There IS a fascist threat, but it’s not from Trump

There IS a fascist threat, but it’s not from Trump

D’Souza: If you look up fascism,
the economic part of it, it basically says, “state-run capitalism,
state-directed capitalism.” That’s the meaning of fascism.
Now here’s the interesting thing: we often accuse the Left of being
socialist, but in reality, these guys aren’t socialists, because
what does socialist countries do? Socialist countries nationalize
industries. The government takes over the energy industry. The
government takes over the banks. Notice under Obamacare, we still
have private insurance companies. We still have private hospitals. But
the government is directing them. The government’s fixing the price. The
government’s telling them what to do. Under Obama, we saw an expansion
of government direction and control over, not just the health sector, but
banks, insurance companies, energy companies, increasingly the
education sector. That’s why Bernie and Hillary wanted free college.
Their idea was the government now gets to direct even private colleges
in telling them what to do. So my point is this is not socialism.
If it were socialism, the government would have taken over all this stuff.
This is actually fascism. State-directed capitalism, that’s what
fascism means, and in that respect, fascism is with us now. D’Souza: Lincoln was elected to
unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him,
went to war against him, assassinated him. Now
their target is Trump. [Crowd chanting] [Crowd chanting]
D’Souza: They say he’s a racist, a fascist. But who are the
real racists and facists? A nation does when its
people are not free. It’s now up to us to save
America a second time.

76 thoughts on “There IS a fascist threat, but it’s not from Trump

  1. What difference does it make. White people hate themselves so much, they are willing to sacrifice their own children.
    The Democratic Party sounds crazier and crazier every day.
    Leftists want the border to come down because they "hate America", but don't want to leave it, possibly because they can't get food stamps in any other country, or, more realistically, they are just full of s—– unemployed good for nothing's .
    Everytime you turn on TV, some illiterate, uneducated leftest mockingbird it talking about how uneducated right wingers are.
    It's a bunch of stupid nonsense, day after day.
    Samuel Jackson tweeted ,calling the President of the US a " mother—-" and used used such teenage expressions as "prolly".
    Sickness is spreading.

  2. Amen. Trump is not a racist or fascist. Thank my Father in heaven! God bless your family, Dinesh. God bless Trump and family. God bless America.

  3. The only fascist that I see are George Soros and his cabal of globalists and the coastal Elites who run the big tech companies

  4. Do schools teach students what fascist means , or is it taught to college freshmen , pressured onto incoming students to make them fit in , with their click .

  5. I heard the socialist Ocaso-Cortez said she can’t afford moving to Washington DC. That’s some serious political bs I’ve heard in many years.

  6. Dinesh., we love you as we love the Truth…inspiring on every level, never stop…this nation is in desperate need of critical, in crucial thinkers as indepth yourself…great man endowed a deep perception into the 'heart' of the matter, logic exposing the central theme an integral aspect what's necessary to understanding, in comprehensive thought, expertly showing how its done.., the sublimity of Truth your reward and our gratitude as well…thx so much!!!

  7. Fantastic movie. Too bad the media has downplayed its importance.
    Dinesh's last statement is so true…it is up to us to save America. Democrats need to turn the page and see what's on the other side. The truth can set you free…

  8. If ONLY the Repubs could learn to put together such a succinct, knowledgeable series of statements, just like this, they would more than likely regain a substantial majority in not only the House of Representatives and the Senate, but in many other state legislatures and governors offices.

  9. Yes corporativism is a key feature of all fascist regimes and the Democrats are following it religiously (even if they don't even realize it) Well put Dinesh!

  10. Fascist? No. The West is becoming Communist. Even though I'm a Libertarian-Conservative, under Fascism we would be better off. Here's a good video on the subject: The Kommandant 2018-05-03 Freer Under Fascism

  11. End Game for democRATS is to get rid of law inforcement, open borders, lawlessness so that they can bring in country
    wide martial law, because the DemocRATS want a Totalitarian System of government, that is centralized and dictatorial
    and requires YOU to become completely subservience to democRAT rule and running your life.

