Thicc! Japanese girls react to curvy girls

Thicc! Japanese girls react to curvy girls

Wow how big her thighs are. – Look at the big booty Everyone knows about breast implants but booty implants are a thing. – I didn’t know that. Instead of it being sexy they think its rare? Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese. The trend of thicc girls. right now is a big thing in the USA but how about Japan? Now this time we’re gonna go, bring google search with the title “thick girls” with us and let japanese people react to the images they will see of thick girls. Let’s see what Japanese girls think of the thicc trend and go and ask Japanese girls. Don’t forget subscribe, hit the notification bell and give us a like. Let’s go. “Thicc” is popular abroad right now. Have you heard about it? Thicc? – Sick? – Thicc! – Thick? *tries to pronounce it.” So Thick I see very curvy girls. I see. Wow ow big her thighs are. – Look at that big booty. Looking at this, what’s your reaction? I think their butts are too big. – Too big and also the thighs are too big They worked out too much and are too muscular. So are muscular girls popular? – Japan is the contrary Girls who are not muscular but the opposite are popular. – Yeah soft Soft or super skinny to the bones. Super skinny or soft but not curvy? Do you think the curvy body types will become popular in Japan? I think they will not. – Why? – Boys like only one curve on girls. – Is there a negative image in Japan of a girl having a curvy butt? – If you have a curvy butt people will say you are fat Japanese like skinny girls. All our TV people are skinny too. And we like copying our TV people That’s why everyone else thinks they have to be skinny too. So I think THICC will never be popular in Japan. – I heard this but sometimes foreigners put booty implants in to make them curvy. – What? What do you think about that? – We have beauty surgeries here too So the booty is the foreign version. That makes sense If I became super thicc would I get popular with Japanese boys? Well…….. in Japan……. People would stare. – Just look like “Wow look how big she is.” But you would be more like a show-off thing instead of being popular people would just stare. You would not be popular. Here are the pictures. That’s what I mean with Thicc. What oooh. – I have seen images of girls like that on Twitter recently. That’s why I think that in Japan, some girls have started being influenced. Girls who do training are increasing. I feel that. In Japan right now, a girls stomach muscles are popular There are “abs girls” right now. But if you look at men’s mags it’s all about the booty Oh! – I think the trend is coming here a little or will be coming to Japan a little. Training the booty I think this trend will come a little. – Foreign girls… like Beyonce and such have always looked like this. I used to think it’s a body type thing, but Japanese people are trying too.. to get their booty trained. – You said in magazines the booty is featured more. But size wise it’s not that curvy is it? Can’t be. – Our body types are too different I don’t think we can get it that big. – For Asians the maz boooty might be super hard to achieve, Like in those internet pictures. We can’t look like those images. Recently there are booty implants too… Some make sports and some, on top of sports…. decide to have implants in that area – I saw on the media that a girl who got silicone implants there. Using breast implants is known but booty implants are increasing now I didn’t know that existed. But spending money on making youself look more beautiful … I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s cool. If they think that’s their own beauty. I think it’s cool. – I don’t judge people for that either Doing your best to be the best version of yourself is good. Have you ever heard of the term thicc? – Thick? Not at all. – I wish I looked like that. They look so good. What do you think? – Very curvy girls. Like Beyonce! Look at how they balance out the curves with the waist I am so jealous. They are not too fat or too thin. Looks healthy I don’t like it when they are too skinny. I think it’s cool I think this type of body shape only suits foreigners It wouldn’t suit a Japanese person’s body shape I have not really seen anyone in Japan who looks like that It’s too thick for Japanese. – Do you think this trend will catch on in Japan?- Only if a celebrity does it here An actress that represents Japan or such – Recently celeb girls are starting to work out more than before. Maybe it will become a thing one day. – So if Japanese girls had this body and walked around town, what would happen? People would all turn around to look. I would do that too. Like “Wow” – We would think “Unusual!” – So…. Instead of “sexy” people would think “strange”? – Well unusual… plus ooooh sexy. I think that’s how people would react. – Same. We’d stare Even through dieting, you will never get a body shape like that. Loosing weight in selected areas is difficult I think they are just an ideal. An ideal we would see on TV I think in reality it’s not applicable. – I heard that girls like to conform to the group? – Yeah you could never do this alone. You’d need a friend to work on that That’s how it is. I think that’s why it will never be a thing. I think. – If one girl wanted to look thicc, she would need 2-3 friends to do it too? – She won’t continue to do this alone That’s how things are here. I think it will be popular. – And you? – That will never be popular in my opinion. – What is the Japanese girl ideal then? – Skinny A small but, slim legs and such. – So recently this thicc trend had encouraged girls abroad to have curves What is the trend in Japan. – Be skinny. Loose weight. – If you could have a curvy body… would you like to have it? Or not? – I don’t want to look thicc I don’t want to look thicc! – Japanese girls got to be skinny That’s our beauty standard. Thicc girls would get told they are fat I heard and think that there is a lot of pressure on Japanese girls to be skinny. True? That’s right. When I feel like I gained weight I stop eating. we worry a lot about our weight That sounds tough. Ok thanks for answering our questions today. As some of the girls have mentioned the THICC trend has not reached Japan but the idea of maybe working out a little bit has come more to Japan than it used to be. Before that muscles were seen as something slightly negative. Now more people are starting to do it, it’s seen as a new trend here. Before that it was just skinny trend here. However, none of the girls that I spoke to, said that they would wanna have that look or go for that look. Here, being thicc in Japan still kind of means being fat which is very unfortunate because i do like the thicc trend personally a lot. Now I didn’t even know what thicc meant in a way. I only found out about that from you guys. We did a weight-loss video with weight loss techniques which are focussed on using proper posture and similar things to help your body live a better life in a way and loose weight in a way and that video we filmed in Osaka and we got a lot of responses to that video. Because the first time I took off all these… frilly clothes and I … am wearing body type revealing clothes and I was so scared of that video being released because I felt very self-conscious of my body. I am not the skinny type…. this is me being skinny. I was very worried when that video went up and first… I didn’t dare to look at the comments. When the comments came up, most of the people said “THICC” “CathyCat is Thicc” and I was like…. “They think I am faaat.” Cause I didn’t know what it meant. I scrolled through the comments and lots of them said “thicc” but I realized they’d hearts next to them or this symbol next to them and I was like… what is this? Until I like realized and looked it up, it is a trend and it’s positive to be a curvy girl. I usually hide my hips because I am very self-conscious about my hips but thanks to you guys I realized it can actually be something positive. So thank you so much for all those people who realized that and made me feel a lot better about myself. Thank you! So what you think about the thicc trend, let us know in the comments down below. I would love to find out. Don’t forget, subscribe, like and tick the notification bell. 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  1. "japanese guys only like one curve on a girl" 🙂 how nice 🙂 shes referring to their smiles, right? 🙂

