28 thoughts on “Things You Should Ngo: Jordan Peterson in Portlandia

  1. Misogynistic patriarchal sexist racist blah blah islamophobic blah blah. The more people say these words the less coherent they are🤓 Those words are infantile emotional bile

  2. I enjoy your interviews. You allow people to talk and be judged by their own words rather than what others say about them.

  3. holy shit gay rubin is taking a christian conservative view. Help yourself, then you can help your family, then your family can help your village, then your village can help your nation, then your nation can help the world

  4. I can’t for the life of me place Andy’s accent. Sounds a bit English, a bit South African, a little American. Anyone know?

  5. Let me engage you in a provocative interview.
    step 1: I do NO research, I don't know you from Adam
    step 2: I privately make up the accusation that you have sex with dogs
    step 3: I ask you publicly why people are charging you with having sex with dogs.
    step 4: I smugly congratulate myself on having conducted a challenging interview.

    Alternative: I actually do some research, I find that you have no peccadilloes, so I don't calumniate you with false charges. Hmm.

    Which is the better path to take? The provocative interview based on falsehoods and misrepresentations, apparently.

  6. Andy, you are a conscientious, honest actor with talent and ambition – bravo for that. Hopefully the free market raises you to the top.

  7. Great interviews. I was there too. I enjoyed how confused the protesters were when they saw all the women in line

  8. I have the whole lecture up if anyone is interested. This is a quality video! I read your article as well.

  9. Dr Peterson never allows these protesting fools to get away with their false statements and characterizations. So refreshing

  10. Very professionally done. Your editing style is nice and restrained (in comparison with a lot of over the top audio effects and interjections that some shows use); I really appreciated that. You made the world a bit better with this and I wish you continued success.

  11. Those dopey protestors have NOT seen or listened to anything Dr Peterson has ever said. He most certainly is not a 'violent man'. I would be under the circumstances, but he most certainly is not.

  12. Nice get. A good example of how to put a piece together with limited audio/interview time that still provides a coherent view on the topic at hand

  13. Very nice vid, subscribing before you become the next big thing!

    Also these protesters are soooo dumb it's hillarious

  14. Great job actually reporting. That is a rare skill these days. I wish the people who opposed Peterson would have explained their position more to you.

  15. Dude, this is really well made. The production quality is spot on. Perfect mix of narration overlaid with the relevant content. The whole arc is really engaging and effective. The pacing is ideal; audio quality is fantastic, and you have a great voice and cadence.

    Keep it up, man. This kind of quality is a rarity these days. Super super impressed. Subbed.

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