  12. This is why we are seeing so many companies turning into massive corporations that put industrial power in fewer and fewer hands, then these corporations become easier to control!!! We are entering in very dark times without anybody seeing it!!!

  13. State controlled capitalism isn't real capitalism. Capitalism is supposed to be consentual, government is not consentual. Anything else is crony capitalism, corporate capitalism, or facistic capitalism.

  14. Dinesh, What can we do? The government is corrupt our news media is corrupt and our education system has been hijacked and corrupted. Here where I live if you mention that you’re a conservative you face physical violence.

  15. We need more Dinesh D'Souza's he can't do all this alone. A new mission for well spoken Republicans and other open minded people is waiting for YOU. D'Souza should teach this people and give seminars so he can build a strong team. I would like to be one of the members, but I'm not even from USA. Here in Germany the situation is even worse, the mind control machine of the socialists is gigantic.

  16. Fascism is the enforced version of Marxism. Instead of the Marxist way of capitalism slowly becoming socialized naturally, fascism comes in and forces it thru government regulation.

  17. I totally agree with Dinesh, except that 'State-directed Capitalism' is an oxymoron. It is either State-directed, or it is capitalism.

  18. But what does it really mean it means we are fucked if we don't stand up now and fight for our freedom fight for our rights do you want to be on the tit or do you want to be free

  19. Before Obama I had great insurance! After Obamacare I not only couldn’t afford health insurance but I was charged at the end of the year for not being able to afford insurance !
    So that’s what I know!

  20. So much of this was clearly understood fifty years ago. One of the great tragedies of our time is that it should be necessary to speak such plain truths into a miasma of hostility fueled by systematic propagandization — and that those who dare to speak them often risk their lives, their families, and their fortunes to do so.

  21. The worst part about this is that people are too stupid to understand that the government is causing most of the issues in education, medicine, the economy, etc. So they blame capitalism and cry to the government for more regulations and taxes. Pretty sad.

  22. Agreed!! *I've been saying this for over 15 years* Note that this means that the Repubs also practice Fascism, to a lesser extent.

  23. Dinesh D'Souza,
    The World's INTELLECTUAL Heavy Weight GENUS! Nourished with AMERICA'S History, Education, Democracy, and Freedom! One of our own "MAESTRO Dinesh D'Souza!"

  24. Huh…given the title, I was fairly sure you were going to devolve into one of your pathetic mischaracterizations of the Alt Right again.

  25. The Democrats inspired Hitler. FDR admired Mussolini. Wilson supported the KKK. Clinton's mentor, Harry Byrd, was the WV Exalted Cyclops
    of the Klan

  26. We need to keep a watchful eye in the upcoming 2020 elections, volunteer in your community polling centers, we must petition our government for a NATIONAL VOTERS ID, with BIOMETRICS and sort of a punching card that gets the year of election punched out to avoid double voting, also ask for another form of ID to avoid illegal voters And death people voting. We must. We just recently saw what DEMONcrats are capable of. We can't let our country become what Germany and Italy became before WWII, or what happened to Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, China, NK and Vietnam. Before it's too late.

  27. Not fascism, just socialistic state capitalism, a.k.a. what China does.
    Barack, Hillary, Bernie, etc. want to change the U.S. into western communist China, just like most other regressive leftists want to.
    That includes state control of the internet and social media.
    It lacks the nationalism part of fascism, but instead has a globalism agenda in it, more akin to communism.
    Again, not fascism, but socialistic state capitalism.

  28. I always point out how Obama's idealisms are in line with the socialist workers party. Like you point out there were two good friends in the 1930's and early part of the 40's who Obama shares some of the same ideals. What also gets me is that the ANTIFA kids of today share the same ideals and societal visions of Mussolini.

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