50 thoughts on “Theresa May RESIGNS, Right Wing Populists See HUGE Victory As Brexit Party Surges

  1. Right wing populist is a definite misnomer. The MSM has pushed the narrative, but it is just a smear-campaign.
    Swedish media is spouting the same shit "journalism" and i guess you know that since you were here.

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish. That cunt's austerity policies killed people by the thousands. At least she didn't blame Russia/

  3. Imagine getting elected as a leader of one of the most powerful nations ever. Then banning memes. Then quitting. Nice

  4. Massive over simplification of the whole thing, which is understandable. And historically any changes as sweeping as the referendum for leaving the EU would require a large lead for success. 52% would not have been enough, ordinarily, but David Cameron was an arrogant prick. Then Parliament didn't even have to pay attention to the result, because referendums are not legally binding until parliament ratifies it, and they caved to populism. The cries of democracy from Brexiters is farcical because thy really don't understand how our system works. They're as bad as the Remoaners, and i am damned bored of the pathetic bullshit from my country's politicians.

  5. Sorry Tim….you'll have to place a $1.20 bet to win a $1.00 on Trump's victory. Little betting lesson for ya.

  6. May repeatedly tried to get a Brexit that would result in the UK remaining all their current obligations to the EU, but remove their vote. Aka, making them a vassal state. Not surprisingly literally everyone else thought it was a terrible proposal.

  7. the reason they don't allow exit polls is because different countries vote on different days and they dont want the way other countries vote to effect each other

  8. Bwhahaqhahahaha she said she loves her country while she wants to sell it out to the EU and has actively destroyed it the past 3 years.

  9. It is a parody of democraty,,peoples voted but hey,,who care…!?
    Its all over the world elected governements going total opposite direction of the the peoples they are suppose to WORK FOR.!!!!
    Democraty is now tyrany in disguise…

  10. British politics in a nutshell.
    2 party system with 1 socialist agenda that ignores the will of its people in order to fulfill a globalist agenda to introduce a 1 world government.

  11. My understanding is she continued to resubmit the same legislation multiple times. She trying to show she was following the will of the people, when in actuality she was sabotaging it.

  12. tfw edgy far right nationalists plaguing the youtube comment sections because they think they are edgy and cool because they are around the ages of 12-18

  13. Tim look more into the EU, immigration, communism, and George Soros relationship. Would really expand your world view point

  14. You may not have been on either side of the fire yet, Tim, but sooner or later they will force you. They will come for you because you aren't "pure" enough of a leftist, and because you're a journalist with integrity and you call them out. They will censor you, just you wait.

    It's going to get worse before it gets better, but the more they attack people like Tim, the surer they will secure their own defeat. They can't help themselves in making enemies. Just look at Pewds: he was a funny man gamer on YouTube. After they came for him, he became one of the greatest players in the culture war against them. Had they left him alone he wouldn't have become a player.

  15. The screen i'm pretty sure from the sisters cheer to the actual pints all over is a football match.

  16. Great summary. I was wondering if there is an equivalent to yourself covering UK news, glad to see you've covered this. What UK Parliament have done to try overturn referendum result has been the most shameful thing I've seen from our country. Openly defying largest UK vote ever.

  17. May should never have gotten into power as Prime Minister.
    She was never going to get Britain out of the EU.

  18. He said the name of 'he who shall not be named' out loud!!!!! The demonitization demons are descending. Tom Bobinson. Volderobinson.

  19. The Conservatives dont have to have an election if they dont want one after selecting a new leader! Brexit wasn't about the Right because Labour voters voted to leave in large numbers. The only reason they went back to Labour was because Jeremy Corbyn promised to implement the E.U referendum result. And now his got they're votes his now saying he wants to be tied to the E.U.
    Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are full off lies!
    Leaving the E.U is a working and working poor class dream! Every party supported by the working and working poor class is called racist and facist. And everyone one who supports the dictatorship called the E.U which is the middle and upper class are supposed to be anti fascist. But they are more for eroding people's Right's and being authoritarian's than anyone else! The working and working poor class have more violent people and we also have the numbers! There is nothing the police or Armed forces could do to stop a working class uprising!

  20. As far as I can tell, the British version of our regressive nut jobs decided that voting in a democratic system only counts if it goes their way. They should be caged to be honest. They are lucky to only be voted out.

  21. Dude you slipped up lol. You said Tommy Robinson. You're definitely on a list 😉 YouTube won't be happy.

  22. Tim Pool: “People like me and Dave Rubin have ‘walked through the Regressive Left Fire and shown that there’s freedom on the other side”

    Also Tim Pool: “Come follow me on Minds as I have no idea if/when my YT channel won’t simply be shut down along with Dave Rubin’s or anyone else that is right of Joseph Stalin or AOC.”


  23. "'May, who endured crises and humiliation…'" All the crises and humiliation was of her own making. And make no mistake, she made them on purpose. These tears are crocodile tears.

  24. Just imagine if the media was on the right side instead of the left's it would be a landslide everywhere

  25. You say you ‘know literally nothing about British Politics’ but you are happy to deride Tommy Robinson.Very weak. Basically Huff Post or CNN at this point…

  26. @Timcast hey, UK viewer here. The day before the election, I got a few youtube ads from Avaaz trying to persuade me to vote left. One of them featured a caricature of Trump, trying to scare us that we were voting for a bunch of mini-Trumps. One thing I noted was that it said 'my boss Putin loves it', and this coming after the Meuller report. Have you seen them? Do you have anything to say about them?

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