  2. Thicc is good. My German girlfriend says that you don't look anywhere near overweight and that you look a bit thin actually.

  3. Tomo Okabe has built and entire business on helping Japanese women get firm, round, booties, so I think it's going to be more prevalent.

  4. Search "Asian female bodybuilders" and "Female Bodybuilders". This will show you just how different the Asian woman's body is from western girls. Same of Asian male bodybuilders. Bruce Lee's had a different body type because he was an Asian bodybuilder.

  5. I honestly hope it doesn't. As a "Thicc" Girl( The thicc that means big tits small waist and big butt and thighs), i don't want to see Japanese feel more pressure from the western world to look like something they are not use to looking like naturally. You Already Got the "Big Boobs" Thing goin on. Now we tryin to get the thicc thighs an booty. I hope they just leave it be, and be themselves. There's nothing wrong with being slim,they shouldn't stress and starve themselves, but its ok being naturally small. Not everyone was ment to be built like that. There' multiple different body types, and thicc/curvy is just one of many. I have seen signs of it starting to bleed over into japan and i honestly don't like it. I.E Japanese guys making jokes about a girls butt being a 🍑 in recently released anime's. And some made me roll my eyes and had me saying "Japan please don't, just stop, dont go down this road". Since im Black, it's never been a trend with us, we always loved the booty. And Blacks who don't fit the stereotype can get slaughtered. So i really wish we could learn some balance with body types. Modest slender curves can be very beautiful and very elegant looking.Not everyone needs to be busting out like Anime.

  6. For, ahem, research purposes I searched for "thicc girls Japan" and a lot of very interesting images appeared. Research. I said it was for research. Probably more research is needed.

    Would those women be called fat? Or phat? And although I'm sure those women have the beat I don't mean the musical kind of phat.

    The woman with the blue fur trim seems remarkably well informed about these things. I like a woman with a curious mind. That search brings up some interesting pics too.

