37 thoughts on “These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

  1. look i have secrets too and i promise you they aint dark… our secrets are good and shine like the sun and stars… damn i write a lot of bullshit on youtube. You know… one thing is for sure… men in these clubs have odd goals, dont trust me… just go talk to such figures yourself, it might take u a lot of time and money to gret into such talking positions… but oh boy odd you will find! and nope… this all wont even out… its bound to be odd

  2. The States of this Union were never sovereign.
    Neither is the Federal Government sovereign.
    Sovereignty is now and has always been
    inherent in the American people … .

  3. The Jesuits dod not go under ground they imvaded Maryland in 1634 and took over, so much so that our Vice President amd Pope are now Jesuits. Baltimore has the Jesuit Fathers Church – they controlled everything

  4. The criminal`s in high places will do anything to keep their power and wealth. Absolutely anything. There is no law,ethic or moral that will slow them down.

  5. A being in debt is not free. They are indentured by definition and are
    bankrupt, and as bankrupt has no standing. Without standing you have
    no status and cannot state a claim. Without the ability to state a claim
    you cannot claim a free hold on allodial soil, substance and land of our
    country, and therefore, by all definitions in law and historical constructs
    in this world, you are therefore nothing but a landless peasant, a serf that
    will toil the rest of your life for your master who will hold all the equity,
    the substance and the capacity to do with such as he will, for his own
    account and for no one else –

  6. would there be any nature left if they didn't own the 99%? i think everything would be a barren desert scattered with fossilized human shits. WE are the aliens – we are killing EVERYTHING.

  7. I'm an initiate of a group that split off from Freemasonry 100 years ago. It has been a wonderful experience and all my initiations simply implored me to be a better me. I reconnected with my parents, began feeling motivated to find a path in education and life. The group was all around decent normal human beings who I respect greatly. These sensationalist stories may have small degrees of truth but judge us not all by those to who we are barely related. My group can barely afford rent though and we are no elites. We do it for ourselves, because we want to use the frame work of Freemasonry to learn and evolve. Initiation is "dramatic psychology" where acting out rites has an effect on the mind of all involved. You're no longer just in a play, you're having an experience that no simple reading could possibly convey. Initiations are like being in a movie and you're the main character, all brothers (and sisters in my Orders' case) have been where you are and get to see the experience from and outside point of view. It is a superb tool of psychological development if, I stress if, properly designed.

    Now to the point yes there are what some call Black Lodges, those who manipulate the organizational structure, pervert the symbolism and are a shame to their our roots. I implore anyone who encounters these stories to not generalize. It is simply silly to assume because of the actions of P2 Masonic Lodge that all Masons were involved or would approve. The same applies to other groups. Many of us truly want nothing more than personal growth and global liberty. Like all groups every esoteric Order including my own there have been bad apples who are expelled and handed to the police. It may surprise some of you people that yes all around you every week in every city men and women meet to do rituals on a regular basis for both personal reflection and growth for good will to all humanity. I can assure you as someone with links to AMORC, OTO, Freemasonry, BOTA, Golden Dawn offshoots, various A.'.A.'. groups and many other misunderstood peoples that I've not met a single abhorrent person. I know it can happen but from my experience the occult world has been one of the most open, honourable and truly caring communities I've ever next to my old Karate Dojo.

    P.S: When you said the Mystical 7 you for no apparent reason showed the symbol of Aleister Crowley's Golden Dawn successor the A.'.A.'. (to learn more google "order of silver star). Please be careful how you edit and if you want insiders to help you correct understandable errors I'm sure I'm not the only one who would at least share the relevant information for you to make up your own minds. Take care, Peace 🙂

    “Once for all, then, a short precept is given thee: Love, and do what thou wilt" – St Augustine of Hippo

  8. Do us all a favor and allow us to download this before the "tube " deletes it on the case of censorship. as hate speach. No wonder Jesus has to come back and trash this mess.

  9. I pet goat 2- this is not jesus version takes apart the hidden messages within. If you like math or are simply interested in how elite mason's plan world events try Gematria Effect News. It blew my mind. billfromthenix

  10. Great show!Thanks for sharing. Scary how skill is not part of the equation for these world leaders. Look at boob Bolton and W. who's idiocy was all just a big in-joke- he stole the election and this is what you get, a babbling fool.

  11. What a bunch of self-important dildos! 777- yeah! The poor are working hard to feed themselves and don't have the time or money to attend these "hallowed halls". That's one barrier erected to separate the masters of mankind from "the help." Seducing and assaulting the poor is sport to these narcissists. They impress one another with stories of their moral depravity. billfromthenix

  12. Could the temple of the owl be at rice University in houston? They have owls everywhere and wierd symbols and engravings of planetary line ups.

  13. Truthstream you folks are amazing! A 50+min video, concisely presented and narrated on information not easily found. From the bottom of my well I truly appreciate your hard work, thank you!

  14. Excellent work. Goyim disconnected from GOD ALMIGHTY xx females slaves cannot govern themselves thus

  15. 911 couldn't have been an inside job right? I mean how could you get that many people keeping it secret. Someone would have talked right?…. Right?

  16. Lol, only those with eyes to see and ears to hear understand the patterns and cycles. If you don't understand history that was untaught to you you will never have true knowledge.

    The true cult is Christianity and other abrahamic cults. Christ was sacred but his followers are weak and submissive.

  17. Can someone please let me know where the elite Whitney family is from in the US? If you know for sure let me know city and state please.

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