This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Introducing the Invisible Ideology (Part 1)

This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Introducing the Invisible Ideology (Part 1)

23 thoughts on “This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Introducing the Invisible Ideology (Part 1)

  1. This video changes the way I look at politics and economics. This is such a detailed breakdown of the principles, history and purveyors of this dangerous system it makes sense of the policy decisions of the last forty years…I gotta share this. But I need to see parts 4 5 and 6 of the series.

  2. When neoliberalism was implemented in Mexico in the early 1990s it destroyed the country in every aspect u can think of

  3. Excellent vid. Really puts it all together well.
    The Neoliberals are sucking as much money and work out of us folks as they can get away with before they kill us all off and use robots.

  4. The story of victim-hood told by liberalists. I was on welfare and homeless, welfare financed my alcohol addiction. Believe me, most people who are homeless have either a drug or alcohol problem, that's what keeps us on the streets. Mental illness is another factor. Leftists suggest to make homelessness and addiction more comfortable. Wrong idea. Blaming and victim-hood tales like this documentary doesn't make the weak stronger, but weaker. Only intellectuals who have never been in a real existential crisis themselves can talk like that.

  5. "The Market Turn" … as prescribed by 'The Powell Manifesto' in the late 1970's.

  6. I love the content, just not the pacing. If you listen to most documentaries, you will notice the is a pacing or cadence in the spoken narrative. Speak a little, then give some time to absorb. This series would be a lot easier to listen to with some added space… thanks. Look forward to this series.

  7. The fascist takeover actually began about 70 years ago. Here's a timeline:

  8. Our “education” system has raised generations of useful idiots, unable to fight back or even recognize the threat of the establishments breakaway civilization.

  9. I hate where the world is going ….. my country Australia is ruined by international debt and bank’s reckless practices…….. Neo Liberalism is Globalism and it sucks. Central Banks are stealing the people’s money and destroying Democracy. Billionaire think tanks have enslaved humanity…….bastards

  10. The GFC brought about 4.5 trilion in QE. Thanks To government intervemtion they have created The largest asset bubble in history. There are no free markets. The neokeynesians destroyed it

  11. This is a Shapiro nonsens for you!. The race who promoted Neo liberalim achived his goul's and occupy all power tools,its instututions. and now this race are comited to sustain thies status qua,will make peope sheep again. becouse this race are on the top,will fight every body who will dify them so now they will install Religion again,stop meritocraty. so fuck you Shapiro!,couse people whant to have what you got,the power to.

  12. Neo liberalism is a hijacking force by capital class to enslave non capital class people through manipulation.

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