    And have no fear Cathy, a search for 'thicc girls German' brings up a remarkable set of images too. For research. To, ya know, increase my knowledge and stuff like that.

    EDIT: A lot of people in the comments are asking about the video that Cathy speaks about at the end. Can you please mention the video or provide a link in the description? TIA.

  7. If asian girls started focussing on their bootays more they would take over the world!!!! Not to take away how popular they are already.😎😎💥

  8. The term thicc is too vast and vague.

    It can be these typical fat black women image, girls with muscles, but moderate body percentage, or the girls with deformed, unproportional bodies, maybe even enhanced with surgery.

    But it may be a difference of about to 50+ kg/110+ lbs, same height. Also genetis (skeleton, fat distribution) and so on is a thing too.

    So, i dont know what "thicc type" the girls were refering to.

  9. I’ve always wanted to know, why are there so many thicc Japanese gravure and AV idols despite the Japanese populace liking skinny petite girls? Shouldn’t their adult media reflect the trends of the country?

  10. Glad they don’t want to follow that bad trend. Most of these so called thicc girls are just fat. (In my opinion). 😇.

  11. She made a similar video like a month or two ago about reactions to the thicc trend and there were men there giving their opinions as well.

  12. Answering your question about what we think bout thicc girls, i have just one thing to say : i am from brazil. Basically thicc girls are the most popular beauty here, nothing else could beat it here 😂😂

  13. Nah thick girls aren't my thing. My Japanese ex had a flat stomach and firm butt that was a perfect view for me 😉 Plus, if you ask people back in America about thick body types, you'll get a wide range of responses from obese to chubby. Recently in America, the conversation about healthy weight and thickness was brought to people's attention in the media again when a female music artist named Lizzo began twerking live at an NBA game on the sidelines. People on social media and even the artist herself were arguing back and forth about what's considered beautiful weight and what's not. So yeah you'll have a mixed response in America regarding the word "thick."

  14. Please don't write the word "Thick" as "Thicc." The word "thick" isn't spelled that way. If the word is spelled this way, it may convey a negative stereotype to other countries. Case in point are those dumb booty videos on YouTube.

  15. Woooh FWT, the girl in blue is a super bobshell! She could be a perfect cast for the live action Ghost in the Shell movie. Luckly, she isnt THICC.

  16. I’ve been watching your videos for ages and I never realised how many views or subscribers you have I thought you would be in the millions!! You deserve so many more

  17. I've been learning Japanese for a little over a year now and I just wanted to say that these are a really great resource so thank you!

  18. I’d love to see the Osaka video – I’m curious about the posture/weight ideas- but I can’t find the video!!

  19. I always suspected that Cathy was thicc. The fact that she tries to hide it and is self conscious about her curves is even sexier 😍

  20. Please women of Japan. Do not let this be a trend. Your beauty is in your body type as some of the girls said. German girls, on the other hand look great with "curves".

  21. How that last girl admitting to having body dysmorphia and anorexia and poor Cathy Cat has to cut the interview real quick but I mean that’s true though, there are so many women everywhere especially in Asia that are so obsessed with food and weight.

  22. I think that was my comment @Cathycat you being thicc and insecure is hot 🔥 😍 I said that cuz in English closed caption on the weight video it said thicc lol

  23. "Spending money to make yourself beautiful is awesome because it is your own beauty"…………….what? I mean possession i guess but if it's bought is it really yours?

  24. Culture or whatever in fashion some girls have a natural(no implant surgeries w/e) big booty and or boobs and dont have to work out to get it. Yes working out would make it look nicer but some girls just naturally have it and not big like fat but like a nice small waist and no surgeries to get that curve.

  25. if there is a curvy and thicc japanese woman she would be half of something else. it will never be full japanese. so any one attracted to japanese woman it has to be a butter body.

  26. In America, there is so much obesity and other health issues that there are a smaller percentage of slim people. Japan has way less obesity and other health issues. Japanese girls are beautiful just the way they are.

  27. As a woman with curves, I really hate the terminology used by Americans, "thicc" implies that some one is stupid! Also their continual habit of categorizing people and societies, this leads to people being judgemental. Please don't be so superficial.

