29 thoughts on “Things You Should Ngo: Sargon of Akkad, YouTube's Patriarch

  1. Way too many questions addressing far left smear tactics, plz ask more relevant questions about current events next time

  2. "We Treat Boys Like Defective Girls" while this might be true, the thing I personally struggle with is having the same expectations of women as I have of men. Women are different, and more fragile emotionally, but I have a hard time respecting that. I mention it, as I think it is a kind of feminism, that I struggle with: I really can't accept feminine frailty, and I am always trying to get women to "Man Up." but women are different… IMHO

  3. @51 Sargon goes off the rails here… Communist want MORE control over the culture then the NAZIs or Italian Fascists ever did. The Soviets wanted to control the Culture in Russia to such a degree that they committed genocide on a far greater scale then the NAZIs. Stalins genocide was IDEOLOGICAL The NAZIs got involved with eugenics and declared Jews to be a genetic pollution. Personally I believe they really just were afraid of the influence the People of the 10 Commandments had on Christians. Hitler could deal with Christians, but his cult of personality was threatened by Jews.

    Anyways, Stalin starved a lot of people to death to create his Utopia. That is the real problem with State Socialism is that it is a fanatical type of Utopianism. IMHO

  4. @29:32. YES! The "Political Spectrum" is a TACTIC! In My Opinion the terms "Left" and "Right" are meaningless SMEARS! Sometimes it is fun to indulge in a smear… Sometimes it is kind of like a nickname… WFBuckley would call Christopher Hitchens a "Political South Paw" (Left Handed). But really he was just calling Hitchens STALIN!!! So, playful or not, the use of the Political Spectrum is the use of a smear. Smearing your friends or smearing your enemies… SAME DIFFERENCE: it's an overt entry into meaninglessness. IMHO

  5. "It was embarrassing to watch Charlottesville before it became a catastrophe, when someone got killed."

    Yet YOU, Sargon of Akkad, helped in spreading the false narrative that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack and this was all leftist propaganda. You are such a hypocrite.

  6. The only problem I have with Sargon's answer towards Islam is that in the same rhetoric 'even now' we should just be as vigilant towards Christianity. As always it's the (sub) culture that decides how a religion is being used. In some African countries Christianity is just as primitively used as Islam is in some others.

    If you look at it from the angle of culture that It's basically the same 'culture war' as we have with the neo marxist fake liberal feminists. We just need to agree how we can protect our 'real liberal' culture and demand of everyone to accept all the differences out there of every individual as long as it does not harm others(leaving out hurt feelings). so parts of other cultures that tell 'others' what to do and how to treat them should not be accepted.

  7. Hugely appreciate your interview style. Asking tough questions from an unbiased position, allowing Carl to answer fully and moving on fairly swiftly when he's responded. Allows for the listener to obtain a lot of information in a relatively short space of time. Thanks.

  8. "This is a hit piece, I refuse to enact the emootional labour to answer your questions", Sargon of Akkad – never.
    Keep talking, it's the best thing we can do to keep people free (you can't vote for what no one knows about).

  9. Andy, great interview.  I assume that your tack of inquiry was deliberately far left, hoping to get Sargon's answers to an audience that is predisposed to ignore and/or attack him.

    I was very impressed with Carl's even tone and thoughtful stance. Not to say I would not think him capable, as I am well aware of his work and enjoy it immensely, but his accustomed stance of mockery and derision to the obvious slant of the questioning would not have been suitable in this case. I was a bit bewildered by the interviewer's very low key tone which I found somewhat wooden; mainly coming to life when Sargon flipped the Nazi talking point on him. At that point I could actually hear his eyebrows go up in genuine surprise at the novelty (to himself) of this very notion of leftist totalitarianism being the exact same thing as Nazi philosophical and operating procedure.

  10. If Muslim communities in the US behaved like that in Rotheram they would very, very, quickly cease to exist… and they KNOW that.

  11. Why do I feel like left leaning journalists primary function when interviewing wrong-thinkers is to read off a list of crimes and accusations from other institutions, and have the guest defend themselves.

    For example “Why aren’t you a stepping stone for the alt-right?”
    “I don’t know. You tell me. Which views of mine are alt-right?”

    Wrong thinkers spend too much time defending themselves.

  12. It's not so much that Sargon is a stepping stone to the Alt Right, it's rather that some of the logic that leads to Sargon's position, driven further along the same lines, leads to the Alt Right.

    But in theory (from Sargon's point of view, and the point of view of many classical liberals) it's also possible to park where Sargon's parked, as he has obviously chosen to do, and take one's stand on civic nationalism and individual liberty.

    However, from the Alt Right point of view the position of civic nationalism and individual liberty, while internally consistent enough in the abstract, is unstable and fragile in practice without its natural tie to race and ethnicity. The Alt Right believes that culture is downstream of genes (i.e. the character of a culture is strongly influenced by the genetic makeup of the people who embody it, and the people are an outgrowth of their land, insofar as their relative geographical isolation in the past shaped their genetic makeup, and insofar as the land is roughly the same as it always was).

    If correct, this means that while the position of classical liberalism is internally consistent and coherent in the abstract (ideas have their own internal logic), in practice it's not likely to be implemented by any people other than the people who invented it: Whites (Europeans and European-derived peoples). And while of course intelligent people of any and every race and ethnicity can come to appreciate the high-trust, high individual liberty society that Whites have specialized in, relative to their own peoples they are outliers, and there are never going to be enough of them to nudge the mass of their own people in that direction. Most of humanity organizes socially along the lines of kinship and clan, and if Whites are demographically marginalized or genocided in their own homelands, then classical liberalism will fade from the world.

    Furthermore, the dichotomy that Sargon and others of the same mind pose, between individualism and collectivism, while (again) it has some validity, is not as hard and fast as they imagine, because some degree of collective like-mindedness is necessary to get a society of high trust and individual liberty off the ground, and the genetic integrity and genetic interests of the people, the actual living people, the collection of families, has to be defended. That really is the very first job of government, logically prior to the establishment of individual liberty. To put it another way, the most typical meme-carriers have to be protected for the memes to flourish (the "beacon on a hill" idea is a poetic way of expressing the same thing, you need a living, flourishing exemplar of individual liberty if you want it to spread and be taken up by others, but for that to happen, the genetic interests of the most natural carriers of the idea have to be defended).

    The long and the short of it is that if you are White and you love your people, then of course you should be Alt Right; but even if you just love individual liberty, you should also be Alt Right. Similarly, even if you are of another race or ethnicity, but you cherish individual liberty, then you should wish Whites to flourish and remain masters of their own homelands, so therefore you should at least tacitly support the Alt Right.

    The fact that Sargon is unwilling or unable to take that step is why he's viewed with some amusement and contempt by the Alt Right (most of us have been where he is at one time or another, a large chunk of the Alt Right is comprised of former libertarians and classical liberals). On the other hand, he does some good work as far as it goes, so most of us can't find it in our hearts to really hate him as such.

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