45 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Society

  1. Why not include this perspective in school curricula. K through college? Are we afraid of exposing students to all sides of issues?

  2. pffft, An institution named after the man that history holds responsible for the great depression, should probably be listened to skeptically.

  3. Listening to Thomas Sowell is like drinking a glass of the finest wine or listening to the most hailed symphony. His words are timeless. This man could have saved the Western World.

  4. Put Sowell, Nasim Taleb and Peter Jordanson vs the world and watch how they dismantle the very fabric of intellectuals yet idiots

  5. I am skeptical about his view on climate change does anyone know off hand the Data he is referring to? I would like to believe him, because I love the man, but I'm not convinced.

  6. Mr Sowell is today's leading authority on ego maniacs and many other subjects too; Certain intellectuals seek power to be consolidated in a few and most of the time it's the sociopathic leader that craves it and misuses it. Technocracy is a perfect example of this. A former fellow Hoover Instuttionist named Antony Sutton, Co-wrote a book about technocratic government evolvilng and being the norm in the future, that future is now. You can still look up the work of his and Co-author Patrick Wood on Technocracy, the modern definition of what Mr Sowell makes his observations about today. Globalism is the manifestation of this in today's governmental collectivism wreaking havoc on the earth and culture.

  7. I get that reasonable people can disagree with thinkers like Chomsky and Russell. But to dismiss their work as 'absurdity' reeks to high heaven of bad faith. Their ideas are no more absurd than Sowell's are, even if you find them to be misguided or incorrect.

    I actually came here looking for a reasonable conservative mind to challenge my liberal leanings and biases. I've heard great things about Sowell and am planning on reading some of his work. Or at least I was. I hesitate to continue now, after hearing that.

  8. I had a long day. Dr. Sowell is my go to Doc. I feel better after 5 minutes. Really. Thank You.

  9. In Praise of Thomas Sowell by Mark Helprin – Posted: July 31, 2017

  10. Never underestimate the appeal of feeling superior to someone else. And, never underestimate the hubris this can generate.

  11. Only, I'd have liked Sowell to have answered the question, "What accounts for the exceptions amongst intellectuals — like Milton Friedman and, even, himself?"

    My guess is, when the "experts" create a demand for themselves by making wild predictions and sensationalizing people, that itself creates a demand for "anti-experts" whose sole job is to refute them. True, such "anti-experts" (think the police), wouldn't exist if the "experts" (think the mafia) did not, but that does not make their importance and significance any less.

  12. "Intellectuals – people whose end products are ideas." There couldn't be a more succinct and meaningful definition.

  13. If given the change to beseech the Anointed in Politics. Academia.. What would you tell them? One word.. Goodbye. As their not interested in results. Only their own selfish vision of how the world should be.. Not how it really is!


  14. I love this man for his economic ideas, but he was being a little hypocritical by saying intellectuals tend to venture outside of their field of study and not hold competent beliefs, then falsely stating that temperature rising before carbon emissions started rising as evidence of climate change is evidence of global warming alarmism.

    What he doesn't understand is that yes, the temperatures go up and down over time, with and without anthropogenic (human driven) climate change. However, the rate of change over time has gone up significantly; More than any other time that has been recorded. To put that into perspective, climate scientists can accurately approximate thousands of years into the past. Cites close to the shore are flooding and sea levels are clearly rising while the water is warming.

    I don't like the Al Gore types on climate change because their predictions are mostly wrong and their shtick is to appeal to fear. It does more harm to climate scientist, because people tend to not trust them after listening to politicians telling us how to live and misusing science.

    However, denying global warming is happening, thinking climate scientist are creating alarmism for funding without evidence, and not considering it a problem for future generations is not a rational stance to take on this issue.

  15. Sowell is a bright star in the academic world. His inteligence is obviously very high. However, his anti views on proven IQ testing and theories thereof are wrong. He makes his mistake in thinking the genetics of races are the same.

  16. The first 400 names in the boston phonebook contain a large number of Harvard graduates…..wtf. Boston has 4.5 million people. How many people attend Harvard. Harvard is in Boston. Bostonians must naturally attend Harvard More. This LITERALLY violates the same relationship between A and B presented by the GREAT thomas sowell.

  17. I like Sowell. However, what I think is interesting is that he falls prey to the exact thing he's criticising other intellectuals for doing: speaking outside one's expertise. You can first tell the problem by both he and the interviewer using the phrase "global warming," which is not how climate scientists describe the phenomenon​ of climate systems. That's how the media at large describe it. The second problem is that since Sowell sees the world in economic terms, he conceives of the sciences in the same way as everything else: as profit driven. Politicians, who also have no knowledge of science, may have such ulterior motives but research scientists follow the data. Even if they get a speaking fee to talk about it, they're taking about the data. Sowell is just wrong in his assessment of this phenomena by virtue of the same arrogance he accuses other intellectuals of, at least on this point.

  18. once again I learn from the master, Dr Thomas Sowell. It's 2AM in the morning, Sowell will keep me up all night, with his truth to power.

  19. This interviewer poses as an intellectual himself, though he appears well read with his notes, his ability to think is apparently lacking. I am impressed by Thomas Sowell, but his speculations on global warming are dangerous. Everyone learns in basic science class that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere now is 100 ppm greater than it has been in the last 800,000 years. That this is causing a potential catastrophe is undeniable. The shame is that we have the technology to mitigate it now, but the people in charge of policy do not understand science. Nor do they even attempt to understand it.

  20. He is a very clear and thought-provoking writer. Just finished his https://www.amazon.com/Intellectuals-Race-Thomas-Sowell/dp/0465058728

  21. 2009 interview w/Thomas Sowell explains the California liberal thinking, particularly the recent USC @ Berkeley madness. Intellectuals w/out real world experience. Here we are 7 years later … much worse than  2009.

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