23 thoughts on “Theodore Dalrymple: Is Society Broken?

  1. I so hate this woman's questioning, as she does not understand one thing he has said.

  2. Compulsory contraception is rather unpleasant but sometimes unpleasant solutions are the only ones likely to succeed and children being born into poverty by feckless mothers is a form of child abuse – if you can't take care of yourself why bring another innocent into the world to be neglected as well?

  3. The tragedy of an economy that no longer requires brute force rendering many low IQ people useless is no different from the looming tragedy of a fully automated economy that no longer employs humans at all.
    Even if you succeed in teaching a child from the worst type of family to read will he be employable if he has no sense of responsibility or integrity or customer service or loyalty? If nobody in his home gets up in the morning or bothers with regular mealtimes how can he learn the discipline required to be employable even with reading skills?

  4. I have read his books and his articles in The City Journal. The man walks the walk and talks the talk. No hokum, no smoke. READ HIM.

  5. societies are not broken but cultural and religious differences dictate are not ready to become a Global society with a common goal nes pas

  6. 'Victims of crime are almost always poor'. Yeah, when crime compensation departments of the government (and private nonprofits) compensate crime victims, and 'being a victim of a crime' is a very good excuse to use when the rent is due. I'm surprised Mr. Dalyrimple misses this. . Well, to use his own thinking. . he misses this. . or chooses not to mention it. . because doing so takes away from his own thesis – that he has the most compassionate position when it comes to social issues and crime . . .this in itself might seem amusing. . the man himself has written about the consequences of making 'compassion' the goal, or the dangers of compassion as a goal or even a virtue. He IS speaking to stupid brainwashed people. perhaps that lends credence to the idea he is knowingly being deceptive. That's another thing he talks and argues about, the dangers of lyhing-as-normalcy and dishonesty. But here, he may be lying in the service of a good cause. So there is no difference between liberals and conservatives.

  7. It's quite unfortunate that no one is seemingly aware or able to admit that affluence is directly correlated to IQ, or intelligence as a whole. The only contradiction to this is Saudi Arabia, which has gained a massive sum of wealth from their abundance of natural resources.

  8. Should teach kids that when the chair says question time is over you don't get to demand that the proceedings be started up again just so you can ask your question.

  9. I don't agree with you at all Theodore. Your opinions are smug and not well backed up. Your idea of crime is some violent act on an innocent individual – which it is but the greatest criminals of our time are 'those in our societies' who walk free after enacting genocide and brutal war on innocent people in the name of the Military Industrial Complex. Not to mention those who collect data on their own populations for the purposes of domination and control of the worst kind. I hope the Australian tax payer didn't pay a cent for your arrogant, entitled opinion.

  10. My……great talk, very poor entreé for the interviewer. Starting with lecturing the lecturer…..

  11. "The housing estates all around [London] were in effect prisons without any wardens. And as any prisoner will tell you, a prison without a warden is the worst kind of imprisonment" — Theodore Dalrymple, Apr 18, 2016, at Sydney Opera House.

  12. Is it just me. I do get a wif – maybe not intended but certainly felt – of the culturally "Oxbridge" upper middle class physician looking down on the squalled riff-Raff "beneath" him. I began by enjoying his erudition but ultimately found it said more about his own stuffy identity and anxieties than about the social issues in question. Only two days ago I walked past a house where prams and material were strewn around the garden. I stopped as I saw a very little boy in nappies at the entrance and was deeply anxious as to why he was alone near the street. He started talking to me as an infant does and I was soon joined by three other older brothers. Very soon afterwards his nine year old brother came out and profusely apologized for his younger brother being out near the street. You see in the midst of that social dislocation humanity was very much alive! Theodore Dalrymple would do well to step down off his pedestal and recognize it in both the people he meets and within himself, a whole lot more. As Buddhism teaches, it is by amplifying the beautiful that we encourage it, not by writing people off.

  13. Except this man is himself overweight, close to obese, demonstrating the lack of discipline and malaise of the spirit that he himself decries. He's also clearly not up to date on the policy agenda – no mention of the welfare reforms of the Coalition/Conservative Governments which have reduced benefits precisely by his rationale. When asked about politics, he spoke in generalities. Poor standards and clearly more of a critic than an analyst.

  14. Plenty of room for "brute force" in the British economy but, unfortunately, the underclass don't even have that, and, anyway, they are far better off on benefits. Those who in a natural situation would do menial and manual jobs in England are generally on the "sosh" creating a vacuum at the bottom of the economic system which is filled by foreigners. Although some of these foreigners move on and make something of their lives, a lot of those taking menial jobs in the UK, do so with the intention of qualifying for benefits at some stage. This creates a permanent pump at the bottom of society which absorbs in the scumbags of other countries.

  15. 41:44:00 Teaching reading and math idiographically is not teaching #pedagogy

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