Elios have been made so
tell me a little bit about your background how did you get to where we
are today well I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life I mowed 130 lawns a week
when I was a kid called it Elio and Associates Attorneys at Lawn I had a
pizzeria briefly but I didn’t give up and then eventually I went back to
school for engineering and found my passion it took a while for that passion
to turn into a paying job he did work in the auto industry as a taxi cab driver
and he did become an engineer but a company he started went out of business
in 2008 Paul couldn’t pay his bills and nobody would hire him I had hundreds of
resumes out from high-end jobs I was qualified for down to baristas at
the local coffee shop I could not get an interview those impediments inspired him
to take a risk and with some financial help from a college friend Paul started
Elio Motors to build a compact fuel-efficient car perfect for commuters
and students at a price you can afford and still keep that SUV in the driveway
and here it is the Elio this looks like it’s just been delivered
from the future in configuration it is but it’s all current technology so the
inspiration was is that highway speeds most of your fuel goes to move an error
so by sending two people front to back and so side by side we double the
mileage so this vehicle gets 84 miles per gallon wow how safe is it going to
be to drive this vehicle it’s all automotive technology throughout the airbags are
the same is in a whole bunch of other vehicles so it’s got a front airbag and
two side airbags if you notice it has a very long nose and that’s for a crush
zone we have a very good crush on to slow the accident down Paul highlighted
some of the innovations that he hopes will make the Elio an affordable fuel
efficient car from a hood design that uses $3 latches versus a
standard latch that costs 33 bucks to a straight-edged rear fin that’s more
aerodynamic than a curved one – even trimming an inch and a half off the tire
width to give you two more miles to the gallon are you gonna be comfortable back there absolutely Paul easily climbed into the back while I took the pilot seat you feel that the car is sort of
wrapped around you now how fast will I be able to drive one of these 0-60 is
9.6 seconds and the top speed is 107 miles per hour 107 miles per hour now yes so you can get a healthy ticket in this thing even though cars won’t roll off the
production line until next year you can preorder one now online and
there’s one thing for sure it’s the perfect car for doing donuts

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  1. I am rather surprised the Messerschmitt company's post WW2 car isn't mentioned as an inspiration. It looks nearly identical.

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