This May Be the Craziest Pro-Trump Conspiracist Ever

This May Be the Craziest Pro-Trump Conspiracist Ever

We have a voicemail number. That number is
two one nine two. David P, uh, I’m going to play this voicemail for you with a total neutrality
in the sense that I am not going to prejudge for you whether this is a serious voicemail
or it is someone who’s trolling me. I have an opinion. Okay, let’s take a listen to it
together. Hi there. David, you must, I don’t understand
why you think Trump is a KKK member. The Democrats started the KKK. Hillary Clinton Love Robert
Bird. Look him up. He was a grand wizard of the KKK. Where is your history? I don’t think
you do any kind of like studying. How did you do in school? And you don’t even know
your history. Trump is take it down. Pedos big time. What do you think the Q movement
is all about? Pedophilia. Who Do you think is running this government and the world?
A bunch of Patos look up George Nader who was just finally busted for screwing up a
11 year old boy or something, a 14 year old. It was with him from Europe. He screws little
baby. They have the on his phone that they caught him with. Trump was behind that also
Epstein. Who Do you think is taken down? Epstein truck. He hates Epstein. Yeah. So listen, it goes on for like two more
minutes. Do you think that is real genuine or do you think it is not, I’ll now give you
my opinion. I believe that that is completely genuine. Um, that, uh, in looking at the caller
ID and the call history of that individual, they have slowly become wackier and wackier.
Um, and I believe that that is not a parody. I know that for some of you it’s hard to believe
that that’s a real person that exists in the world. That is my best assessment based on
everything. I know. If you are shocked by that, then maybe you’re not paying attention
because that is what we are up against right now. Pedos Q Q and on conspiracies. Uh, I,
you know, why did you say Trump is in the KKK? I never did. I mean it is, this is someone
whose brain has, has rotted out. This is the equivalent of if you just have
candy, Candy, candy everyday in sugar, sodas and you never brush your teeth and then four
years later you wake up and you know what, what’s going on with your teeth. The equivalent
has happened from putting the, the, um, whatever is analogous informationally to sugar sodas
and sugar candy, uh, in your brain is what has happened to this color. And I believe
it is 100% real. Send me your thoughts if you disagree. Great bonus row for you today.
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100 thoughts on “This May Be the Craziest Pro-Trump Conspiracist Ever

  1. In the immortal words of “Bugs Bunny” ….”what a maroon, what a nimcowpoop”. This lady is fruitier and nuttier than my grandma’s fruit cake. I very wise Sgt Maj once told me, “two things the Army can’t fix, crazy and stupid”. This lady is definitely one and perhaps the other too.

  2. My adult successful employed brother has been quoting me this Q-anon trump is the secret resistance for years.

    It is a conspiracy that uses buts of truth, there are powerful child abusers connected to Epstein, as is being revealed. But the political spin that Trump is the resistance and that the world is run by a pedophilic ring is crazy. But the people who believe are dedicated.

    And yes he did switch from getting his news on 4chan to getting it in 8chan. And still calling it news.

  3. Many people just seem to have a problem with processing reality. With separating genuine scandal from fallacious speculation. To the point where you even think the information about figures like Jeffrey Epstein should be suppressed.

    A big swathe of the population don't seem to be able to handle the truth, to handle the fact that the elites like all classes of people will have some bad apples.

    Making sense of why governments cover stuff up. Not so much to protect powerful miscreants, but just to stop the masses wigging out.

  4. Trump 'hillbilly' supporters are intoxicated with STUPIDITY – they have gladly drunk the kool-aid and sadly believe everything their psycho puppet master says, thus proving that they know nothing about the world in which they live and how it works and should be classified and disregarded as 'Volunteer Fools.'

  5. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of these conspiracy nuts are people that can’t keep a steady job, partake in drugs, generally are angry and white and according to them they are always the victim. They are never at fault for their own actions. It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s everyone but them that causes all their woes and so called misfortunes in life and they all watch and listen to Right Wing crap like Alex Jones.

  6. She's old(senile) and a woman(naturally sheepish and primed to believe in bullshit). That's a terrible combination so this is definitely not fake.