  28. I wanna creep up behind and grab those thicc Japanese tittirs and hump that thicc butt, give em some penis porridge

  29. 4:24 It's true though. Most Japanese women won't ever look as thicc as e.g. Beyonce. So I feel like the trend in Japan is just going to kind of be the same type of "unrealistic body standard" as being being extremely skinny. A lot of westerners don't seem to understand how Japanese bodies work, because they compare it to western bodies. However most Japanese bodies are ectomorph, whereas a lot of westerners are endomorph. This is also why some western women can't ever get as skinny as a Japanese woman. It's just different. I think all body types should be valid. I'm not a fan of thicc as a trend, but rather I would like to see diversity as a trend. I'm ecto-mesomorph on the skinny side, and even for me, I feel that becoming thicc is impossible. I literally only ever gain weight around my belly.

  30. Most "thicc" chicks are just chubby. The actually attractive thicc girls are rare and usually requires a lot of work to achieve or maintain.

  31. I’m currently stationed in Japan for the USN. I was always curious how the Japanese people maintain such slender bodies. Realized it was more than just their lifestyle habits, normalization of small food portions or a culture who’s food staple leaned more towards a plant based diet and lean meats. But there’s also a popular culture pressuring young boys and girls to be thin therefore “beautiful”. Social pressure to conform to a standard body type. I realized this when I started dating my girlfriend, who Is Japanese. She was constantly worrying about her weight, even more so after we started dating. She would tell me crying that she was worried about me breaking up with her because she thought I would think she’s “fat” or “ugly”, just because she gained some weight. She was later diagnosed with anorexia, after her mother encouraged her to see a doctor. To help gain weight I took her out to eat every other day, or home cooked her an ass ton of tacos, burritos, tortas, and chilaquìles, tamales, and enchiladas. Made her bento boxes for her lunchbreaks at work. Long story short homies, buy ya Queens some tacos

  32. Moonie Cathy Cat!Ok big softy moment coming from little old me, you are the most adorable fun loving and sweetest person i have seen keep up the amazing work i am loving it and finally you will always be perfect to me, you rock girl!xxx

  33. A number of people are saying that thicc is a way to disguise obesity. You have to realize that the japanese body fat average is way below the world average and that makes them "not normal" in the statistical sense. It's not just genetics or social pressure, you have to take into account that the food culture in Japan is also much leaner than in the rest of the world, it's just harder for them to grow a curvy body or even become obese on a country where it's harder to find high calorie foods. In regions like Latin America where there's more genetic diversity and "fatter" cuisines, the same type of diet supports a great diversity of healthy body types, from skinny to curvy.

  34. There's actually some thicc girls in Anime/Manga, best example possibly being Maki Oze from Fire Force / Enen No Shouboutai.

    Personally, I think as with most trends it's ok in moderation, but IMO people shouldn't feel like they need to conform to some trends… mind you, not too long ago there was thigh gap as "must have", which is almost the exact opposite.

  35. Cathy 🐈: If I became THICC would Japanese boys like me?

    I have a real ruff time imagining that Cathy ever has a problem getting attention from men , though she's so beautiful they might be intimidated. I have dated some breathtakingly gorgeous girls and amitably I would probably be a little shy asking her out, especially if she was all decked out in Lolita.

  36. The definition of THICC really has changed, it's not some new thing all of my black friends have been using it for well over 10 years now. It started out as just a flattering way to describe big girls , I know it's often a stereotype but my friends all seem to prefer larger sized ladies, so yeah it started as a way to compliment bigger ladies in the black community "Your not fat, your THICC".

    Over the years other cultures have changed the meaning to more slender girls with curves. Heck a lot of people just use it to describe an attractive lady no matter what the shape of their bodies.

    I really want to see these pictures Cathy talks about exposing more of her 😍…………….. Eh for research of course.❤️

  37. Wait, there's a video on the internet with Cathy Cat training and I haven't seen it? God damnit YouTube, that algorithm isn't working very well…

  38. Hm, you can have a nice butt/legs (toned and/or with nice amount of fatty there) but not necessarily be fat (on your tummy specially). So, I think they are generalizing when talking that curvy girls are necessarily fat.

    By the way, Natural > silicone.
    Smaller > silicone


  39. The thicc trend is a positive thing, but it can also be negative.
    I am very skinny myself, underweight for my age actually. I definitely see now what it was like for a chubby girl back in the early 2000's.
    I've also become a bit insecure about being skinny. I actually have a story for you guys!!
    So about a few months ago I started to have feelings for this boy at my school, but here's the thing I didn't know, he only liked curvy girls 😭
    So when I told him I liked him, he rejected me because of my body shape. I was so hurt lol.
    But anyways, being chubby is ok!

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