41 thoughts on “Things You Should Ngo: The Curious Case of Lindsay Shepherd

  1. love Lindsay Shepherd and Jordan Peterson. Faith Goldy is embracing as a Canadian, she act sounds mean I think, if she acts more nice people might not look at her as a races pig.

  2. Universities are all about money so you have to sue them and hit them where it hurts. Big fancy universities can often be run by childish adults picking on students and acting so foolish.

  3. I knew Lindsay was a good looking girl, but you've managed to find a picture where she's beyond gorgeous)) Kudos!

  4. Saying she is going go give some money away undermines in part of her argument for claiming it. I see that what was done to Lindsay has potentially had a seriously detrimental effect on her career choices. That's what compensation is for. Of course it is her business alone what she does with it. Lindsay appears to be a good person, but despite what she has been through she is still a very idealistic.

  5. That is the best picture of Lindsay I've seen yet. I can actually get an idea of what she'll look like as a more mature woman.

  6. "Didn't feel intellectually challenged in my master's program".
    That alone ought to be a red flag. When people are taking higher degrees (well, any degree for that matter) and aren't intellectually challenged, worth asking what it does. Largely an exercise in "getting a piece of paper" in the hope of greater employment chances. The irony, of course, is so many of these professors appear to be churning out unthinking robots taught what to think rather than educated people taught how to approach thinking about an issue.
    See it all the time. It's as though the employment 'qualifications arms race' is demanding higher degrees despite so many of them adding next to nothing to the recipient other than addition expense and soaking of time that could easily have been spent on something more productive/valuable.

  7. This a quality interview. Thoughtful questions, thoughtful answers, informative and stimulating result. Thank you.

  8. I really enjoyed this very well put together audio discussion. Totally void of nastiness. You let the participants speak for themselves without inserting your ego into it. Thanks.

  9. Jordan Peterson is now suing people who dare to disagree with him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qNxyR1K794&t=28s

  10. Great interview, very well put, never get's boring and awesome audio quality, Brilliant job, Waiting for more! Sub+Bell

  11. Maybe this Laurier indoctrination place will get hit hard enough financially to have to fire McClusky & the other three stooges as a beginning! Hopefully, the lawsuits hit hard enough to do real damage & enrolments tank in this place & fast!

  12. She's inevitably headed towards a conservative view of the western civilized world. I've seen this evolution many times. It's simply a deep-seeded instinct that smart and reasonable people do in that their primary motivation is self-preservation.

    Time + gravity = weakness + wisdom.

  13. Funny how the left have to shut down anyone who digresses from their world view where the centre and right will sit and listen ask questions debate and usually say 'Fine that's your view, I'll respect that, now this is mine'.

    With Linsay recording that meeting helped to show Nathan Rambukkana. Herbet Pimlott and Adria Joel in the their true colours If Lindsay had taken a third party to that meeting (as was her right) their stance would been quite different and not show exactly how they felt as was shown in the recording.

  14. Really good interviews! Straightforward questions and you let them explain their positions without interruption. Kudos

  15. Linsay is one of my heros! I love her. James Damore too. Haidt, Weinstein, Peterson, Christakas…

  16. Just finished your piece on Muslims in London and wonder how you're able to make youtube videos when you've clearly had a lobotomy.

  17. Why does Lindsay not want us to call a Nazi like Faith Goldy a Nazi? Why is Faith Goldy now saying she's not alt-right and not a White Nationalist when she clearly identified as both in the past year lol

  18. Great format! This was a surprisingly unbiased interview where you obviously wanted the focus to be on the interviewees perspective.

  19. Lindsey is not red-pilled. She is a white liberal that was pushed out of the university by her liberals colleagues for not being liberal enough. Just like when Joseph Stalin pushed out (who later assassinate) Leon Trosky of the Communist party of the Soviet Union for not following his vision of Communism.

  20. This was quite the cu to get these three interviews. You should release Faith's interview separately though. It would also be great if you reached out to Faith again about her mayoral run for TO.

  21. Nice footage for all of this. The world isn’t ready for globalism. Far too many totalitarian regimes, it's a very dangerous idea.

    Ethos don't seem to see the view that culture, race and ideology, aren’t synonymous and can be separate entities. They put far too much weight on biological homogeneity vs social agency.
    I do however agree in wanting to preserve a countries ideology, I just disagree on their method.

    Here’re some ideas. Feel free to tell me why I’m nuts or why the ideas wouldn't work 😀
    1. Have strong immigration policies, give assimilation courses to immigrants that want to become citizens so they’re familiar with why the ideology works so well.
    2. Use immigration on a need basis to supplement the population rate. The US model.
    3. Don’t give tax credits for having children (supplement the populous via immigration) if you have issues with radicals from a nation, take less from that nation. If you want lots of kids, you pay for them.
    4. Have a more transparent tax code so we know what percentage everyone pays. Less loop holes for the extremely wealthy.
    5. Stiffer penalties for lobbyists paying corrupt politicians to pass legislation based on business interest, instead of a solid law that is good for all.

  22. Funny how when Faith Goldy talks about the timing of the multiculturalism push without a vote came in, that we in Australia had a very similar thing happen only 2 years later, in 1973.
    The Whitlam govt changed immigration laws without the public consensus as well.

    Senator Anning raised this in his speech only a week or so ago with the usual MSM
    And like Anning, Goldy was not advocating for a white ethnostate. Just preserving what was built before that every other culture/ race is being able to enjoy and in some circumstances, abuse, if they are able to immigrate to these western countries.
    Built by predominantly white people, hence why everyone outside of these countries want to come to them.

  23. The left:
    You don't have the human rights to show a public broadcast of something we don't agree with.
    Also the left:
    We have the human rights to not be offended by a public broadcast of something we don't agree with.

  24. Good interview.
    I wish you would have pushed her in the Faith Goldie part.

    Why does she think her views of multiculturalism is best?

    Have her try to falsify her views, just as she wants others to do to theirs.

  25. How come a video with actual original interview of Lindsay Shepherd, Jordan Peterson and Faith Goldy only has like 900 views in ten days?

  26. Great interview Mr. Ngo. I find Ms. Shepherd is a courageous woman and role model. Her actions both during her 'controversial' class and in the resulting aftermath set an example for many to follow. Thank you again for the insightful interview.

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