  7. This is the definition of a trump supporter! I've heard trump supporters spit out nonsense like this all the time. And when you ask for links, proof, history, definitions, anything to show what they are trying to say, they say thing like "its hidden, I'll send it to you later, they're hiding it from you"

  8. there is ZERO DOUBT that this was definitely a legit call, with this Orange Loving Psycho spewing her ACCURATE BELIEFS…. compared to MANY others in the MAGA Cult, she is not even that far gone….. MILLIONS of others are far more indoctrinated by all the alt-Right and far-Right "news" networks out there, than is this bat shit crazy woman calling in here. Just as David & others have stated. "there is NO CHANGING the beliefs of these insane MAGA Cultists"…. we just have to OUTVOTE THEM !!!

  9. What a stupid question, asking you David how you did in school? Woman you should wish you have a fraction of this man's brain..

  10. Conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theories are tools of the elite. Disown and reject them. Either they’ll wake up like I did, or they’ll drown in their own bull shit.

  11. in your country, is nearly everyone able to get a good basic education?

    is being an elementary or high school teacher a good career that attracts and retains talented people?


    from my point of view, you people need to do a lot more than win an election.

  12. I work a lady who's made very similar statements as this caller. So, yeah, I think she's for real. What's a little scary is there are a lot more just like her.

  13. It would take a little time to write it out, but I REALLY hope you do a deep dive and address each one of her points. It's likely that they won't be able to take in that new information, but it would be informative and would also give rational people the info to be able to combat these insane statements when confronted be a person like this in the future.

  14. Those people are for real. They've been brainwashed for many decades now. They're the perfect target for all stupid conspiracy theories. They're racist, paranoid, overly ignorant, they call themselves Christians and they're overly proud of all that, even when they're really confused, they won't admitted it. That's your typical Midwestern individual. Sad but so true.

  15. Best thing Trump has done is show us that not only do we have a educational problem. Also shines a bright light at the level of mental illness that is out there and aloud to vote. #FUBAR

  16. Trump and his supporters are like shit, sometimes they're nutty sometimes they're corny but they're always full of themselves

  17. Genuine in respect to her dumbfuckery.
    America is full of uneducated idiots.
    Don’t worry David.. your show is awesome and one of the most influential in small news media..!
    You need a pay rise..! 🤣

  18. That lady reminds me of my brother's ex-wife. She is so deep down the Q rabbit hole that she has basically abandoned her daughter, her life, everything. We don't know what to do. I used to laugh at these people. Hell, I even contributed to it. Now, I don't even know. How is this even still a thing? I thought for sure they would have walked away when they were told that JFK Jr was the man behind it. How do we save these people?

  19. David, it's not hard at all to believe that was a genuine call.
    You must have much higher hopes for the intelligence of Americans than I do because I'm pretty sure the majority of the country are babbling idiots.
    We need no more proof than how millions of people still support the biggest imbecile president in our history.
    That's not political bias at this point, it's pure unadulterated ignorance.

  20. Unfortunately, I believe it’s totally real.

    Trump supporters are emotionally enmeshed with Trump. Trump is an extension of their identity.

    The thought of Trump losing in 2020 is causing them to panic and spiral out of control psychologically.

    Everyone of them I have the misfortune of speaking with lately is as delusional as this lady.

    They are grasping onto ANYTHING that will help them avoid the reality of Trump, and themselves, being faulty or wrong.

    I still think Russia will help Trump undermine our democracy and pull off another surprise win in 2020,

    BUT if Trump loses in 2020, it will destroy their ego and their sense of identity, which will trigger a national mental health crisis and probably a surge of violent crime.

    Trump supporters with be devastated. They be wracked by narcissistic wounds. They’ll start lashing out in anger and violence, imploding psychologically, spiraling into deep depression and becoming suicidal.

    …and Trump knows this. He’s planning on it.

    Think about what Trump does to people who question or criticize him. Now think about what he’ll do if he’s rejected by the country.

    I think he’s positioned America to be destroyed, or at least face economic collapse and war if he loses.

