28 thoughts on “This is how hackers hack you using simple social engineering

  1. That's why your main email account should be i the cloud, with no human support services. E.g. gmail. But you should use it with a custom domain name, which you purchase online from a different provider, also with no human support system 🙂
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  2. Well she got the Information anyone can and would need to hack first of all, the issue is not what's after you get the Phone Number/Name etc.. the issue is with how you get it..

    a hacked wouldn't just have the person hes calling standing there and telling him his Girlfriends name, or Phone number, without even the phone number you'd know Their Personal Home address Email/Full name, just with the phone number, and by that you'd have it much easier to trick the Employees…but that's a great video though!

  3. I've changed all my passwords to "incorrect", So whenever I forget, It will tell me "Your password is incorrect."

  4. Who is this girl in the video? I have a wife but I think its legal to be married in two separate states right?

  5. this crap has been widespread knowledge at least since mitnick, a quarter century ago. strong identification is a difficult problem that requires systematic change on government level. until then big businesses are willing to swallow losses, even from a lawsuit in order to be competitive. so only way to get them to stop is to spam them with abuse. after they close the loopholes it'll suck having to get a notarized permission to reset lost account access but maybe that'll teach people to be more careful while we're waiting for some proper, modern id method.

  6. It's not vishing. It's phishing. I have no idea why they divided it up into different categories…it's the same damn thing. It's like Biking. Does anyone go Miking? Mountain Biking?

  7. Who get hacked? There is no evidence that she really called a phone company. Wasn't it a friend of her letting us think that she called a phone company?

  8. They are not even good actors….a support person is not going to change your password over the freaking phone.

  9. There are back ups .You would be alerted and depending on how you set your alerts up, this wouldn't happen." Maybe I'll call your cell phone provider ". Her first call , she nails who his cell phone provider is. Maybe they deleted sometime out of the video, but I generally don't get that fast of a response from any customer service. You have to admit , that was quick. Jess uses my girlfriends name, what ? Did he give her his girlfriends name .Then, I thought when we got married. Joint account laws would, anyways.None of that makes any sense what so ever.Generally , the 4 digit number is used after the account is fully set up for a cross reference in verification. I do like the baby crying though. I'll have to remember that one. Maybe this is true to some degree, but it seems a little suspicious.

  10. So cool. Yeah it's just a matter of maintaining Standard Operating Procedures at every place that has "secure" information on clients. And if she had not gotten it this time she might have the next time or the time after that. Nicely done.

  11. This would actually only happen in America, because Americans are dumb as fuck. She'd never get past the first security question in the UK. The operator would probably just tell her to call back when the baby shuts the fuck up.

  12. What did she hack? got person's email address? and to get that she first had to get his phone number and then spoof it and finally get lucky by making a fool of an operator. I can get the email address by asking directly to that person :D.

  13. People might be surprised by how many women and girls do exactly this. In the hacking community women are preferred to make calls phishing for information because they are trusted more.

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