31 thoughts on “Threat 2 Society

  1. Do you (True) you on need nobody on yo shit!!! Drop dis shit just like you did….. Fuck Jay Z………. Cd bang all 2019…….. Nigga a threat bye him self😂😂😎💯 True

  2. Promise to God I said jay would have be a good ft for this song before I heard the line about jay!! Smh..just had to make another comment

  3. I'm so glad u and other hip hop soul and rap artist are being blessed with wealth u Sooooo deserve it

  4. Lowkey should’ve thrown Jay and Rozay on this beat. They both would’ve floated and flexed some expensive shit but that’s what I like

  5. I like how he didn't put no feature on it just him "yeah I'm a threat threat threat threat threat"

  6. Is this 9th for real? I'm not used to his kicks being like this but def his sample work. Heard this shit on a ESPN commercial last night and it caught my ear. I'm convinced now that you give these trap rappers an official beat, then they gone rap or fold… Sample man Sample.. not these tinkery tinky trash beats… let's get back to that formula… #90'sHipHop

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