    There is no easy, or clean way out of this illegitimate, sociopathic, Trump presidency.

  21. What’s frightening is there are millions in America who are every bit as disassociated with reality. It’s downright scary.

  22. That caller is a prime example of what happens to people as the result of the brainwashing that goes on in right wing echo chambers.

  23. No,David IAM not shocked anymore,because I live in an isolated pocket of Trumpland,and I am subjected to my nieghbors,friends, and pastors ,who believe and promote this racist,traitor NUTCASE OF a FAKE President ! All of these Trumptards say that IAM THE DELUSIONAL ONE,caught up in media frenzy,and nicknamed "chicken little" saying that "that the sky is falling",when they are saying,"no obstruction,no collision!"It feels like I am living in an alternate and very delusional reality,and I am the only one who knows what's real or fake! The worst part is that I have lost more and more friends as Thump has continued on his Hate fest! It's not them that so much shuns me,as I have always been judged as a" little off" in my thinking and tolerated. I was silent at first after the election, because I hoped that thumps fake presidentancy would B benign,after all,how much damage could an IDIOT like him real be able to do by himself?? however that changed quickly and it became harder and harder to hold my tougue.The last straw was with the needless deathof immigrant children occurred ! Because of that,i have had to cut ties with ANYONE supportting that Hitler,and ANYONE WHO TELLS me that whatever thumps done,that's evil is all Hillarys Fault! These r people that I have respected and interacted with for years,and still think this is some Political faceoff and IAM the one who is over reacting?!As Thump has done more and more attrocities ,I just Can't stand by and do or say nothing of his evil!. No matter how hard I try,I just cant understand,or associate with these brainwashed people who r SUPPORTING Traitor Trump, while so many innocent lives r being destroyed by this dictator. It blows my mind that no amount of hard evidence that I show my dearest friends, convinces them otherwise.THIS IS what shocked me,much more then random and unfamiliar Trumptards I see on the news,as I have known and respected these people for over a decade.I get angry and frustated with thier undying belief in WHATEVER HE VOMITS OUT TO THEM! I need help coping,and any and all ideas on how to deal with this daily living situation amid this Trumptard insanity would b more than Welcome??!!

  24. What if David Duke who is the Grand Wizard of Kkk did a brilliant documentary on Jewish gangsters and pedophiles…but no one will listen? (I am not a Kkk member).

    What if Hitler would have thought, if he had been alive,
    … that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were outrageous crimes against humanity? (I am not a Nazi).

    What if Goerge Washington was a double agent who made US think we are independent of Britain but in reality we are not? Does anyone know that the Rothschild building in Israel is their Supreme Court Justice Building as well? (I am not anti American.)

    What if Jesus was incarnated to show alien vampires how to remove their black hole in space called "ego" and it's "holy" joy sucking "spirit of greed" and replace it with a "heart" and the "spirit of love" (light and warmth)… but they got it backwards? Instead the alien vampires insisted that earthling humans (hearts) invite a black hole in space called "ego" and it's "holy" joy sucking "spirit of greed" instead?

    Whatever happened to…for an alien vampire (ego) to enter the kingdom of God (love) is like trying to drive a camel through the eye of a needle? Why are evangelicals so wealthy?

    What if there really is a number worshipping antichrist and his name is Count(ing) Dracula (Trump)?

    I have learned that nothing is like it seems. I question everything and assume that nothing is real. Just lies stacked on top of lies stacked on top of more lies.

    I may be really crazy and far out there. But I might be really sane.

  25. By putting that preface on the clip you're already prejudging the caller for us since you don't do that on other callers. 😉

  26. Yes Mr. P….. she is real, sadly.  Qanon are waiting for the return of JFK jr. To lead them into victory.  LOL…… It's so bad they are putting their faith/trust in a dead democrat !  These people latch on to an idea or notion and won't let go.  My good friend is exactly that way.  Example:  He heard someone spewing benefits of celery juice and he's been juicing celery every morning for TWO YEARS now and also drinking distilled water all day long………….  One month ago he was diagnosed with liver disease, sadly…….. but damn, guess what?  He's still juicing celery and drinking distilled water.  You can't explain anything to these closed minded people.

  27. Lol I envy you guys so much when I hear you in disbelief about this caller's stupidity. I am surrounded by them all day long every day because of where I work and where I live. Actually they think I'm the stupid one for not believing. I'm a "sheeple" they say. Lol

  28. I have to agree with you. She sounds totally honest in that she definitely believes what she is saying. I base this on people I actually know and have known for years saying things that are quite similar. It's confirmation bias on steroids. Everything pro-Trump gets recorded in what some might call a mind and anything anti-Trump is immediately dismissed and forgotten. I'm willing to bet she has quite strong religious affiliations as well.

  29. Wow. Sounds like she was in a meth-coma since 3rd grade, woke up one day, and decided to play politics. (By one day, I mean yesterday)

  30. This is what happens when a totally stupid person who gets their information from the National Inquirer then tries to keep up with intellects!

  31. 46% of Trump voters believed Hillary's emails contained details about a pedophile ring. This woman is actually more normal than you realize:

  32. I hate the usage of the word "pedo" and "pedophile" to mean someone who has or will participate in sexual criminal behavior towards minors. It's a terrible way to use those words, which mean something completely different.

  33. Wait… you guys don’t think the elites in society use pedophilia to keep anyone that can’t be bought in line with blackmail?

    That’s literally what Epstein was doing in conjunction with a lot of powerful people.

    It must be funny to think you are a dissident when all the news you are getting is still distilled from the corporate media.

  34. You see this caller truly represents the generational paranoia of many Americans. Your problem is not Trump. It’s 200 years of jumping at shadows.

  35. I see come across those Qanon people on forums- and someones created an alternative universe where stuffs happening and you can't convince them its not real.

  36. Definitely not a troll and a real person. I encounter them all the time on Twitter.

    I used to have long commutes and had SiriusXM to listen to. I'd look forward to when one would call into the program live and go on and on and chuckle as the host would be calm with them and they'd get all triggered because the host wasn't taking their bait.

  37. Wow, talk about a whack job! We can thank right wing nut job websites, talk shows, pod casts, and FAUX NOISE for the misinformation that they spew on a daily basis to their viewers/followers! Conspiracy Theories is what the right wing gets as their daily ingestion of news! The sad part is that there are people who suck this BS up like a sponge, and then spew their version of the alternative facts to others through FACE BOOK, and other conversations they have with their like minded friends! This is DANGEROUS, SAD and PATHETIC!!!

  38. The Democratic party apparently founded the KKK… I think in the 1800's. I have also heard that the Democratic Party of the time switched around and became the modern Republican Party, and likewise, the Republican Party of the time became the modern Democratic Party. Don't know for sure, not a history enthusiast. If that's true, though, then it's the Republicans who have the founding of the KKK in their history. And even if they didn't have the KKK in their history, well, they have it now. Just ask Duncan Hunter, Richard Spencer, David Duke and so on. The "Alt Right" has the word "Right" in it's name for a reason.

  39. That VM is definitely that callers actual beliefs. I've heard the "Democrats started the KKK" false equivalency several times from Trumpers. Some of these people are straight up fuckin loons

  40. Democrats did start the kkk. Hillary was mentored by a kkk recruiter. Gov northam was wearing kkk robes in that picture.

  41. I've seen a lot of comments here saying these people are on Twitter a lot – I think it's only fair to point out that a lot of what you're seeing on Twitter is from Russian trolls. They've basically weaponized stupidity. Please don't fall for it. Better yet, just don't get on Twitter.

  42. She's not trolling. These trump supporters actually believe this but my thing is if he was actually stopping these pedo rings or pedos he would be bragging about it to everybody but he isn't.

  43. Just like Jim Jones, Trump keeps taking his cult members deeper and deeper into their delusional world. This can't end well.

  44. Hey david, I just wanna say I am a clear leftist. However what I hate is how sometimes you insult trump supporters and republicans by saying they're brains thing like have "rotted out". You don't have to agree with this woman, I don't. But don't insult people based on their opinions.

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